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Gay News issue 166, June 2005 (16)

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It’s Good To Be Out At Your Job

Gays who choose to come out at work experience more respect and tolerance for homosexuality than when they decide to keep it hidden. They feel less isolated as well, are more loyal towards their colleagues and the company and are happier at work. These are a couple of first conclusions from an ongoing research by the department of Social and Professional Psychology of the University of Leiden, conducted by drs. J. Tiemersma and supervised by dr. M. Barreto and professor Ellemers.
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Film News

Behind the scenes

Cees Geel Wins Award In New York

Cees Geel won the award for Best Actor at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York for his character Simon, in the movie Simon. Simon is a hashish dealer suffering from a terminal kind of cancer. The Tribeca Film Festival was held for the fourth time this year. Robert de Niro and others started it in 2002. It was meant as a response to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in 2002. Whoopi Goldberg, Sheryl Crow, Michael Imperioli (“The Sopranos”) and author Tom Wolfe were a few of the jury members this year.
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Mister Showmanship: Liberace

Let there be no doubt: this man could play the piano. Born Wladziu “Walter” Valentino Liberace in 1919, he held the world's record for highest paid musician until his death in 1987 from AIDS. This death, shrouded in secrecy and picked apart by a greedy press, capped a career that was gaudy, brilliant, filled with the heart of Las Vegas... and one where the sexuality of a great musician was the centerpiece of controversy for decades. For decades, Liberace was known for his music, candelabra, charisma, diamonds and dazzle. Over the years Liberace acquired an astounding array of prestigious awards, including: Instrumentalist of the Year, Best Dressed Entertainer and Entertainer of the Year.
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Travelling with HIV

As flying away on holiday becomes cheaper we’re travelling more often and further beyond our borders. And last minute bookings are also attractive. As planes must always be fully booked often the last seats go for a song. The advantages are all ours. Or so it seems, but what we rarely contemplate are the necessary vaccinations we need against sicknesses we’re unfamiliar with here in Holland but are, in distant tropical lands, life threatening. Many a man returns from vacation to find himself at his doctor with a variety of symptoms that could’ve easily been avoided had he taken the time to be vaccinated against sicknesses prevalent in other lands.
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Portfolio - Chi Chi LaRue Presents Hot Guys in ‘Bolt’

Shortly before the turn of the year, Chi Chi LaRue’s new porn production ‘Bolt’ was released. The director evokes in this movie a time in the near future when most men have become basically sex slaves and only a few individuals control sex. The Commander of this world is none other than porn veteran Zak Spears, who has matured to a shaved-head, hairy-chested daddy. Commander Spears knows how to handle the guys who are submitted to his whims (and whips), as is experienced by willing bottom boy Johnny Hazzard.
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Wining & Dining - CaféCox: Ambitious Craftsmanship

There’s one square in Amsterdam that could be seen as the ultimate cultural heart of Holland with all its cinemas and various theatres - the Leidseplein. And that for as long as one can remember. Like several squares in Amsterdam it originally was a so-called carriage square - the parking spots of the seventeenth century. These were always situated right behind a city gate, so that farmers and other traders could park their carriages. This is where they unloaded their merchandise and looked for care for their horses and a snack for themselves. In 1862 the Leidse gate was demolished and the square started the metamorphosis to its current character.
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Fitness - Are You Ready For The Summer?

Well, finally, after a crazy and cold winter (some people might say it was a normal winter, but I'm Brazilian and I'm not a winter guy) the summer of 2005 is coming soon. Are you ready? From Bloemendaal to Ibiza, from Rio to Thailand, are you sure you can take off your shirt? What is IN and what is OUT and what is new in the fitness world? Let's go try to fix the "ravages of the last war".
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Discomfort From Extreme Anal Urges

Recently we received the article below. The author of which understandably wants to remain anonymous. We did not travel to his home place to check out whether all his experiences are true but it is known that gays are using all kinds of items to achieve anal relieve and that sometimes things go wrong. This story can be seen as a warning against rash erotic experiments. (Eds.)

