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Gay News issue 155, July 2004 (20)

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Chi Chi LaRue's Live And Raw

She's larger than life and she deserves our everlasting gratitude because of her discovery of Joey Stefano, the love of her life. The beautiful Stefano was the first bottom who became a superstar in the porn business. And he never made a secret of the fact that he loved to be fucked. He didn't tell that tiresome ol' tale about "doing it only for the money". No, he was out & proud, and the audience loved him nonetheless.
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CD News Classical

Peter Iljitsj Tchaikovsky (1840-1893)

For those who’re listening to his ballet music, it is hard to imagine that the life of Peter (Pjotr) Iljitsj Tchaikovsky was one big vale of tears. The big Russian composer couldn’t and wasn’t allowed to be himself. He was even forced to commit suicide...
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Fitness - HIT in a nutshell

Intensity in your training is very important. Intensity is the amount of difficulty you’re experiencing while doing an exercise. It has nothing to do with the weight you’re using, or at which percentage of your maximum you’re training. HIT stands for High Intensity Training. The meaning of this training principle is quite simple.
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Film News

At the cinema (soon)

Edge of Seventeen

From Boy George to the Eurithmics and from fluoresce shirts to rock hard hair gel: the summer of 1984 was as eighties as the eighties ever could be. The seventeen year old Eric Hunter from the provincial town Sandusky, Ohio, is completely trapped in it. Together with his girlfriend Maggie he temporarily changes his brown polyester school uniform for a summer job at the fast food restaurant of the local amusement park.
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DVD News - Celia Cruz (Oct 21, 1925 - Jul 16, 2003)

La Eterna Voz de Celia Cruz

Celia Cruz is known as the Queen of Salsa, she has put her name on more than seventy CDs, worldwide there are generations of fans. She was able to break through barricades between different cultures and races. She has a Hollywood Star on the Walk of Fame, there is a statue in wax made of her, and she played in movies, theatres and soap series, and was the winner of five Grammies. Still famous is her returning yell “Azucar” (on the DVD it’s made clear where this comes from). In 1999 she was still to be seen and listened to at the North Sea Jazz Festival.
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Melatonin - Popular natural youth/sleep/cancer/youth hormone illegal in Holland.

Melatonin is a hormone made by a part of your brain called the pineal gland. Melatonin is produced at night to help our body regulate our sleep-wake cycles. The older you get, the less amount of melatonin your body produces. In 1989 the benefits as an all-natural sleeping aid for humans was proven. In the early 90's clinical trials on mice proved an outlive fo their (mouse)life espectancies by a third, an increased sexdrive, curing cancer,etc. In 1995 Melatonin became a popular supplement, when Newsweek published an article about the antiaging hormon.
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Portfolio - Beautiful Beachboys

The first hot and sunny days lay behind us. The summer is coming. This means that many of us will again be concerned about their appearance on the beach. Can I show those white legs? Should I work on getting rid of those love handles? Oh, I wish I could be a young god again! These thoughts will occur in many gay minds these days.
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Come on, Marquis, jump

Mme Cancoillote opened the parcel with books she had just received. She ran the minuscule stationer’s shop of Nyons and she loved this moment when the new orders from Paris were arriving. Although she already had been in the business for twelve years and wasn’t up for her first parcel, she still had the pleasant and deceptive feeling she was receiving these postal parcels as a present.
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Pink Point Chit Chat

A series of interviews with people at Pink Point, the gay information kiosk at the Homomonument.

When the Homomonument Foundation called for submissions in 1980 for a new monument to commemorate "the oppression of homosexuals, as well as to inspire future generations in their struggle against discrimination," they received 137 proposals. Artist Karin Daan's design was the unanimous winner.
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Het Ponthuys: spacious, generous and relaxed

There are three subjects everybody seems to have an opinion about: the weather, football and food. During the last months I had to experience this for myself. Sometimes this already happened before ten o'clock on the tram, a couple of days ago at the cash point in the supermarket; and of course also in the bar. "Maybe you should write more about the food and less about the attendance...” “You were right; we’ve had the same experience...” “Can’t you write about cheaper restaurants?...”
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Fashion Report - Arena

Both the professional and the recreational swimmer need to go to Arena for their swimming costumes. Since 1975 this brand is specialized in swimming wear. Through the years Arena has hold on to the principle to introduce new and revolutionary fabrics on a regular basis. Like the Arena Stretch 150 and the just introduced Powerskin and Waternity. Powerskin is a woven fabric which has an extremely smooth surface.
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Can ‘Barebacking’ also be safe?

