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Monday 25 May
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Gay News issue 190, June 2007 (16)

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Queen’s day eve spectacle - Drag Queen Olympics ’07

The 4th International Drag Queen Olympics, held on Queen’s Day Eve, was again an enormous success. Ms Jennifer Hopelezz brought the Olympic flame to the Homomonument to kick off the games, hosted by Coco Coquette and Zsa Zsa Gaybar.
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Porn DVD Review - Bananas from Brazil 2

Two South American hot young studs walk around the streets of Brazil looking for a place to have sex. Rafael leads them to an unoccupied courtyard that he knows of, and they dont waste any time. When Gaspar whips out his eager cock, we are treated to another gigantic cock. It would seem from this entire video that all Brazilian boys are extremely well-endowed and have no problem sharing their sexual energy with other boys. The dick sucking continues until Rafael turns around so that his eager hole could be filled with Gaspars dark, uncut man-shaft. His innocent face moans with pleasure as he takes it harder and harder.
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Pink Point - Les Misérables

To The Point - True stories from Pink Point, the gay and lesbian info kiosk at the Homomonument. See

After all the parties of the past months it’s time for Pink Point to get ready for the Summer season. Summer is our busiest time, so we always extend our opening hours.

My previous column - in which I wrote that the average Amsterdam queer rather sits behind the computer than in the bars - got quite a few replies. I struck up a conversation at the Point with a middle-aged man from Delft. He had come especially to Pink Point to speak to me on the subject.
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Short Story - Encounter With A Black Adonis

Being the inhibited type and living in a village which made it scary to be gay, I was a ripe candidate to move to the big city. One who is gay can feel more at ease in the big city. My third day there had me out of sorts. I couldn’t sit still long. Nothing seemed to satisfy me. A television program lighted a spark of daring within me. One of the actors was a beautiful, black Adonis. I needed to be with someone. My decision was to trip down to the heart of the city and walk around to tire myself out.
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Letter from Brussels - In A Minor Key

Dear Northern Neighbors,

For a while it seemed that the weather gods were going to punish us yesterday. A gay parade, the Belgian one especially, could do with a bit of sunshine after all. Still, it wasn’t the weather that proved to be the disappointment, rather the very small audience and the very few participants were.

Until 2pm we had a few showers more than rays of sunshine. The sun returned with the start of the parade and bathed the pedestrian area of St. Jacob in the center of Brussels.
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The Gossip Bin

Actor Isaiah Washington, better known as Dr. Burke in the popular tv-series “Grey’s Anatomy”, wants to make a stand against discrimination. Washington appears in a tv-spot of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). The 43-year old actor got in trouble recently when he called his freshly out of the closet colleague T.R. Knight a “faggot” on the set of “Grey’s Anatomy,” but he’s evidently come to his senses now.
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Beauty - Trois Parfums

Jean Paul Gaultier Fleur du Male

Gaultier released a classic with his first perfume for men in 1995: “Le Male.” It’s been one of the best selling fragrances for years already. The bottle is very recognizable with the shape of a male torso. The same bottle is used in white for his latest scent: Fleur du Male. Gaultier transforms the venomous poem by Charles de Baudelaire, “Fleurs du mal” (Flowers of Evil) into a sensitive and masculine “Fleur du Male.”
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Travel - Go West!... With Amtrak From Chicago To San Francisco

With Amtrak from Chicago to San Francisco is probably the best train trip in the United States. You travel through the country of the Amish community, through the endless farmlands of the Midwest, along powerful rivers like the Colorado, through deep canyons and straight across the impressive Rocky Mountains, which is the absolute highlight of the trip. The world famous train “California Zephyr” is taking you from Chicago to San Francisco.
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Fashion - Butch And Masculine In Chasin’ Denim

Chasin’ Denim is a fast growing top label in jeans. It distinguishes itself by a recognizable line of fashionable denim and related products such as T-shirts, sweaters, jackets and jeans. The label is best described with words like masculine, butch and fashionable. Chasin’ Denim’s new campaign is exactly that: butch and masculine. Outfits which show what the modern man should look like. The designers drew inspiration from the typical uniform look for their spring/summer collection.
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Aids Memorial Day - Memories Of Daniel

Next month it’s AIDS Memorial Day, the day we think of all the people who died of AIDS. An annual moment of reflection, a moment of hope. Hope indeed, because we have achieved a lot since we first discovered HIV, the virus which causes AIDS. There’s an extra reason this year to remember all those we have lost. Because it’s been twenty-five years that the disease has been in our country. I would like to share one of my memories with you. The memory of a friend of mine I lost to AIDS.
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Coming up: The EuroGames

The EuroGames, a sports competition with ten different sports like badminton, running, dancing and swimming, aims to increase the emancipation and integration of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders in our community. The eleventh edition in Antwerp chose the motto: ‘More than Playing Sports’. On Thursday the 12th of July the Games will kick off with a parade with over 3000 athletes from over 40 different countries. On Sunday the 15 of July the event closes with a huge party with several performers.
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Darkrooms no longer endangered

The Building & Construction Department of the local government for the centre of Amsterdam has unanimously decided yesterday to recognize darkrooms as meeting places in a bar or sauna for voluntary non-commercial sexual acts. Darkrooms as such are not included anymore in the much more restricted category of sex businesses. The definition of these sex businesses has been reformulated so that darkrooms will not be in danger of association with sex businesses and so that these businesses can’t abuse the exception made for darkrooms.
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French gay marriage a long way off

After the last French elections it seems clear that same-sex couples will not be able to marry in France any time soon. The new French president Nicolas Sarkozy has made no secret of his refusal to take down the barriers for gays. Adoption of children by unmarried couples is also out of the question. The French gay organizations are of course very disappointed by Sarkozy’s victory.
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Hundreds of thousands of people protested in Rome against gay rights

Hundreds of thousands of people protested in Rome on the 12th of May against the government’s proposal to give unmarried couples, gays included, more equal rights.

According to the organizers almost one million people came to the ‘Family Day’ held on a square in the centre of the Italian capital. The demonstrators, often entire families, were transported from the countryside to Rome in over 3000 buses and several trains.
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Minister Plasterk tackles homophobia

Minister Plasterk wants to tackle homophobia in schools more effectively. The coordinating minister for Gay and Lesbian policy made this commitment at the second Roze Landdag (Pink Conference) in Utrecht. Over a hundreds gay organizations discussed sexual diversity policies for the near future at the initiative of COC-Nederland and Movisie. “Gay emancipation is something I take very seriously indeed,” Plasterk said at the opening.
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Edward van de Vendel: Ons derde lichaam (Our Third Body)

This book is sort of a sequel to Edward’s first childhood novel De Dagen van de Bleugrassliefde (The Days of the Bluegrass Love) but it is definitely worth reading even if you’re not aware of that. Tycho (19-years old now) and Vonda are living in small rooms in Rotterdam. After a while Moritz, a dance student, moves in with them. Via Vonda Tycho is introduced into a new world: music. The story of Ons Derde Lichaam contains Tycho’s viewpoint (about his experiences with Vonda and Moritz) as well as mails and song texts.
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