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Gay News issue 162, February 2005 (17)

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Not Only Gay Men Worry About Body Image

For a very long time gay men presented themselves by emphasizing their female characteristics or by taking up female gestures. This changed completely in the seventies when former queens started to adopt the image of “real men” by embracing crewcuts, Levi 501s, lumberjack shirts, heavy boots, and a little later by getting piercings and tattoos. Because a muscled body was a prerequisite for a successful performance on the dance-floor, the visit to the gym became a (daily) routine for many queers.
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Torrent - the new way of downloading

Since Napster was introduced at the end of the nineties the music industry has tried all kinds of things to halt the process of file sharing. In vain. After the forced exit of Napster, its successor Kazaa already existed. Because Kazaa is more difficult to pin down (Napster operated from the USA) the music industry tried another tactic. Whoever is looking for popular music on the net now has a large chance of finding fake files distributed by the industry to frustrate users.
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Come on, Marquis, Jump!

Joris waited at the platform until all the travelers had gotten off the train and had left via the arrival hall. No trace of Zovsky. A few people lingered in the hall and there was even one ticket booth open but there was no sign of his host. Discouraged Joris took a seat, after a short glance on the sidewalk and the square in front of the station. Joris tried to imagine why Zosky hadn’t waited for him at the appointed time and place, but these thoughts didn’t bring any relieve. He had Zovsky’s telephone number, but no phonecard. He asked at the booth, but they didn’t sell any. And it wasn’t wise to walk away now and search for a bar. Zovsky could still appear. What else to do but wait?
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Portfolio - Boys Uncovered

Given the large amount of photo books published each year, it’s obvious there’s a lot of rubbish available. Each month we try to sift the wheat from the chaff, which is a risky business because there is no accounting for tastes. Personally I’m rather fed up with all those slick Bel Ami kids with overdone make-up and striking an attitude. These youngster are completely interchangeable. Therefore it was a pleasure to peruse “Boys Uncovered,” by Lindsay Lozon, a Canadian photographer of international renown which is completely justified by the quality of his photographs.
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How were things in 2004?

Who knows the past knows the future. But there’s nothing we forget so easily as the past, so we invent the future again and again. We learn less and less from the past but we do try. Maybe we will learn after all from the bad and good things of 2004.

In January people really realize how expensive going out has become. More and more people start to avoid bars and restaurants because of the, in their opinion, high prices of food and drinks. For a couple of businesses there will be no other option than to close up shop. Gay Holland discovers that you also can have a swell time at home.
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The Adventures of Timmy Continue...

A little over a year ago I had the exciting pleasure to inform about the first volume dedicated to the adventures of 18-year-old Timmy, a not so innocent farm boy, who’s further initiated into the pleasures of man-to-man sex during his first day at university. The boy with the bubble butt and the horse-dick is turned into an insatiable slut in no-time. Because of his assets many men are attracted to the innocent-looking guy. As the willing victim of a lecherous conspiracy, which involves a horny old priest who gives the boy holy water mixed with LSD, Timmy becomes the center of a secretly shot porn production, produced by Slurp Studios, a company which is owned by Lou, his schoolmate Zack’s father.
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Wining & Dining - Tokyo Café: plenty of choice

Dam Square is often jokingly called the heart of Holland. Hereby I declare the Spui the navel of Amsterdam. Also such a vital part of our human body. Did you know that at the Begijnhof with the entrance at the Spui stands the oldest house of Holland: Het Houten Huys (the wooden house) from 1425. According to official documents there were already “begijnen” living in “een beghijnhuys” in 1346. In 1389 a so-called “letter of appropriation” mentions for the first time a courtyard.
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A Flaming Artists Descends On Mister B

From January 29 until April 28, Brad Rader a.k.a. Flaming Artist shows his homoerotic artwork at Mister B, Warmoesstraat 89, Amsterdam. Rader has been creating erotic images of men since he was an adolescent, although he earned his living with other kind of artwork. He worked in the animation industry on TV series and movies such as “Alf,” “The Simpsons,” “Batman,” “Biker Mice From Mars,” and “Stripperella,” while he received an Emmy Award for his direction of “Todd MacFarlane’s Spawn.”
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Hot, Hot, Hot... Channing Tatum

