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Gay News issue 184, December 2006 (12)

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In the New Issue of Gay News 344 April/ May/ June 2020

Vintage queer porn story - The Orgy

This story is an abbreviated version of the fifth chapter of “Off-Duty Studs,” a porn novel which was released in 1969 in the series ‘Black Knight Classics of the homosexual Underground,’ published by the Guild Press in Washington D.C.

None of the men slept. Tony climbed from his bed, wrapped his robe about him and walked out to the recreation room and poured another drink. He relaxed, his cock was still stiffly erect and he knew that he still had to have satisfaction. Turning on the hi-fi, he let the records that were stacked on the machine begin to play and was satisfied that they were the same records he had placed on it before. Turning the “play” button, he could hear the music as it filled the room.
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Theater News - Wat zien ik?!

Albert Mol’s book “Wat zien ik?!” (What’s That I See?!) has been turned into a musical comedy, which premiered on the 11th of October. Ruud de Graaf and Hans Cornelissen’s production takes place in Amsterdam’s red light district in the sixties. It’s a joy to watch “Wat zien ik?!” and it makes you secretly nostalgic for those days when nothing was really allowed but so many things still took place. Those were also the days of famous bars and clubs such as DOK, and of course Bet van Beeren’s café Het Mandje on Zeedijk.
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Comics - Josman’s Horny Lads And Their Mature Sex Studs

The market for erotic magazines has shrunk considerably in the last decade. Some regular publications remain but it seems that the smaller, specialized ones have a more solid base. Like “Handjobs,” listed as a magazine for “Daddy-Boy” erotica, which focuses on young gays, all of legal age of course, who are not interested in fooling around with boys their own age, but who prefer to have sex with mature and experienced men: Daddies - a popular species in the gay universe - who introduce the boys to the world of men’s sex.
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Queer Studies - Trans seksualiteit?

Do you have a diclit? Did you know that fags have pussies too? Are you in a reverse or a cross couple? Have you met your mixed gender neighbor? Ever have a genderfuck porn star fantasy? How about tasting a mangina today? These are just some of the creative terms and likely situations put forward by mounting numbers of English-language cultural products that advocate for the social recognition of a specifically trans-sexuality. This movement is about claiming the erotic rights, or the right to be erotic, of transfolk.
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Portfolio - The Well-Hung Brazilian Studs Of Alexander Pictures

It’s probably a secret fantasy of many a queen: to innocently wander through a park and all of a sudden spot a very large endowed gentleman seductively playing with his swollen member. This is what happens to the young Pero Coresma in “Jungle Cruisers” when he wanders around Rio de Janeiro’s Tijucia National Park. After hesitating for a moment Pero decides to approach the dark hunk and soon his lips enclose the impressive tool. Of course soon after it’s his ass’ turn. Pero doesn’t mind it at all when Denis Torres decides to get involved.
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Theater News - Sven Ratzke’s ‘Gigolos & Germans’

The German/Dutch artist Sven Ratzke is known in Germany as “that cheeky Dutchman” for years already. His new theater night “Gigolos & Germans” nails the sensitive relations between Germans and the Dutch in a humorous way. His fascination for glorious times that have gone by form the basis of this whirling mix of musical cabaret, improvisations and songs. This singer and entertainer has been labeled “Glamour Animal,” “Homme Fatale” and “Enfant Terrible.” He wrote his first tragedies when he was fifteen and at sixteen he pranced around on theater festival Boulevard of Broken Dreams tempting people to come into the tents.
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Letter from Brussels - Chubby Invasion

Dear Northern Neighbors,

Is fat and chubby in fashion with you as well? From yesterday until next Tuesday our tiny capital will shake on its foundations by the footsteps of some hefty people. Literally. Brussels will experience the EBMC event with European, American and Canadian chubbies taking part. Central theme: the fatter the better (apparently).

The program of this six-day event isn’t anything like a sports event. Quite the contrary!
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Gay & City - Neighbors

My straight neighbor was hot. A big and muscley blond piece of meat made in Holland. He lived right across the street from me and every time he saw me from his window he waved at me, greeted me elaborately or enquired about the gym I favored. On many an early morning while I was preparing to go to work, I would see him coming back from clubbing, brushing his teeth, devilish fire flickering in his eyes, shoulders lifted as if to say: Innocent! Marco was his name. So straight, hot and unattainable.
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The Gossip Bin

The miserable months have most certainly started: short days, colds, the flu and Christmas when you have to visit your mother-in-law. To help you through this sadness our editor-in-chief thought you could use some help these months with the motto “it could be worse”. Especially after a wild weekend a lot of us will think “to hell with jogging and carrot juice” when the alarm clock screams it’s 7 o’clock, but what if you keep getting invitations to parties and presentations?
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BUTT Magazine Celebrates Fifth Anniversary With BUTT Book

In the August issue of Gay News we published an article by Michiel Bollinger about BUTT magazine. Although this undiluted love declaration was mainly inspired by the author’s enthusiasm for the magazine, it came at an excellent time since BUTT celebrates its fifth anniversary this year, which is also celebrated with the publication of the “BUTT Book” (Taschen). The editors of BUTT intend with their magazine to put the sex back into homosexuality and they have certainly succeeded.
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Short News

Michael Jackson, Drag Queen of Pop?

He hasn’t done anything musically for a while but Michael Jackson still makes the news. He was recently spotted in St Tropez wearing a blouse, tight jeans and stiletto heels while trying to hide his face with a big blue hat. His eight-year old daughter Paris was with him. The reporter first thought it was a woman but then realized she was looking at the King of Pop.
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Ted Haggard, Christian Pillar For Bush, Resigns After Sex Scandal

The fifty-year-old Ted Haggard, Christian pillar for Bush and virulently anti anything gay, is found out to have had a long-term sexual relationship with a man. Haggard’s vast network of 45.000 churches has been of great help for Bush in his resistance to gay marriage as well as with his re-election. Haggard was very close to the White House. The prostitute who went to the press says he decided to tell all to expose the hypocrisy of the prominent Christian leader.
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