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Gay News issue 183, November 2006 (12)

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Vintage Queer Porn Story - Initation

This story is an abbreviated version of the fourth chapter of “Off Duty Studs,” a porn novel which was released in 1969 in the series ‘Black Knight Classics of the Homosexual Underground’ published by the Guild Press in Washington D.C.

The Marine Corps officer who stayed with the other men had drunk two gin and tonics and had no sooner finished before he eyed Bob Brooking, the young soldier. He liked the esthetic look of the youth. In fact the boy was almost effeminate, and held a strange fascination for the rough looking Parker Lavery. He moved over beside the youth and began a conversation with him. “You say you’re in the army?" he inquired politely.
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Exposition - Singing In Amsterdam

“Geef mij maar Amsterdam” (I Prefer Amsterdam) is the title of an exhibition at the Amsterdam Historic Museum. The people of Amsterdam love to sing. They sing about their troubles and their fate, their experiences and their town. “Geef mij maar Amsterdam” is about love and misery at the Amsterdam canals, about life on the street, at the base of the beautiful Wester tower and in the rest of our capital. They once started the singing on the streets. Amsterdam folk sing outside, in cafes or at home about love and poverty, alcohol and fun. Singers like Johnny Jordaan and André Hazes sang torch songs with a smile and a tear in the eye.
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Gay History - The Morgue Yawns For Me

Oscar Wilde's Death

“I died in prison,” Oscar Wilde said after he had served two years of hard labour in 1897. And emotionally that might indeed have been the case as after that he only produced one more work of some weight, “The Ballad of Reading Goal.” In reality however he had a couple of years left. The Dutch paper “Het Vaderland” reported in the December 2nd/3rd edition his death on the 30th of November 1900 “in a small hotel in the Quartier Latin where he had lived for a few months under the name Menworth.”
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Gay & City - Sauna, Sweet Sauna

We love the sauna... Ah, the nocturnal hunting sprees in the dimly lit alleys, mechanically walking round and round to the point of utter dizziness, the tiny square cubicles and the deploring look in the eyes of their residents, the way you register somebody’s private parts while sitting at the bar through the film of alcohol before your eyes, the overpowering eucalyptus aroma in the steam room and the way the white cloud enshrouds your eyes upon entering, unraveling little by little intertwined legs, erected genitalia or rhythmically snoring old men.
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Fashion - Lee's Denim Fashion

The jeans label Lee presents two lines for this fall and winter 2006/2007: the Lee X-line and the Lee Spirit collection. You’ll discover a fusion of punk and ska influences in the X-line, manufactured of delicate and tight denim and available in varying styles. All styles have an innovative contemporary finish and cuts that challenge traditional ideas of denim. The punk and ska influences are found in the brashly styled graphic details in black and lavender hues.
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Elections - The Disastrous Policy Of Prime Minister Balkenende

You can’t have missed it: there’ll be elections for the second time this year in Holland. The limping Balkenende government is busying itself sprinkling money around that miraculously appears to be available right before the elections. Did you manage to catch some yet? All these figures flying around don’t make things clearer, the question is whether there’s any money left in your wallet at the end of the month. We’re not going to worry ourselves over the election promises of all the parties, as they will never be kept anyway.
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This Year’s Folsom Street Fair Was Biggest And Best

Hundreds of thousands of Folsom Street Fair-goers, adorned in leather, rubber, uniforms, drag, or very little at all, enjoyed a memorable day of kinky play in the warm summer sun on Sunday, September 24th. Record numbers of people came to the South of Market district to enjoy top alternative acts, sexy vendor booths, cold beer and hot food, and more than just a little fun and flirtation – all in superb leather style. According to one community leader “I’ve been to every Folsom Street Fair for twenty years, and this was the best!”
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Four Arrested During Military Gay Protests In Florida

A national campaign opposing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the ban on gays serving openly in the United States military, saw four of its members arrested Friday, the 7th of October in a small community east of Tampa. As demonstrators marched in front of a military recruiting office at a mall in Brandon four members of the group entered the building an attempted to enlist in the Navy. They were told that gays and lesbians cannot serve under the Clinton-era law and asked to leave.
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Miss Lellebel Contest

Drag bar Lellebel opened its doors for the first time in the winter of 1997 and has grown out to one of Amsterdam’s most special bars. The highlight of 2000 was winning the Canal Parade award. The Lellebel (a genial Dutch word for “slut”) offers live shows, theme evenings and performances seven days a week all through the year. Drag and transsexuality is Lellebel’s face, for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and straights. Lellebel in short, is for everybody!
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Governments Committed To HIV Airline Tax

Nineteen governments are committed to levying a tax on airline tickets as part of a new way to treat people in poor countries for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, France's foreign minister said Monday. "We need to be and can be even more," said Philippe Douste-Blazy, who heads the program called UNITAID which brings together countries, U.N. agencies, international organizations and others to tackle some of the world's worst diseases. France started imposing the tax in July, but 18 others have signaled they will join in, he said.
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China Gays Rebuff Websites

The idea “if you build it they will come” has been resoundingly debunked by China's immense gay population. The government created two "official" posting forums Web sites to disseminate information on HIV/AIDS and allow Chinese gays to communicate with one another in a society where homosexuality is largely shunned. The sites were developed and are maintained by the Center for Disease Prevention and Control. But after two months in service there were only 37 postings.
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LoveDance 2006 in Paradiso

World Aids Night – Friday 1 Dec - 8 till late - Paradiso

Friday December 1st, World Aids Day 2006: The day that we all pay special attention to the state of affairs around HIV and AIDS, here and now but also elsewhere and in the future. All over the world people focus on the few hopeful developments and the still ever-expanding epidemic. The evening and night of the 1st of December, Amsterdam knows as World Aids Night with LoveDance at the Paradiso.
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