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Gay News issue 163, March 2005 (16)

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27th of January: 60 years since liberation of Auschwitz

Gays, beaten & forgotten

On the 27th of January it was sixty years ago that the infamous concentration camp Auschwitz was liberated by the Russians. What they found there defied all description. This is how Dante must have envisioned his Inferno. In the past sixty years Auschwitz has become the ultimate image of the horror of the Second World War. But... according to a lot of people there's something wrong. Auschwitz generally stands for the persecution and extermination of the Jews while there were also Roma/Sinti and gays who were transported and gassed there.
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Wining & Dining - Knus: Good, Better, Bad

A rather voluminous girlfriend of mine used to utter the historic words “eating is a disease as well” at least three times a week in front of her bulging fridge, meaning: an addiction. But, like the doctor who injects little amounts of serum to build immunity in the body, I indulge in scrumptious meals in restaurants every now and then to be able to diet afterwards with renewed strength. It had to come to this: The Reguliersdwarsstraat. Gay street no. 1 at some point.
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Portfolio - The Secret Life Of Cowboys

Some time ago major changes took place at Colt Studios. Rip Colt, the founder and name giver of the company, stepped down a little to make room for new management, consisting of people who have won their spurs in the porn industry. Porn veterans Jerry Douglas and John Rutherford joined forces for the direction of the new Buckshot production BuckleRoos. Douglas, who also wrote the script, focused on directing all the dialog scenes, while Douglas, famous for his work with Falcon Studios, focused on directing the sex.
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LGV Shows Up In San Francisco And New York

Last year we published in our April issue a report about the rise of a new sexually transmitted disease in the European gay party scene, Lymphogranuloma venereum (LVG). Since the world is becoming smaller everyday and tourists are a cherished sex object, especially in the gay scene, it didn’t come as a surprise when the Center for Disease Control issued a warning last October that the bacteria might also show up in the United States.
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London District Wants Prohibition Rainbow Flag

There’s nothing new under the sun. Just as happened last year in Amsterdam, public servants in London are of the opinion that rainbow flags are a commercial expression and... one has to pay for those. “For a commercial expression you’re money due to the city. This also goes for the rainbow flag. We’re not doing this to harass gay people, it’s just the way the law works,” says a spokesman for the district council.
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Life and Death of the German Fashion King Rudolph Moshammer

On the 14th of January the German fashion king, Rudolph Moshammer, was found dead in his villa, murdered over two hundred euros by an Iraqi prostitute. He had been strangled by a telephone wire. Rudolph Moshammer, there won't be many people in Holland who'll be familiar with his name. A German king of fashion from Bavaria who lived as any gay stereotype prescribes. Heavily made up, wig, accompanying little dog, living together with his mother and hiding his true age forever. Voilá a Bavarian phenomenon.
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Film - Behind the scenes - At the Cinema

Erik Or The Golden Book of Insects

The Dutch family movie “Erik of het klein insectenboek” (Erik or The Little Book Of Insects) premiered on the 9th of December and was already awarded with a “Gouden Film” (Golden Movie Award). A Dutch movie gets the Golden status when it’s had over 100,000 visitors. It is issued by the Dutch Film Festival and the Dutch Fund for Movies. “Erik of het klein insectenboek” is based on a popular novel by Dutch author, Godfried Bomans. Erik is a ten-year-old boy who has to prepare a speech for his classmates. His grandfather helps him and suggests the topic of insects. Erik thinks that’s kind of boring and falls asleep.
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SpongeBob Promotes Homosexuality

Religious Americans do the silliest things. A few years ago they targeted Teletubbie Tinky Winky as a secret promoter of homosexuality, now they’ve singled out SpongeBob SquarePants as a target for their attacks. Conservative America accuses the cheerful cartoon character of manipulating, and even brainwashing, children. The animation series about SpongeBob is really propagating a tolerant attitude towards gay people, says James Dobson of the ultra-conservative Christian movement Focus on the Family. Dobson bases his statements on a new video clip featuring SpongeBob.
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COC Wants Amsterdam To Be Safe

The Amsterdam chapter of COC, the Dutch gay emancipation movement, has taken an initiative to organize a meeting with all the parties involved in Amsterdam-East. The controversial case of a gay man who had to leave his home in the Retiefstraat, is only the tip of an iceberg, according to the organization. “The safety in the own neighborhood, also for gay men and women, deserves more attention.
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Alcoholic Beverages For The Queer Market

It’s a general preconception that gay people are more dipsomaniacal than their straight counterparts. Last year the Schorerstichting published research which shows that this conventional wisdom isn’t true. Although we’re not all inveterate alcoholics, this doesn’t mean we don’t like a bottle of beer or a glass of wine from time to time. Several producers of alcoholic beverages have discovered the gay market.
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Jelle Houtsma: 'I'm an incorrigible optimist, Amsterdam will be all right'

So the center of Amsterdam will get a gay museum after all. There's been a lot of talk and speculation about it and it was a motion of the PvdA that brought the concept all of a sudden much closer. After Berlin, London and San Francisco, it's finally the turn of the city that has been calling itself the “Gay Capital of Europe.” A motion on the housing of the International Gay and Lesbian Information Center and Archive (IHLIA) and an exhibition space annex Homomuseum was accepted by the council of the city center of Amsterdam. The museum will get a central and prominent spot in the city.
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High Court overrules conviction of HIV-positiv man

On the 18th of January the High Court has overruled the conviction of a HIV-positiv man for having unprotected sex without informing his sex partner while he knew of his HIV status. Earlier the criminal court in Arnhem had sentenced the man to two years and three months imprisonment on the basis of trying to inflict serious health damage.
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DVD News - Cachorro: Open-hearted Big Bear Movie

Do these Spaniards make good films or what? We’ve been enjoying the work of Almodóvar for years already and now there’s also the director Miguel Albaladejo. His movie “Cachorro” will be in the cinemas soon and I dare to predict that it’s going to be a big hit in the gay scene.
Cachorro recounts the story of Pedro, a gay dentist with an active sex life. The movie starts with a straightforward (safe) fucking session. There’s no time to savour it as Pedro kindly but firmly shows the two guys the door (it was a threesome) because he expects his sister to drop off her son Bernardo any moment as she’s going to India for a couple of weeks.
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Mayor Cohen Wants A Stricter Approach Of Nuisance

Mayor Cohen has presented a package of measures to curb annoying behavior in Amsterdam. He suggested installing a mobile surveillance camera system to register the perpetrators, increase the possibilities to report nuisances, an improved information system for citizens, a more active approach of real estate owners in the combat against neighbor nuisances and the appointment of a municipal coordinator of nuisance policy. Cohen thinks it's unacceptable that large parts of the city are dealing with large scale annoying behavior.
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Fashion - Style 2005 - Milan

Color was the main weapon during the presentation of the men's collections in Milan last June. Colors aimed to make the consumers happy again. To lure men into buying clothes. With a repeated decrease of 3.5% in Italian men's fashion, the “Made in Italy” label seems to have lost some of its luster...
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São Paulo Meets Amsterdam At ArtLaunch

Last year's Gay Capitals Series will get a spectacular transatlantic finale when Artlaunch starts the new season on the 18th of March with a queer cultural exchange over an unprecedented distance: São Paulo meets Amsterdam! São Paulo is not only the most dynamic city of Brazil when it comes to queer underground and partying, it is also the Gay Capital of South America! The Amsterdam based DJ Lava will do his utmost to present the boiling beats of São Paulo in Amsterdam in style.
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