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Gay News issue 180, August 2006 (14)

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DVD News - Modern Gay Classics Box

Four highlights from the history of cinema and gay culture together in one box: Fassbinder’s erotic final aria “Querelle,” Almodóvar’s masterpiece “La Mala Educación,” as well as icons Stephen Fry in “Wilde” and Harvey Fierstein in “Torch Song Trilogy.”
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BUTT - Magazine For Anti-Esthetic Connoisseurs

The magazine BUTT celebrates its fifth anniversary in October 2006. Taschen Verlag publishes a fat book with highlights of five years of BUTT this autumn. Michiel Bollinger thought it was time for a love declaration to this obstinate men’s magazine which not everybody knows yet.

BUTT looks kinda casual, especially when you compare it with the larger full color glossies like ‘Gay News.’ It appears only a couple of times per year and is only available at the more specialized bookshops and gay shops.
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Porn DVD Review

Lukas Ridgeston’s First Performance In Boytropolis, Part 1

We all know the saying “you get what you pay for,” but that’s not always true. The consumers’ organization regularly reports that a certain product you get from a discount store is performing better than some A-brands and for a much better price. The situation is much the same in the world of pornography, although it’ll still cost you a small fortune to research this for yourself. We thought to do you a favor and do it for you this time.
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Pink Point - A little Bridge Too Far

To The Point - True stories from Pink Point, the gay and lesbian info kiosk at the Homomonument.

The fact that all the doors of Pink Point are wide open again can only mean one thing: It’s summer! After a stormy winter, when it often felt as if the little kiosk was going to be blown away, it’s good to feel the weather change.

The number of times our Most Frequently Asked Question: “Where’s the Anne Frank House?” is heard, is increasing dramatically.
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Letter from Brussels - Place m’as-tu vu

Dear Northern Neighbors,

Weren’t you also happy when the first rays of sunshine finally broke through the grey clouds? I was elated. And not just me! Tens of other Brussels’ queens ran enthusiastically towards the terrace of the Plattesteen tavern: the one and only large gay friendly terrace of Brussels, in the heart of our lovely, small capital.
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Portfolio - Paul Freeman’s Delicious Hunks

When a while ago the magazine “Adam Gay Video XXX Showcase” used a series of action shots from the Raging Stallion production “Arabesque,” with Huessein, a hairy Arab taking center stage, it received many enthusiastic responses. Ron G. from New York raved: “Where the fuck did you find Huessein? He’s goddamned perfect! Thank you for publishing hot pictures of a mature man with a hairy chest. Now that’s my idea of a real man.” And Todd H. from LA gushed: “Finally, a porn star with more than a few strands of hair on his chest. Huessein is perfect!”
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‘Bounty’ For Killing Gays At World Pride

Hundreds of leaflets distributed to homes in Jerusalem’s ultra-Orthodox area and other parts of the city overnight offer 20,000 Israeli new shekels or about $4,500 US to anyone who kills gays marching in next month's World Pride in Jerusalem. The flyers bore the name Red Arm for Salvation and said the money would go to “anyone who will cause the death of one of the Sodom and Gomorrah people.” The leaflets also said: “During this parade, 300,000 corrupt animals are anticipated to march through the holy city of Jerusalem, waiting avidly for the chance to put themselves on display before our children and our sacred Torah.
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Gay & City - Visited By Vice At The Roxy

In the summer of 1997 I arrived in Amsterdam. A fresh Eastern-block boy, uninhibited, aware of his gaiety yet completely unaware of the exquisite monster called gay life.

I remember the first time I trained at the Splash gym. My ex-partner had introduced me to it, telling me it was a “gay gym.” The fact that such a concept existed impressed me tremendously. What on Earth did a “gay gym” mean? I used to observe the pumped-up boys sweating over sophisticated machines and imagine what their faces would look like when they were coming.
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Travel - On Holiday In Antalya and Bodrum

After a visit to the non-profit foundation Magic, which had organized an afternoon debate, which was supposed to take place at café Sappho but had to move to a Turkish community center, I had become curious about gay Turkey. By coincidence I had the opportunity to visit Turkey myself, together with a group of gay journalists from Denmark, Great Britain and indeed also Russia. To explore Turkey accompanied of course by representatives of tourist agencies and gay guides.
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Fashion - Raid Gauloises For Sporty Globetrotters

Raid Gauloises’ new collection for Spring and Summer 2006 is inspired by nature. It shows in the soft, vaguely ethnic cuts as well as in the earthy and airy colors. The essence of the collection lies in the use of natural fibers only. It results in comfortable, washed clothes. Thorough ergonomic research made it possible to design professionally manufactured clothes while replacing technical details by high standard workmanship. Raid Gauloises’ clothes always have a hint of traveling and adventure that suits them perfectly.
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S.O.S Parties Move To Eagle

After eight years the S.O.S (Sex on Sunday) Parties have moved venue, crossing the Warmoesstraat to The Eagle bar. An unresolved dispute with the owner of the Argos was the immediate cause for the change. The famous “shirtless/naked parties for men and boys” are legendary, pulling more than 100 horny men to the Argos every second and last Sunday afternoon of the month. The parties, organized by non-profit Stichting GALA (Gay and Lesbian Amsterdam), are always busy and raunchy with the emphasis on safe and hot sex.
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Maurice Heerdink In The Spotlight

On the 12th of August an exhibition with paintings by Maurice Heerdink will open at the Westfries Museum, no. 1 Rode Steen at Hoorn. Heerdink is known amongst us for his subtle images of graceful males. However, in 2003 he approached five theater celebrities with the request to pose for him. Five personalities he has a personal appreciation for. Five people who live in the spotlight. Ellen Vogel, Jenny Arean, Willem Nijholt, Johnny Kraaijkamp en Aus Greidanus jr. To his joy all of them immediately agreed.
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Michael Jackson Upset By Gay Porn Connection

Michael Jackson tried to fire the man he hired to produce a benefit recording for victims of the 2001 terrorist attacks after learning the associate once directed gay porn movies, according to the entertainer’s former lawyer. Zia Modabber testified early July that he broke the news to Jackson about F. Marc Schaffel’s background, showing him a video of Schaffel at an adult film shoot. “I think he didn’t want to believe it was real or true,” said Modabber. “He appeared angry, upset.”
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Jordaan Festival Wanted To Block Homomonument Again This Year

The organization of the Jordaan Festival wanted to block the Homomonument again by putting a stage and tents right in front of the granite structure at the water and seriously risks being awarded for least respectful organization of Amsterdam... This could be distilled from the drawings in their application for an event license. Last year the gay community responded with outrage when they saw the new layout of the festival which is held at the Homomonument on the Westermarkt.
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