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Gay News issue 196, December 2007 (9)

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Pink Point - Cockring

To The Point - True stories from Pink Point, the gay and lesbian info kiosk at the Homomonument. See

“This has also to do with gays, doesn’t it?,” was the opening line of a woman who started talking to me. Absent-mindedly, I looked up from the magazine I was reading and followed the glance of the woman to a key ring with two ♂♂. I answered confirmingly. “And this,” the woman continued, “isn’t this the ribbon they’re always wearing when there’s a party or something?”
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5 Minutes

In “5 minutes” we take a closer look at a random visitor of the gay scene in five minutes, asking all sorts of questions.

Name: Danny Ekkel
Age: 27
City: Purmerend

*Party Animal or Couch Potato?
A bit of both, really. I like to party hysterically but a weekend on the couch is also great.
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CD News

The Beau Hunks - On to the Show ****

The “documentary orchestra” The Beau Hunks, originating from Amsterdam, was initially founded to re-record the catchy melodies from the Hal Roach movies and short films from the 1930s. The music you’ll find in “Laurel & Hardy,” “Our Gang,” “Charley Chase,” “Thelma Todd” and “Taxi Boys.” This music, which everyone knows, was never published by the studios and the original recordings are considered lost.
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Fashion - Marc O’Polo and Timberland

Marc O’Polo, European Urban Casual

The Swedish fashion label Marc O’Polo’s style is best described as European Urban Casual. Over the years Marc O’Polo has developed a distinct style and fashion has never been a shallow thing to them, which can be expressed by their core values: natural, simplicity, quality and innovation. When polyester was the most favored fabric Marc O’Polo insisted on using cotton and linen only.
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DVD News - TV-series on DVD

When your favorite TV series come out on DVD and you decide to buy them, you’d expect to get the complete series, of course. “Seinfeld,” for example, is still being released new and popular DVD-boxes. So we were excited when the first seasons of “The Golden Girls” were released. However, after season 3 they all of a sudden stopped. All seven seasons of “The Golden Girls” have been available on DVD in America for years already and they’re easily ordered from
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Stereo (B)eat - Payable, Delicious and Special

Stereo (B)eat is situated along the 1.7 kilometer long and rather barren road connecting the city centre with the inner Western suburb. Personally I don’t like the Overtoom, because it takes an eternity to drive from A to B and if you’re on a bike it’s a miracle if you survive.

You hardly notice Stereo (B)eat from the outside but when you enter you immediately realize that this is not your standard eating-place. The little worker’s house from 1729 only has a mere 50 m2 and has the atmosphere of an intimate restaurant.
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Letter from Brussels - Exodus

Dear Northern Neighbors,

Things have been different in the Steenstraat, the street in the center of Brussels and what some exaggeratingly call “the gay district.” This so-called district consists, or should I say consisted, of the Steenstraat and the Kolenmarkt (which is a street, and not a market square as the name suggests). All together we’re talking ten bars max... It depends on what you think is a “district” I guess.
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Tijgertje is 25 years old

Tijgertje started with self-defense courses after Pink Saturday (Roze Zaterdag) celebrations in Amersfoort in 1982 where gays and lesbians were beaten by gay bashers. Since then Tijgertje has grown into a multi discipline sports club offering a wide variety of sports. One of the most often asked questions during talks and interviews is where the name Tijgertje comes from.
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AIDS brought to America by one man

According to American scientists, the AIDS virus was brought to America around 1969 from Haiti, and was most probably carried by a single immigrant. The evolutionary biologist Michael Worobey from the University of Arizona said at a press conference that the date is much earlier than previously thought. According to him, the illness propagated for twelve years before scientists grasped what it was. In the meantime many people had died.
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