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Gay News issue 182, October 2006 (12)

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Kingdome 19’s Universal Wicked Dreams

Most photographers of men make rather straightforward pictures, whether it’s in color or black-and-white. Sometimes I’m even overtaken by the nasty thought that they spend more time finding models than with actually making the photographs. In this respect the Berlin photographer Kingdome 19 is an odd man out in the world of male photography. With this, I don’t mean to imply that he doesn’t pay attention to his models, but that he’s also committed to traditional dark room work and that he manipulates his negatives in a very personal way.
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vintage queer porn story - The Hitchhiker and the Sailer

This story is an abbreviated version of the second chapter of “The Hitchhiker,” a porn novel which was released in 1969 in the series ‘Black Knight Classics of the Homosexual Underground’ published by the Guild Press in Washington D.C.

At the edge of the highway Mickie Burcel wandered about wondering what kind of person would give him the first ride. As he stood there in the sun, car after car whizzed by him, but none stopped. He unbuttoned the one button on his shirt and let it flutter in the breeze. Still no luck!
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Gay & City - Padding

Ibiza 2006! Still fabulous, tempting and inspiring. Still drawing fresh energy from this season’s sounds, designs, drugs and flavors. Still palpitating like one big heart, hiding unimaginable gems in its core, compelling its lucky admirers to indulge in sleepless treasure-hunting, night after night. We were among those lucky admirers, and this is how we felt, not simply holiday-makers, but privileged admirers of Ibiza’s Beauty. My friends Archibald, Sasha and I had booked a week in Ibiza at the end of August.
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DVD News - Four More Queer Classics In A Box

A-Film recently surprised us with the DVD-box “Modern Gay Classics” and now there’s even a second box “More Gay Classics” with again four feature movies. What a fantastic initiative. Let’s hope that many more boxes will follow.

Hedwich and the Angry Inch - Hedwich, born in East Berlin as “Hansel,” was once in love with an American soldier. In order to be able to marry him and flee to the free West, he underwent a sex change operation. The operation failed and she was left with an “angry inch.”
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Letter from Brussels - Le Homo Erectus

Dear Northern Neighbors,

Is their also in your neighborhood a gay bar that you walk past very often, without ever going in? Probably there is and everyone will bring forward some reason as a dream excuse why you shouldn’t dash into the said establishment. Unless of course, booze prevails after a night out and you end up in the notorious bar. Yours truly ended up in the Homo Erectus, without any alcohol being consumed and without company. A wrong decision, if you ask me.
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Fashion - Style 2006-2007 - Paris

The increasing number of designers and companies focusing on men’s wear make this branch into a booming business. As in the cosmetic industry the fashion world is going through fierce competition to win over the hearts of the male consumer. Gay, straight, metro or übersexual... every type of man is part of a desirable target group, or so it seems for many a fashion label. Creative Director Jose Levy claims the Ungaro man is like “a tiger.”
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Dildos And Butt Plugs Contain Harmful Softening Chemicals

Early September Greenpeace Holland released the results of a research conducted by TNO on sex toys such as dildos and butt plugs. These showed very high concentrations of harmful softening chemicals. These chemicals are the same as were found in children’s toys and which have been banned by the European Union in 2005. The research organization TNO examined eight different sex toys and in seven of them they found the chemicals in concentrations varying from 24 to 51 percent. These chemicals are hard to break down in the eco-system and even small amounts can be harmful.
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Acceptance Of Homosexuality In Dutch Society And In The Army

On the 8th of September “Gewoon doen. Acceptatie van homoseksualiteit in Nederland” (Act Normal: Acceptance of Homosexuality in The Netherlands) appeared at the Social Cultural Plan Bureau (SCP). This report tries to answer the following questions: How does Dutch society think of gay men and women? Are the Dutch still progressive when it comes to homosexuality? Or do we have a problem and need to intensify gay emancipation policies?
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Pink Point - Irrespective Of Who You Are

To The Point - True stories from Pink Point, the gay and lesbian info kiosk at the Homomonument. See

Now that the winter season of Pink Point is getting near again and the days are getting shorter, we think it’s time to look back on this past summer. A turbulent summer with a COC Amsterdam that manages to keep playing keek-a-boo, a reliable SOS party that is forced to move location all of a sudden and a Gay Pride that was saved from disaster at the last minute.
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April Celebrates Twenty-fifth Anniversary!

Café April opened its doors in 1981 for the first time, and they’ve been open every day since, except during the extensive renovation in 1996. The novelty at the time was that April not only opened its doors but also its windows, because it wasn’t all that easy for gays to be open and “out” in the late seventies and early eighties. Everything was hidden behind closed doors, until April changed all that. They hung out flags like mega decorations whenever they had something on, which was often: Easter, Christmas and New Year’s Eve were celebrated enthusiastically.
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‘Voguing’ Dancer Willi Ninja Dead At 45

Dancer Willi Ninja, whose skill in the gender-bending art of “voguing” influenced Madonna and was immortalized in the documentary film “Paris Is Burning,” has died on September 2. Ninja died of AIDS-related illnesses at New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens. He was 45. Inspired by Fred Astaire, “Great Performances” on PBS, Asian culture and Olympic gymnasts, Ninja was a self-taught performer who stitched together a patchwork of a career that extended into the worlds of dance, fashion and music.
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Exciting Possibilities At The Playgrounds Party 2006

After searching for months, the organization of Leather Pride has found an excellent location for Leather Pride 2006. It has always been difficult but this year it was nearly impossible to find a suitable venue. These have became very rare in Amsterdam lately, especially if you want to organize something more than just a dance party. This new location feels a lot like the very successful venue Force, many of us have such good memories of...
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