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Gay News issue 149, January 2004 (10)

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Bel Ami's Summer Diary

How far can one go in the exploitation of a success formula? You only have to see the ongoing production of Bel Ami to know the answer. Very far! Let's take a look at the video (or, as they say in the 21st century, the DVD) productions of Bel Ami. Apart from the regular releases, they produce a lot of spin-offs. In the series Personal Trainers, which shows how the celebrated Bel Ami stars pass on their erotic knowledge to newcomers in the business, counts at least seven DVDs already.
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Expo News

Golden Queers

Until February 4 it's still bronze age at the Faubourg Gallery. Their last exhibition of the year comprises a variety of bronze statues, mostly of male nudes of course, from erotic miniatures to monumental torsos. January 18 sees the opening of the exhibition Golden Queers with works by Rinaldo Hopf (1955) from Berlin. With the portraits in this series Hopf has tried to recreate the historical tree of life of every gay person.
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Bar Gaiety Closed! The End of an Era

A couple of days ago, the news reached us: Cor the owner of the worldwide known bar ‘Gaiety’ had sold the place. Together we looked back at more then 17 years of Gaiety.

The address Amstel 14 was already well known years before Gaiety opened its doors. Between 1963 until 1983 it was known as ‘Moors Eldorado’ in those days the bar had no windows, outside you would only see the name in neon lights. Inside the bar was decorated with pink imitation leather, loads of electric chandeliers with fake crystal, in Dutch we used to call these bars “bonbon-boxes” You don’t see places like that anymore.
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The HQ Basement (22)

After they had taken him to his cell, Martin fell into a deep sleep. His body was still covered with wax and cum. Lowe woke him up and took him to the shower room. Martin was feeling sore all over. He was nervous and excited in anticipation of what might happen to him. But nothing happened. Lowe gave him soap and a brush and told him to clean himself thouroughly. He stood guard unmoved during Martin's shower. Even when Martin washed himself between his legs and his cock was obviously swelling, the cop did not show any emotion. He handed Martin a towel and then gave him a pair of briefs that fitted tightly around his crotch and ass.
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Film & DVD News

Mambo Italiano

Two Italian immigrants in Canada are in terror when they find out their son Angelo turns out to be gay. They're all Italian and live in Montreal, though it could have been any big western city. During the fifties Maria and Gino immigrated to "the New World" and married after their arrival. Their son Angelo, who would like to be a writer for television, is a travel agent in his late twenties, when he decides to leave home.
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Nightwatch issues new 'Night Policy'

Warning for gay venues

The Nightwatch, the unofficial 'Night Mayors" of Amsterdam, have issued their long awaited recommendations on the ailing Amsterdam nightlife. In a recent ceremony at the Felix Meritis building they presented Mayor Job Cohen with the first copy of their booklet, symbolically at midnight.
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The Adventures of Timmy

Although many men complain about the demise of gay porn mags, are some of these magazines still going strong. Especially the ones that aim at a specific sexual appetite. I have the impression that, for example, Bound & Gagged, gets bigger and more colorful with every issue. And also Handjobs Magazine, which is dedicated to Daddy-Boy relations, seems to flourish.
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Let?s go East to Enschede

For some time now our attentive readers must have noticed the weekend special offers, advertised by ?t Bölke. So what do we get for fifty-five euros? It seems to be a very attractive offer! In our November issue one of our columnists said it attention beautifully: ?In Enschede, they have a different way of dealing and a more positive view. Cooperation is the opinion over there...?
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Erection Pills: Viagra-Weekend Test

The famous blue pill versus the new competitor Cialis; an erection pill which last whole weekend!

Manufacturer Pfizer lost its monopoly for a guaranteed hard penis. The Pharmaceutics Industry developed new drugs; we already know Uprima and Cialis. Now manufacturer Lilly seems to have invented the most sensational drug: Cialis is an erection-device which works for a period of minimal twenty-four hours; that?s why it?s called the ?Weekend-Viagra?.
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Montreal Loses Gay Games

The rights to hold the 2006 Gay Games have been stripped from host city Montreal. The dramatic decision, taken during the annual meeting of the Federation of Gay Games in Chicago in November, has thrown the future of the entire gay sporting movement into doubt.
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