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Gay News issue 191, July 2007 (11)

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Scene Spotlight - NL Hotel

NL Hotel Amsterdam is a brand new design hotel in Amsterdam. Dutch award winning designer Edward van Vliet, personally took care of the design and together with the owners of the selection of materials, colours and decorations. This in combination with the hospitality of the proprietors will make your stay at NL Hotel an unforgettable one. NL hotel is located in the heart of Amsterdam, on the Singel Gracht. It’s surrounded by museums, shops, café’s, restaurants, galleries and all the unique things Amsterdam has to offer.
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Pink Point - Peace

To The Point - True stories from Pink Point, the gay and lesbian info kiosk at the Homomonument. See

After all the parties of the past months it’s time for Pink Point to get ready for the Summer season. Summer is our busiest time, so we always extend our opening hours.

The gorgeous weather of the last weeks made lots of tourists flock our way again. Our gay pride rainbow flag is regularly confused with the lately very popular Peace flag. Not everyone notices that our flag is missing the letters Peace and that sometimes causes confusion with the visitors of Pink Point.
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Short Story - Oh, Those Sweet Bottoms

I always enjoy the erotic tales in your magazine, but I’ve noticed that the modern day sexcapades are always written by bottoms. Of course I’m glad there are so many buttboys, because I’m a one hundred percent masculine man. I get sick by the idea somebody would fuck me, but I love to give guys’ assholes a powerful taste of my big dick. Especially when these guys are themselves well-hung, because then you know you’re fucking a guy and not a girl, who don’t interest me.
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5 Minutes

After one night you’ve met a lot of people, who all had their own reasons for going out. Who are they, what’s behind the ‘nightlife attitude’? In this column we try to lift a tip of the veil. Maybe you’ll be the next one to be asked to tell us a little bit about yourself.

We get acquainted with a random visitor of the gay scene in just ‘5 minutes’. See how many questions we can cram into that short a time!

Our first victim is Brent de Lannee de Bretancourt from Oss (40)
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Homophobe violence on the rise in Amsterdam

Another gay man in Amsterdam fell prey to homophobe violence. We only recently heard that two Canadian soldiers beat up a 28-year old man, just because he’s gay. Since the Canadians have been in custody and have been charged with criminal assault. Saturday morning COC-Amsterdam called a special press conference attended by several victims of hate crimes. The COC-Amsterdam wants mayor Cohen to condemn violence against gays more clearly. Tackling homophobe violence ought to also be included in the Security and Safety policy 2007-2010.
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Fashion : Jewellery - Swatch - Bodyshirt

Buddha To Buddha, Handmade And Strong

In India “Buddha to Buddha” stands for an extended and impressive conversation between two people. Such a conversation must have taken place with the founder of this jewellery manufacturer, Batul Loomans. And the name of his line of jewellery was found. It all began when in 1997 he made a sketch of a design for a bracelet while sunbathing on the beach of Goa in India. It had to be a strong and solid bracelet.
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Letter from Brussels

A Miscellaneous News Item

Dear Northern Neighbors,

What the hell happened in Groningen? “Gay men injected with HIV at sex parties,” was in bold print on all Belgian (as well as the Dutch no doubt) newspapers. Here and there the horrible news was also picked up elsewhere in Europe and even in America. CNN and BBC websites also had the news up.
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Is barebacking standard in Amsterdam gay scene?

Unsafe sex frustrates Amsterdam gay scene

At the congress on World Aids Day I gave a lecture that was rather provoking. It was about the decreasing sense of responsibility in the gay scene. The listeners were shocked. I painted an explicit picture of a gay scene that seems to have thrown in the towel when it comes to safe sex. I made a connection between the dramatically improved surviving chances of those living with HIV and the decrease in sense of urgency to keep having safe sex.
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Teletubbie Gay?

The Polish Government will investigate the Teletubbies - especially Tinky Winky - to determine if the kids' show characters are gay. Poland's conservative government has taken its drive to curb what it sees as homosexual propaganda to the small screen, taking aim at Tinky Winky and the other Teletubbies. Ewa Sowinska, government-appointed children rights watchdog, told a local magazine published today she was concerned the popular BBC children's show promoted homosexuality. She said she would ask psychologists to advise if this was the case. In comments reminiscent of criticism by the late US evangelist Jerry Falwell, she was quoted as saying: "I noticed (Tinky Winky) has a lady's purse, but I didn't realise he's a boy."
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The Death of Gert Jan Dröge

Most Dutch people will know him by the closing phrase: “Gaat het weer een beetje, meneer Dröge?” (Are you feeling a bit better, Mr. Dröge?) He was born as Gerardus Johannes Henri Dröge on the 23rd of April 1943 in Enschede. His father, Gerard Dröge, was a dentist. His mother died when he was only seven. As a child he wanted to become a circus director and he played with his miniature circus on the attic every day. After primary school he went to the Grundel Lyceum in Hengelo and in 1958 he moved to the boarding school of the Carmelites in Oldenzaal. After his military draft he chooses to go to the Toneelschuur in Arnhem, not so much because he wanted to become an actor, but because he just likes to be in the theatre.
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Sao Paulo hosts world's largest gay pride parade

Millions of people packed the streets of Sao Paulo for what organizers said was the world's largest gay pride parade, dancing and waving rainbow flags in a carnival-like atmosphere to condemn homophobia, racism and sexism. At least 3 million people filled the canyonlike Paulista Avenue on Sunday, organizers said, surpassing last year's count of 2.5 million. The larger count was confirmed by a police spokesman who is not authorized to be quoted by name under department rules. "This is the biggest parade on the planet," Tourism Minister Marta Suplicy said. "Our city is showing, once again, its respect for diversity."
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