The list of female models pursuing a career in the movies is long and contains the names of Bond girl Grace Jones, Cat Woman Hallie Berry, and many others. It’s striking that very few male colleagues make the same transition, although there are a lot of delicious males in the fashion world. Take for example Channing Tatum. Channing who? Well, you might not know his name, but you surely must have seen his rugged face and impressive body in Dolce & Gabbana, Nautica and A&F ad campaigns.
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Auckland Gay Club Fire-bombed

The popular gay club Flesh in Ackland, New Zealand, has been destructed by a fire on December 28. There were no injuries, but damage has been pegged at 75,000 dollars. Because it was the beginning of the week the club was not busy. Only about twenty people were inside at the time. If it had been on a weekend when the club would have been packed officials believe there could have been casualties. The fire began near the entrance of the club at O’Connell Street in the inner city of Auckland.
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HLBF.NL Demands Elucidation On Harassment

The new gay emancipation group HLBF.NL has demanded elucidation from the local council of Amsterdam on reports about harassment of a gay man living in the Retiefstraat. The floods of abuse, threats, and molestation were reported by the daily paper Het Parool. The victim of the intimidation and acts of violence had been living for several years in the street without any problems. These started when his sexual preference became known.
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First US Gay Erotic Magazine Has New Publisher

When you look in your bookshop at the shelves with gay erotic magazines, you’ll notice that slowly many titles are disappearing. This is undoubtedly a result of the abundant presence on the internet of pornographic pics and one-handed reading material. Therefore it is notable when a publisher discovers possibilities for this kind of magazine. Recently the newly founded Go West Media Group has announced asset acquisition of In Touch Inc.
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British Government Tried To Jail Lesbian Author

Recently released documents show that the British government in the 1920s made secret plans to put lesbian author Radclyffe Hall on trial for obscenity, which could have resulted in a long jail sentence. A quarter of a century earlier, Oscar Wilde had been silenced after two years in jail on a conviction of homosexuality. The documents had been kept in the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and been withheld from the public for more than seventy-five years.
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Did Abraham Lincoln Love Men?

In 1990 the Gay and Lesbian Caucus of the American Historical Association organized a symposium in New York City on “Gay American Presidents?”, which promised to be controversial. General astonishment elicited a contribution from someone in the audience, however. Jim Kepner, a longtime gay activist and journalist, rose from the front row to announce that he had unearthed proof of the homosexuality of no less than sixteen presidents. At that time, George Bush was the United States’ forty-first president for a little over a year, so Kepner’s percentage is extremely high. Unfortunately the historian doesn’t disclose which presidents Kepner had in mind.
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Fasion - Madrid, A Genuine Fashion Heaven

London - Paris - New York... Madrid! A metropolis that can not be omitted from this list. Madrid has several neighborhoods with each their own image and characteristics. All easily reached through its extended subway system. Spain’s capital is the soil for many Spanish designers and labels. An overview...
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Sport - Jump, dunk, slam, and basketball

Secretary of State, Ms Ross is trying very hard to get the Dutch to exercise more, but she hasn’t succeeded entirely yet. Also our queer circle could use some extra exercise. For the sports minded amongst us there are plenty of options: from soccer, tennis and karate to body pump in the gym. There’s also another way to train lots of muscle groups at once: basketball. The Amsterdam Tigers - boys and girls - work themselves into a sweat around a ball and net weekly. We paid a visit to Elwin Mulder who’s been a member of the Tigers for three years now.
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Ciao Baby - A Review Of Gay Amsterdam 2004

Christos Andreas takes a look at last year’s highs and lows in homo-Amsterdam.

With the Amsterdam gay tourist bubble deflating for a second year running, it was tough times for some local gay establishments in 2004. Why Not Bar & Blue Boy Club, the oldest and largest of Amsterdam’s boys clubs went bust as its (mainly American) clientele stayed home. It leaves Amsterdam with only one gay bordello, Boys Club 21, (also battling to keep its head above water) and only the Cockring with gay strip shows. A big loss for the city.
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