Barebacking is originally a term used by cowboys and means “Riding without a saddle.” With sex it means “Fucking without a condom.” The big problem is that in practise barebacking is seen as making love unsafe, while in most of the cases it isn’t unsafe. You’ve got to realise that mankind will extinct when there would be no more barebacking. Like one of the interviewed persons said: ‘For straight people barebacking is almost standard procedure.”
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Jerusalem Gay Parade Draws Thousands, And Protests

Thousands of people attened the third annual Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem on June 3. It was held under the banner "Love Wihout Borders." "This is exactly the message this city needs: that we can have a pluralistic society in which all people can co-exist," said Noa Sattah, one of the organizers of the march. About 3.000 people marched through the city center to the Liberty Bell Park, where the march ended with a happening and a party.
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Brokeback Mountain

Later this year the filming of "Brokeback Mountain" is due to start. This film is based on Annie Proulx's short novel of the same title. Proulx traces the story of a "pair of deuces going nowhere", Jack Twist and Ennis del Mar, two ranch hands brought together in the desolate, beautiful landscape of Wyoming. Herding sheep together on Brokeback Mountain in the spring of 1963, Ennis and Jack's companionability gradually develops into an intense sexual intimacy, much to the apparent surprise of both men.
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Islam Keeps Excercising Many Minds

The freedom of religion must be curtailed for orthodox imams, since radical tendencies within the Islam are a seed-bed of terrorism, said Islamologist Hans Jansen recently to members of Dutch parliament. According to Jansen, extremist Moslems see centain verses from the Koran as a license to exterminate gay men.
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France's First Gay Wedding

In early June Noel Mamere, the Mayor of Begles near Bordeaux, married Bertrand Charpentier and Stephane Chapin. This was the first gay marriage in France. "Your marriage is a first, and I hope it will become something normal," said Mamere. Outside the town hall was a collection of well-wishers and detractors. Several drag queens wearing nuns' habits, vamped-up wedding gowns and bright red lipstick hailed the ceremony as a milestone in human rights.
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No Rise of STD Cases - Concoms Delivered by Ambulance

According to the figures of the Amsterdam Health Department (GG&GD) we’re practicing more safe sex again. The number of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) doesn’t seem to rise. In 2003 there were 1999 new cases of Chlamydia found, 801 new cases of Gonorrhea and 238 new cases of Syphilis. For now, it looks like there seems to come an end to a period of many years with strongly rising STD cases, especially among men with homosexual contacts.
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Will London Get A Gay Museum?

For many years now there's a discussion going about the founding in Amsterdam of a gay museum, an institution Berlin already has. Recently the British gay activist, Peter Tatchell, outlined his plans for a Lesbian and Gay Museum in London. The idea was suggested this year by Green Party leader and London mayoral candidate, Darren Johnson. It was adopted by the other main candidates for London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, Steve Norris and Simon Hughes.
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The COC is in a state of ferment

After years of deadly silence it’s rumbling quite heavily in the COC (The Dutch Organisation for Promotion of Homosexual Interests). One “statement” after another comes out in the open. In imitation of the department of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, the local COC of Breda wants to separate from the national COC-Federation. One of the reasons is that the national COC according to the one in the province of Brabant did not participate enough, when it comes to the recently held discussions about homosexuals, which were initiated by groups spreading Muslim fundamentalism. About some statements an organisation for promotion of interests should make a stand, chairman André van Wanrooij of the COC of Breda made clear during an interview on local radio.
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Faubourg - Boy's Portraits by Jan Mattheus de Grauw

From July 11 the photographer and artist Jan Mattheus de Grauw will exhibit at the Faubourg Gallery a series of photographs of boys and young men from different ethnic backgrounds. The portraits show their budding manliness, their toughness, timidity and vulnerability, but also their sensuality.
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