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Gay News issue 179, July 2006 (14)

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Vintage queer porn story - The Stranger in the Mirror

This story is an abbreviated version of the first chapter of “The Hitchhiker,” a porn novel which was released in 1969 in the series ‘Black Knight Classics of the Homosexual Underground’ published by the Guild Press in Washington D.C.

Mickie Burcel might have spelled his name like a sissy, but he was perhaps one of the butchiest bastards any street-walking or bar-patronaging fairy could care to come in contact with. As he was in his apartment tossing things into his suitcase, Mickie caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He always did have a streak of egotism that flashed through his butch facade where ever he went, and he would constantly flex his muscles for all the queens to stare at and appreciate.
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Comics - The Secret Lives Of Vikings According To Julius

Julius recently published a new graphic novel: “Vikings: Irish Annals.” As the title reveals the story takes place in the dark ages when Vikings rampaged Europe. But with Julius it doesn’t really matter when something takes place. Whether it’s the present, or the Victorian Age, or in this case much longer ago, it’s always about the same thing: a young guy discovers men’s sex with a more mature guy and more or less willingly turns into the sex toy of a range of other men.
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Film News

Behind the Scenes

Theo van Gogh’s ‘Interview’ Also In German Version

Theo van Gogh’s movie “Interview” will soon have a German version. Not a dubbed version with German voice-overs but a whole new production. The German production company Berg Film has acquired the rights to “Interview.” Shooting will start sometime next year and the movie will hit the cinemas late 2007. It will be the third international remake of “Interview.” The American remake, with Steve Buscemi as the director and leading actor, has just finished shooting the material and also plans it’s release in 2007.
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Portfolio - Falcon’s Bootstrap

They say good wine doesn’t need crystal, but: Will good wine be good forever? And what is good wine? Falcon is one of the few studios that’s been putting out gay porn for over thirty years. Way before video reached our living rooms and bedrooms we knew of Falcon from the projections in bars. Argos has shown them for a long time. Falcon’s production is enormous with a catalogue featuring over four hundred titles. Unfortunately not all of them are of the highest standards, but there were good ones and those were really good.
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Health - Live Life to the Max?

Reiki can help you get rid of various complaints and restore your balance. But you can also have a reiki treatment just to relax.

Wolter ter Haar (34) started giving reiki treatments a year ago: “You can have a reiki treatment to get rid of a sports injury, but also for relaxation. You can compare a reiki treatment with physiotherapy, but it can go further than just that. I have treated people for RSI, migraines, insomnia and back or shoulder related aches and pains. During an hour’s treatment you lie down on a massage table and need to wear comfortable clothes.
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Gay & the City - Slap me, I love you

The Annual Internet Awards at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. My friend Sammy had given me an invitation and I attended to see just how cool it was going to be. And cool it was! Handsome young men in suits and chicks in cocktail dresses drinking cosmopolitans. Futuristic screenings on the walls and subdued funky beats. Refined laughter and smooth confident moves. The whole thing looked like a scene from a James Bond movie.
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Swimwear - Speedo's Olympic Aura

Speedo and swimming are almost synonymous. This swimwear manufacturer exists for over seventy-five years and is a favorite with swimming aces. 83% of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games medalists wore Speedo, just as the twenty-one gold medalists of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. This spring the Australian Speedo offers again top-class swimwear for men. Speedo’s shorts are characterized by a combination of convenience and a clean, fresh and stylized look.
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Letter from Brussels - Gay Parade 2006

Dear Northern Neighbors, Are you also really looking forward to your annual gay parade? Yesterday we had ours here in Brussels. It was time for all gays and lesbians from the remotest (well remote...) corners of our tiny country to get together. Along the route I discovered a view foreign gay tourists as well, who probably were very badly informed on the scale of the event. Before they knew it had started, it was over and done with already.
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Travel - Gay in Turkey

Turkey lies in between Europe and Asia. The Aya Sophia and the Blue Mosque in Istanbul face each other as symbols of Christianity and the Islam. The Americans think the European Union should accept Turkey as a member state because it’s a bridge between Europe and Asia, East and West, the Islam and Christianity. In Europe we haven’t made up our minds yet. The Turkish gays and lesbians welcome a possible membership of the EU because they see it as a chance to further their struggle, the European gays and lesbians are wary of new member states like Poland, Rumania and Turkey because they could shift the balance within Europe towards conservative moral convictions.
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Frits Bernard, Dutch Pioneer Of Boy Love Emancipation, Dies At 86

On May 23, Dr. Frits Bernard passed away at Rotterdam’s Academic Hospital. Together with Edward Brongersma, who died in 1998, Frits Bernard was one of the well-known pioneers of the boy love emancipation movement in the Netherlands. Initially he waged this struggle within the Dutch gay emancipation organization COC, but he was sidelined in the early 1960s. Frits Bernard was born in 1920 in Rotterdam, but when he was six his family moved to Spain. He attended the German international school in Barcelona. After his return to Holland he began studying psychology at the University of Amsterdam in 1939.
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Hundreds Protest Rejection Of Bermuda Gay Rights Bill

On the 4th of June, hundreds of people have demonstrated on the grounds of Bermuda’s House of Assembly, protesting against a wall of silence by legislators on a bill that would have added sexuality to the Human Rights Act. The bill was introduced by MP Renee Webb and sent to committee where Webb made an impassioned speech: “We in Bermuda need to ensure that we join the democratic countries of the world and fight for freedom for all of its people,” she told committee members.
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Short Show News - Sean Connery Sexiest British Old-Timer

Sean Connery was chosen as the sexiest British pensioner. He was mentioned most often, by almost half of the 2400 respondents. The 75-year-old Bond actor beat Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart (64), who got 19% of the votes. The 68-year-old Anthony Hopkins came third. Amongst the ladies the 60-year old Helen Mirren (“Calendar Girls,” “Excalibur”) came first.
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SummerCamp: Four Days Of Pride At The Homomonument

The dust of The Roze Wester Festival has barely settled down and the Homomonument is bracing itself for the next event already. The organization of Pride may look slightly fragile at the moment but GALA, however, has a granite foundation; so from Thursday till Sunday you can lounge and party, admire and be admired at the Homomonument.
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Violent Extremists Disturb Moscow Pride Manifestation

The political fall of communism and the knocking down of the Iron Curtain, made many European governments eager to give the former Eastern bloc countries a hearty welcome into the bosom of democracy and capitalism. It’s true that most of these countries adapted rather quickly to the joys of Western materialism. The acceptation of the non-materialist values, which are also part of Western culture, such as personal freedom regarding sexual matters, is less successful however.
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