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Gay News issue 185, January 2007 (14)

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vintage queer porn serial (1) - Bail Out! The First Day

This story is the fifth chapter of “Bail Out!,” a porn novel which was released in 1969 in the series ‘Black Knight Classics of the homosexual Underground,’ published by the Guild Press in Washington D.C.

Gasping for breath, the corporal pulled the rip cord of his parachute. Nothing happened, and he was scared shitless. He wondered how long it would be before his body hit the ocean below, and whether or not he’d live to recall the harrowing experience. Seconds seemed like minutes as the nerve-tingling sensation of falling continued to spiral through his body.
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Portfolio - Lascivious Highway Adventures In ‘Big Rig’

The rough guys driving their big trucks over long distances are a popular image of virile masculinity in American porn. These truckers are a modern version of cowboys and both groups have the reputation, at least in queer fantasies, of not being all that picky when it comes to achieving sexual relief after a long and lonely trip through barren landscapes.
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Going Out - Queer or not, Prik is Hot!

Prik is a new bar on 109 Spuistraat Amsterdam. After all the stories I’d heard about the “living room atmosphere” and the cute boys on either side of the bar, I thought it was time to check it out. So your curious reporter set out for a visit, accompanied by the necessary prejudices of course. As I entered I was immediately enthusiastically greeted by the barkeeper, which made me feel welcome instantly. The interior is warm and cozy, indeed like a large living room.
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Fasion - DK Man by Dyrberg/Kern

The Scandinavian label Dyrberg/Kern is proof that jewelry is not just for women anymore. The clean and Scandinavian design, with fashionable and sexy details, is again expressed in an extraordinary collection for men. The cool modern luxury with a rebellious look was the main source of inspiration this time. The collection contains gadgets such as colliers, hangers with leather cords, chains and rings, but also essentials such as the money bills clip, cufflinks, and a credit card holder.
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Letter from Brussels - Gay Marriage In Figures

Dear Northern Neighbors,

Did you all run to city hall to get married when they changed the law in Holland? Here in Belgium they passed the law on gay marriages in 2003, so now, three years later we have the first figures and statistics on the table. Figures that make you think about the original intention of marriage. I accidentally ran into it on the website of our National Institute for Statistics, as I was looking up some other stuff.
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Formation: Will Balkenende’s Gold Turn Out To Be Tinsel?

Many people heaved a sigh of relief after the elections. The weeks of one-liners and reactions to the delusions of the day were finally over again. Now we’ve come to the absolute opposite: spokespersons and diplomats trying to form a government construct complicated long sentences that don’t actually reveal anything, pure gibberish. Don’t disturb a chook sitting on an egg. The Hague is scrambling to get itself together because the voters have made an unparalleled mess.
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Feminist Protest Against The Design Of Berlin Gay Monument

Now that the last survivors of the generation which marched freshly and happily for Hitler are clutching their rollators and most of them have bitten the dust, the victims of the Nazi regime finally get the respect they deserve in Germany. A few years ago they finished a large monument for all the deaths of the Holocaust. Additionally the Bundestag decided in December 2003 that there should also be a monument for homosexuals. A design competition was held and in January 2006 a jury picked the design of the artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset.
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Pink Point - Slow

To The Point - True stories from Pink Point, the gay and lesbian info kiosk at the Homomonument. See

December’s not the busiest month of the year for Pink Point. Many tourists prefer to chase the sun instead of visiting our chilly little country and that’s noticeable in the kiosk. The days are getting shorter and the wind is blowing around us so violently it’s sometimes as if we’re about to be launched into the sky. Fortunately we make it cozy by hanging out our lights early and inside we always make time for a chat and the exchange of the latest gossip.
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The Gossip Bin

Things still suck here in Holland when it comes to these so-called celebrities. When I look at the last couple of weeks there’s nothing to report, other than that I read on the net that the name of Jantje Smit is going around in many a gay bar lately. The thing is that Jantje decided to model some underwear for C&A and apparently the posters are going like hot cakes. Strange species these queens. Most of the time they’re dieting to fit into the most expensive underwear they can find and now a simple C&A piece of cotton makes them go nuts.
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Short News

Karl Lagerfeld’s ‘One Man Show’ At Postfuhramt Berlin

On the 25th of November Karl Lagerfeld opened the “One Man Show” at the Postfuhramt in Berlin with his photographic work. The title of the show doesn’t so much refer to the photographer but more to his subject: the model Brad Kroenig. Brad, born on the 23rd of April 1979, nickname Darlin’, also appears in the new Joop! campaign and is by now the world’s best paid male model.
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The Vicissitudes Of Dutch Comedian André van Duin

André van Duin is one of Holland’s most famous comedians and theater personalities. Het starred in his own revues and in radio and television programs. Apart from his qualities as a showman, he also gained some fame as one of Holland’s out and relatively proud gay men. He belongs to a long line of, mostly male, entertainment personalities who have never made a secret of their sexual orientation, but are at the same seen as perfect son-in-laws by the public.
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Former Gay Porn Actor Arrested For Shooting Businessman

A former gay porn actor appeared in a Denver courtroom at the end of November on allegations that he gunned down a prominent businessman less than three weeks earlier. The judge set a January 17 date for his preliminary hearing to begin. Timothy Boham, 25, was arrested November 16 at a U.S.-Mexico border checkpoint in Lukeville, Arizona, three days after police discovered that his boss, John Kelso, had been shot to death in his upscale suburban Denver home.
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World AIDS Day Marked Throughout The World

Church services in Moscow and London, a provocative artist’s action in front of a cathedral, and warnings about the spread of HIV on Europe’s eastern fringe marked commemorations of World AIDS Day across Europe. In Thailand, AIDS activists planned to create the world’s largest “condom chain.” In Papua New Guinea, officials took blood tests to encourage voluntary HIV/AIDS testing. And in Indonesia, activists walked through the streets of the capital with their faces wrapped in white sheets. World AIDS Day was marked throughout the world.
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Hellbent, The First Gay Slasher Movie

A couple of years ago I was chatting to a friend of mine in an Amsterdam gay bookshop, when a customer asked him what a certain DVD was about. He answered: “About two guys who fall in love with each other during a holiday.” The customer picked up another DVD, asked him the same question and my friend said: “About two guys who fall in love... while on holiday.” At the third DVD he giggled: “Same,” and at the fourth: “That one as well.”
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