Three years ago I bought my first sex toy, a vacuum pump. I wasn’t really looking for a bigger dick but I was curious what it would do. I could pump my dick till it was really stiff and after I took the pump off I had a nice erection.
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Philip Swarbrick’s Paintings From The Urban Jungle

Until May 28 London’s Adonis Art Gallery was showing the exhibition ‘Dangerous’ by the South African artist Philip Swarbrick. He shows paintings which depict life in the urban jungle, which is in Swarbrick’s eyes a cesspit of queer lust. The urban jungle is a hidden world of hedonistic sadomasochism, it’s a world that is sleazy and knowing, where sex is bought and sold, and where art has been afraid to tread. Swarbrick became interested in painting the male nude at an early age, especially after he saw ‘The Agony and the Ecstacy’ featuring Charlton Heston as Michelangelo.
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Rainbow Experience 2005: A Disaster Or Not?

The Amsterdam RAI expected at least twenty-five thousand visitors at the Rainbow Experience from 23rd till the 25th of April 2005. The Rainbow Experience wanted to be the exuberant center of the European gay community: a trend setting and innovative target group with usually a lot of money to spend. It was with this attitude that the fair opened its doors. The outcome was clear on the second day already as hardly anyone had been prepared to travel to the RAI. The exuberant center as a silent space. How could this happen?
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Cape May, New Jersey, Repeals Anti-Gay Bikini Law

The United States have always been a country with two faces. On the one hand it celebrates an almost exhibitionistic form of hedonism, while on the other hand primness runs rampant. It is a country which is admired by many gay men, but where gay marriage is still a very controversial issue. A country which houses the world’s most important gay porn companies, but where skimpy swimsuits were prohibited in Cape May. Cape May is located somewhere south of New York at the southern tip of New Jersey. For more than thirty years, this quaint little Victorian-themed resort said no to “skin tight, form fitting or bikini type” bathing attire on males over the age of twelve.
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Lesbian Marriage Still A Problem In Aruba

The Aruban Prime Minister, Nelson Oduber, keeps up his resistance to the registration of a Dutch married lesbian couple at the Records Office. According to Oduber it is unnecessary for the couple, Ester and Charlene Oduber-Lamers, to register because they are already registered in the Netherlands. “This is just a case of principles and it’s not necessary to recognize the couple for a second time,” says the Prime Minister. The lesbians wanted to register as a married couple in January because they intended to move to the island.
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Microsoft Reverses Stand On Gay Rights Bill

After enduring criticism for dropping support for a gay-inclusive non-discrimination bill in Washington state, Microsoft announced early May the software giant will back the measure next year. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer detailed the decision in an e-mail sent to the company's U.S. employees. "After looking at the question from all sides, I've concluded that diversity in the workplace is such an important issue for our business that it should be included in our legislative agenda," Ballmer wrote. Rev. Ken Hutcherson - leader of a "mega-church" in Redmond, Wash., and a vocal critic of same-sex marriage - claimed in April that Microsoft switched its position on the bill from supportive to "neutral" after he threatened to boycott the company.
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Delay Granted In Fiji Gay Sex Appeal

In our May issue we reported about the retired Australian university lecturer Thomas Maxwell McCoskar (55), who was sentenced to two years imprisonment in Fiji for having sex with a local man, Dhirendra Nadan (23). Fiji’s High Court has granted attorneys for both men a 45 day delay in filing an amendment to their appeal of the convictions of the men for engaging in gay sex. McCoskar and Nadan are out on bail while the appeal proceeds, but the Australian has been ordered to surrender his passport and not leave the island.
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American Journalist Beaten Up In Amsterdam For Being Gay

Chris Crain, editor-in-chief of the ‘Washington Blade’, was beaten up on Queen’s Day in Amsterdam while holding hands with his boyfriend. The police has not yet arrested the offenders, because, as they say, “the description of the offenders was rather scanty.” Walking back to their hotel through the Leidsestraat, Crain and his boyfriend passed two men standing on the side of the street, and one of the deliberately spat on them. They stopped, asked why. The man, who looked in his twenties and had Moroccan features, murmured something about “fucking fags.”
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Gay Rights Pioneer, Writer Jack Nichols Dies at 67

Jack Nichols, one of the pioneers of gay emancipation in the United States, died peacefully in his sleep in hospital early May 2. Nichols, born in 1938, devoted a major part of his life to the gay cause. After the divorce of his parents when he was three-years-old, he was raised by his grandparents. From his grandfather he learned a love of literature and reading, which became important when he had to come to terms with his sexual orientation as a teenager. Initially he had twisted ideas about gay men and a very low self-esteem, as he later recollected: “I could envision always hiding my deepest longings to avoid those who saw homosexuals as ghouls or sickly vampires who wanted to prey on them, to change them into sickly vampires. Queers were ugly night bats who’d suck the spiritual lifeblood from any careless male.”
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