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Gay News issue 160, December 2004 (15)

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Yoko Ono’s Gay Wed Dance Anthem

Elizabeth Taylor, unrivaled expert in the field of marriage and divorce, once said very laconic that she doesn’t see why two people of the same or a different gender still feel the need to marry. Notwithstanding these wise words, same-sex marriage seems currently the most important issue of the American gay movement. It looks like this priority returned as a boomerang to the advocates of gay marriage during the recent elections because George W. Bush was partly re-elected because the gay marriage was on the ballot in eleven states.
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Internet - Spyware, the Current Plague of Internet

Without knowing it, PC users are being watched. Marketing companies place all kinds of spy software on computers without permission and without the internet user knowing it. This spyware will exactly monitor your computing behavior, such as the sites you’ve visited, the things you’ve done there and the products you’ve bought. But that ain’t all; also your privacy is at stake. Currently there are programs which will reveal more information about you and which have been installed into your computer without you being aware.
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Fashion - Maskulino

It doesn’t happen very often that a new photographer of the male nude presents himself with a beautiful photo book. Unfortunately it seems that the few publishers who are specialized in this kind of photo books, rather like to hang on to artists whose earlier work already turned out to be successful, instead of giving new talent a chance. Therefore it came as a big surprise when we recently received a copy of “Maskulino” by Páriz, a Mexican photographer who, it seems, has self-published a choice of his photographs. Páriz (1958) studied law and worked as a corporate lawyer for some years.
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Short News

Will Gay Artist, Willem Arondéus, Get The Attention He Deserves?

Two members of the Provincial Council of North Holland, Klaas Breunissen and Meino Schraal, have proposed to honor gay artist and resistance fighter, Willem Arondéus, with a yearly lecture about current social issues. They also want an exhibition about Arondéus in 2005, when the Netherlands will celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the end of the German occupation, because Arondéus was killed in the fight for freedom.
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Short News

What Will The Future Bring For

People who are interested in news from the gay world can rely on several internet sites. From January 2, 1997 (a gay adult site) included the free news site, an internet magazine which didn’t only include news items, but also background stories and interviews. was edited by Jack Nichols, who recently announced that financial considerations had GayToday’s owner caused to cease publication. Nichols has been involved in the gay community from the early sixties.
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Come on, Marquis, Jump

Zovsky was stopping the Camionette and honked superfluously three times to get the attention of the redheaded boy. In his rear-view mirror he saw him picking up his knapsack and running towards him. His heart was beating in his throat with a vehemence that tore his dreaming into pieces. Had his hour come? ‘Hi, where are you heading to?’ Zovsky asked, while he put a smile on his face. ‘To Montélimar and you?’ answered the redheaded, also a bit out of breath. ‘Well I’m too, doesn’t that fits in neatly, just get in.’
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Fashion - Steel Icon styled by Maik de Boer

“Your name isn’t on the guest list’, the nicely dressed reception guy told me. I already had treaded over the red carpet with my invitation in my hand. By e-mail, I had made clear that I would like to be at the presentation. Fortunately I could just pass through. Inside it turns out I’m one of the first of the invited. Shortly afterwards, and completely unexpected, Dutch fashion designer Frans Molenaar comes to sit next to me on the small pink couch. He’s accompanied by another designer, Paul Schulten.
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Gay Kingdom Declares War On Australia

On the 13th of September 2004, the Gay Kingdom declared war on Australia. This also means that the kingdom sees itself as an independent country. The independence is based on the fact that Australia is guilty of “unjust enrichment,” because of the government’s plan to amendment the marriage act so as to prevent gay couples who were married overseas to have their relationship recognised. The law of “Unjust Enrichment” states: “If something is unjustly taken compensation must be made.”
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South Africa - Cape Town

If South-Africa is the world’s ‘Rainbow Nation’, than Cape Town has to be its ‘Reigning Queen’!

Just a while ago I had my eye on a very pleasant gesture from the airline company Lufthansa. In an advertising campaign of Lufthansa two attractive looking men were shown at the Table Mountain, at first individually and finally together. We, gays are also doing well in advertising! Rousing my interest - I really had to get myself to South Africa - the only remaining question was: where?
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Pink Point Chit Chat

Peter Zwart, member of Amsterdam City Council for GroenLinks, called for an improvement in the Homomonument signage. The present board is in three languages and hangs on the railing next to the urinoir. Zwart called for an information sign in a more prominent place and with information in more languages (including Arabic, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian and Turkish). The mayor refused.
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Fitness - Ten Foods That Grow Muscles

As important as training is, it is only a small piece of the overall pie that delivers success and progression in Bodybuilding. A much larger percentage of that pie is nutrition. Nutrition is by far the most important factor and is almost always responsible for both success and failure in bodybuilding, and for that matter any and all fitness programs. In the following article, I'll lay out a basic nutrition program. With this program, you'll be able to figure out your daily protein, carbohydrate, fat and calorie needs.
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Film News

Ben Affleck wants to get rid of action-roles

Ben Affleck has announced that he doesn’t want to play in action movies anymore. The actor no longer feels the need to play the tough guy in extremely violent movies. Once Affleck brilliantly performed in the action movies “Armageddon” (1998), “Daredevil” (2003) and “Paycheck” (2003). However, from now on he wants to concentrate on his comical qualities and would like to have parts in comedies. It’s very doubtful that Affleck has made a wise decision by this, because his last two comedies were both an enormous flop.
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Telmo Pires

There are different theories about the origin of the Fado Cantado. The most bespoken one is that the Mores took their music with them to Portugal, believers of this theory are pointing us to the melancholy and the sadness which are so characteristic for this kind of music. According to others it were the sailors who brought over the music of the Brazilian slaves from their journeys, they are pointing out the themes such as the sea and the faraway countries, which crop up in the early songs, like in the song “O Barco Negro” (the black boat) literally they about a “sanzala” (the abode of the slaves).
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Wining & Dining - Lieve: Belgian hospitality

Who can ever forget his first visit abroad? In my case it was to Belgium a long, long time ago. The lovely Ardennes were, it's true, no mountains, but they were at least higher than the dunes on our coast. In Antwerp and Ghent I was later able to enjoy a pleasant kind of chaos along with the sensual Flemish dialect. And then, of course, there is Belgian cuisine. A perfect combination of naturalness and refinement with a touch of the exuberant. High time therefore to pay another visit to Lieve.
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Faubourg - Macel Joosen

On Sunday, November 28, the Faubourg Gallery will celebrate the opening of an exhibition of statues by Marcel Joosen. The theme of his works is clearly the male; male nudes and portraits in all their varieties. Apart from his main theme, the male is also his most important source of inspiration. The African men he has encountered through his connections in centers for asylum seekers, and men in his circle of friends are his models. They form the basis of his work.
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