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Gay News issue 175, March 2006 (14)

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vintage queer porn story - Biker Boys in the Night

This story is an abbreviated version of the first chapter of “Gang Bang,” a porn novel which was released in 1969 in the series ‘Black Knight Classics of the Homosexual Underground’ published by the Guild Press in Washington D.C.

Nineteen-year-old Mark Denny looked resplendent as he sat upon his motorcycle. Mark was just so damn beautiful that no matter where he was he attracted attention. He wore tight clothing which outlined the perfect torso, accenting the thick thighs and the broad expanse of chest, and when he moved about his body just seemed to have a mysterious magnetism about it.
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Film News

Behind the Scenes

Dreams can Come True
Actress Reese Witherspoon almost slept through the momentous announcement of her Oscar nomination. But that didn’t stand in the way of her victory, receiving a nomination for her interpretation of June Carter Cash in the Johnny Cash biopic “Walk the Line.” While other contenders most likely wet themselves waiting with excitement to hear of their Oscar nominations, the “Sweet Home Alabama” star was snugly tucked away in bed, dreaming of an Oscar nomination.
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Portfolio - Male Nudes Indexx

Small is beautiful. This is an expression which doesn’t figure in the vocabulary of most queer men. Nonetheless it forms an excellent description of the “Male Nudes Indexx,” recently published by Feierabend Verlag. The book measures 13x13 centimeters, but since it’s five centimeters thick and comprises 700 pages (according to the publisher) it contains hundreds of photographs of the male nude. In contrast with Taschen’s “The Male Nude,” which was reprinted last year and gives an overview of the history of male photography, “Male Nudes Indexx” is dedicated to contemporary photographers only and includes works by seventy artists.
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Gay & the City - My First Gay Romeo

I bought this gorgeous pair of boots: an authentic dark-red-brown color, calf-high, elegant and sublimely accommodating. They made me feel confident and grounded. A few days afterwards I surprisingly opened a profile on (I had just turned 30, so I could finally do whatever I wanted, you know). It was my debut in the Internet gay dating world. And the first picture I uploaded to my profile was one of my lovely new boots. The caption said: “Those boots are a symbol of my individuality and my belief in personal freedom.” I did have to spice up the profile with some Ibiza photos, though, as I knew the boots alone wouldn’t do the job.
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Music - Queen in Concert, An Absolutely Fabulous Exeperience

The Dutch Royal Air Force Orchestra is well known from its impressive symphonic rock shows such as its highly successful “Symfo ’99" concerts on the Dutch theater circuit as well as their own concert version of the rock opera “Tommy.” After such successes, the choice by the Royal Air Force Orchestra to stage “Queen in Concert” is a good one. The combination of a large orchestra and symphonic rock compliment each other perfectly. And thankfully, no one in this production attempted to imitate Queen.
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Politics - A Conversation With Two Amsterdam Politicians

On the eve of the city council elections, we visited two Amsterdam candidates who have really put their necks out and as a result came under a constant barrage of criticism. Whether or not the criticism, which consistently came from the GBA (Gay Business Amsterdam), was deserved or not, and which often concerned only one point in a whole program, such as the Amsterdam nightlife (Anne Lize van der Stoel) or Jelle Houtsma, who has been accused of only being interested in placing plaques on the City Hall. We asked ourselves: What has been achieved? Why vote for a candidate who is “out of the closet”? And what can we expect for the coming four years?
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Fashion - Style 2006 - Milan

In the first eight months of 2005 the fashion industry suffered losses, with turnover dropping approximately 4%. For years there’s been talk of a downturn in the fashion world, and since 1996, turnover has plummeted by almost 55% to 250 million euro in 2004. Luckily, November 2005 figures were up 4% from the same period last year. Even so it’s no understatement that many designers are under great pressure from the the luxury label conglomerate’s money men to pull themselves out of the red as quickly as possible.
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A Comic Book Of Robert Long’s Songs

During the seventies several Dutch singers and cabaret artists came out of the closets and made (their) homosexuality an important topic in their shows. One of these “Out & Proud” singers was Robert Long, who started his solo career in 1974 and loved to tear down wayside shrines in these early years. In the eighties he made some very controversial shows with the late actor, Leen Jongewaard, which centered mainly on gay issues. Recently twenty-three of Long’s songs have been transformed into comic strips by one Charles van den Broek. Sometimes comics can be fun even if you don’t read the language, but reading these comics one ambiguous, discouraging thought about being gay follows the other quickly. Talking about bad taste.
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Violent Attack On Gay Bar in New Bedford

Shortly after midnight on Thursday, February 2, a teenager, dressed in black, entered Puzzles Lounge in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and ordered a drink. He asked if he was in a gay bar. After finishing his first drink, he ordered a second and then walked to the rear of the club where two men were playing pool. Without warning the teen then pulled a hatched from under his sweatshirt and struck one of the players in the head. When the second pool player attempted to intervene the attacker pulled a handgun and began firing.
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Brad Pitt Searches For Ultimate Gay Love Story

According to the British newspaper “The Sun” Brad Pitt has told his agent to find him the “ultimate gay love story.” The newspaper based this story on an unnamed Hollywood source, who’s quoted as saying: “He wants it to be a story that appeals to both men and women and he wants it to be the edgiest work he’s done.
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US Paratroopers Appear On Gay Porn Website

Last year “Secrets of a Gay Marine Porn Star” was published, being the memoirs of Rich Merritt. During his active service as a Marine, Merritt was also involved in making gay porn. When he was promoted to captain in June 1995 he’d already made four of his eight porn videos, using the alias Danny Orlis.

Merritt’s porn career must have been a heavy blow for military officials, since Bill Clinton’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy obviously didn’t result in gay soldiers staying hidden deep in the closet, and it didn’t prevent some from indulging in sexual splurges in front of the camera either.
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Billy Crystal And Chris Rock Say No To Oscars - ‘Brokeback Mountain’ Big Favorit

Billy Crystal will not host this year’s Oscar ceremony. He’s hosted the ceremony eight times already and he thinks that’s enough. Crystal is much too busy. He’s working on his very popular one-man-show “700 Sundays” and so is not able to free himself for this event. Comedian Chris Rock, who presented the spectacle last year, has also said he will not host this year’s ceremony. Other favorites for presentation were Whoopi Goldberg and Steve Martin, who have both done the job before, but the final choice fell on Jon Stewart this year.
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COC Amsterdam In Serious Financial Problems

The financial situation of COC Amsterdam is seriously at risk. To secure survival of the organization an emergency plan had to be implemented. When this plan doesn’t succeed, the doors of the Amsterdam’s COC will be closed on March 21. The main reason for the financial difficulties is the fact that municipal project subsidies fail to materialize, although officials have repeatedly said these proposals will be honored. As a consequence the organization has acute cash-flow problems.
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Gay Civil Rights Advocate Coretta Scott King Dies At 78

Coretta Scott King Jr., died on January 30. She was 78. Her death was also reported in the Dutch press, but she was mainly remembered as the widow and heir of Martin Luther King. Her battle for gay civil rights remained underexposed. Until she was disabled by a stroke last August she frequently spoke out in favor of LGBT civil rights, often to the anger of some Black pastors. Mrs. King called her critics “misinformed” and said that her husband’s message to the world was one of equality and inclusion.
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