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Thursday 28 May
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Gay News issue 157, September 2004 (18)

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La Michel: Drag Queen During the War, the Reconstruction and the Sexual Revoluti

You reporter was fifteen years old when he was washing the car of his father together with a friend. Suddenly he was nudged and his friend said: “Look, that’s a fellow!” A comely lady walked by, in which your reporter as greenhorn, in no way recognised a man. So, a heavy “it is, it isn’t” conflict was held with the friend, though the seed was planted.
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Fashion Report - Style ‘04-‘05 Milan

The Italian fashion industry reported again a relapse of more than 5% over the summer of 2003. The loss over the winter months 2003-2004 is expected to be even more dramatic. Over the year 2003 Gucci reported a nett profit drop of 23%. Also Tom Ford saw his salary declining with 36% in 2003. Over the year 2003 Ford made a base salary of 2.65 million euros, which was 3.95 million a year earlier. “However, the worst is in the past,” according to Giorgio Armani.
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Film & DVD News - Classical Music On DVD: Herbert von Karajan

Adulated because of his brilliant workmanship, reviled because of his smashing "ego", his former membership of the Nazi Party, his jet-set life and for his strive to capture all his qualities as conductor and director in his own way by the use of the latest audio and visual technics: Herbert von Karajan (1905-1989).
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Pink Point Chat - A series of interviews with people at Pink Point, the gay info

The Homomonument Foundation closed last year, fifteen years after the monument was established. Menne Vellinga was chairman during this time.

The City of Amsterdam owns the Homomonument, but there is now no (gay) organization that is connected to the monument - don't you think that's strange?

"There are organizations which feel connected to the monument. Think about the people from Pink Point.
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Come on, Marquis, jump

Claude had definitely no mind to take that rotten prick Paulard to the bistro in the village. However, the idea of Gothon seemed right to him and he admired the ingenuous way of how the old master associated with his pupils. You had to put in tons of affection, without getting something in return. And Gothon had a special gift, a grace, to be occupied with about thirty chaps who would be a good-for-nothing elsewhere and who were able to turn this day and night relief centre into a boys hell of the first kind. Still everything went, thanks to the presence of Gothon, more or less like clockwork. And that was a little miracle.
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Sean Bentz's Photographs of Hollywood's Hot Guys

The day before I had to hand in this article, I visited an exhibition of photographs by Cor Heynen at Mister B. This Dutch artist captures the world of leather and S&M in dark black and white pictures, in which he uses models who are definitely at the other side of thirty. Heynen doesn't make slick pictures, but raw images which seem to be taken from real life.
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Joe Phillips’ Fantasies About Queer Boys

In the May issue of Gay News I reviewed Joe Phillips' comic book "The Adventures of a Joe Boy, Vol. 1". In this article I mentioned in passing Phillips' "For the Boys," which was published at the same time. Now it's time to take a closer look at this collection of drawings. Last year, my colleague, Rob Blauwhuis, started his review of Phillips' first book, "Boys Will Be Boys," with a reference to the hidden erotic sultriness between superheroes such as Batman and Robin.
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Elf: Flair and Quality

As far as I know museum restaurants are hardly ever seriously reviewed. You’re coming for the art! But when this is disappointing, you still had a nice and/or tasty lunch. In the Stedelijk Museum at the Paulus Potterstraat the exhibitions and the culinary offers at Karel Appel’s lunchroom were both very disappointing over the last years.
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San Francisco, an Attractive Holiday Destination in the ‘Golden State’ Californi

Since the dollar has become this cheap, a trip to California is for many at a top position on their wish list. To do something completely differently instead of the worn out holidays to France, Spain or, even worse, Ibiza. California, also known as "the Golden State", is about twelve hours flying from Amsterdam. There’s no bothering about connecting flight, because there are nonstop flights to San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. How and what kind of booking you make, is for you to decide.
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Five Years Sauna Boomerang

Sauna Boomerang celebrates its five-year anniversary this month, which made for a good reason to go and check it out again. I had been told that it had recently undergone renovations, which was true. The swing chairs have been replaced by larger and more comfortable couches, and the video room has been improved with the addition of a more spacious mattress. The showers and jacuzzi area have been revamped, as has the ventilation system. And, not unimportantly, the cabins have been enlarged.
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Short News

Sacramento Girlie Men

Recently the governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, expressed in no uncertain terms his opinion about the Senate members of the oppositional Democratic Party: "girlie men." He kept from saying "sissies," but that's obviously what he meant. The powerful language caught on well, but in a completely different way as Arnie might have imagined: fashion designer Sarah Lefton has produced T-shirts with the slogan "Sacramento Girlie Men" and these became a smashing hit, and not only with gay men.
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An Innocuous Coming-Out

The frontman of the German liberal party (FDP), Guido Westerwelle, is gay. This fact was known to almost everybody - that's why the German queer scene always called him Schwesterwelle (Schwester = Sister). Recently he decided to break the silence. Not by making a public statement about it - as the Berlin Mayor, Klaus Wowereit, did some time ago - and from that moment on making his appearance, adorned with a rainbow necklace, on a float in every Gay Pride Parade, but just by taking his boyfriend to the birthday party of Angela Merkel, the number one of the German Christian Democrats.
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GroenLinks Wants Homomonument Explained In More Languages

The meaning of the Homomonument in Amsterdam is explained in Dutch, English and French at the moment. The political party GroenLinks requests that the number of languages should be augmented with, at least, Arabic, German, and Japanese. They think that only a very few places in the world have the same free atmosphere for gays and lesbians as Amsterdam.
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Cambodian Prime Minister Opposes Testing Of New Drug

Activists at last month's International AIDS conference in Bangkok protested the test of a new drug in Cambodia. Recently Prime Minister Hun Sen has announced he also opposes the testing of drugs on Cambodians: "Please, don't use Cambodians for [any drug] trial. If a trial is needed, please do it on animals, and don't use Cambodians." Although Hun Sen didn't single out any project, his remarks seemed directed at a test, partially founded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, of the Tenovir (Viread) as preventive drug.
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Gay Tourist Murdered In Prague

After the demise of the Iron Curtain the former Eastern bloc countries have become popular gay holiday destinations because life and boys are still cheap there. Hoewever, recently authorities in the Czech Republic are warning gay visitors to Prague to be careful who they pick up. This follows the second killing of a gay tourist in fifteen months. The lifeless body of Roy Breimon, a 54-year-old artist from Washington, D.C., was found in an apartment he had rented in the Czech capital. Police have not said how he died but believe that he was killed during a robbery in his home.
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Kerry Edwards 'No Objection' To Missouri Gay Marriage Ban

As was to be expected plays the judicial battle around same-sex marriages a role in the American presidential election campaigns. Although the Democratic couple Kerry-Edwards probably will be more supportive to the gay cause, commentators already predicted that is was highly improbable that they would fight for gay marriages. Recently it became clear that quite the opposite is the case.
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Three Artists At Faubourg This Month

On August 29 the Faubourg Gallery celebrates the vernissage of their first exhibition of oil paintings by Frans van Oirschot. The painter is fascinated by light and knows how to assimilate it in his landscapes. Sunlight, twilight, and moonlight create their own atmosphere. Human beings enter these landscapes very carefully. The painter tenderly places his beings, or sometimes only a notion of them, in these worlds. Initially his pantings look idyllic, but in the end they are representations of longing and loss...
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Steroids: The Truth And The Myth

Everybody knows steroids are a big part of society today; if you can't find Mr. Perfect Body, maybe you can find him in yourself. It's a real temptation: a perfect body; in a few months the arms, chest and legs of your dreams. Almost all professional body builders have taken anabolic steroids. Nowadays there are millions of athletes on steroids, and not just body builders; they are used in all sports. The majority of users are in their late teens. Steroids are being used to increase the sports performance, but in our society it's clear that it's primarily a question of esthetics. Whatever the reason, the mathematic of the steroids is: Big Muscles = Short Time + Steroids.
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