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Gay News issue 146, October 2003 (9)

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The hidden pleasures of Geneva

In memories of days gone by Geneva, at the gorgeous Lac Léman (or, as we foreigners call it, the Lake of Geneva), lingers on as an impressive city, very wealthy, smart, but also a bit too tidy. A world-class city due also to the international organisations which of old have favoured the neutral politic status of the Swiss nation. But also a city that never managed to show similar grandeur in its nightlife. Too much capital has put the breaks on developing a bustling nightlife, it seems. But everything changes, even Geneva.
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The HQ Basement (19)

The commander took Martin by the neck and pushed him up against Reighly. “Kiss his prick and thank him”, he said. As Martin knelt in front of the sweating cop, he slid his face over the man’s hairy chest and stomach. He stuck out his tongue and lapped the sweat from the cop’s body. His mouth touched Reighly’s hot cock. “Thank you, Sir”, he said, hungrily licking the cum from the plump cockhead. Reighly picked up his briefs and walked away. “Tie G to the desk, face down”, the commander said.
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Twenty years of AIDS

You don’t get it from insect bites, toiletseats, travelling in overstuffed buses or trains and not from drinking from the same cup. More than twenty years have passed since the first rumours about that new, weird gay disease started spreading. What has happened since then, how are we coping and will "they" find a cure for HIV in the near future?
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Boys and their toyboys

We all know, or at least hope for something beautiful between Batman and Robin. Val Kilmer and Chris O'Donnell easily evoke such dreams, but the original Batman comics fail to inspire in like manner. In recent years the gay cartoonists drawing many of these comics aren’t as hesitant anymore to record their own erotic fantasies and a subgenre in which the heroes are clearly gay has surfaced.
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Film Review

Switching genres with a twist

The career of French filmmaker François Ozon seems to be really taking off. Not long ago Ozon made his debut with the entertaining, but still shaky Sitcom. Now with each film he's growing in style and craftsmanship. Les amants criminels, Gouttes d'eau sur pierres brûlantes, Sous Le Sable, 8 Femmes; all fascinating, all out of the ordinary, provocative and above all surprising.
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Mark Schröder about April, Soho and Exit

'Deep in my heart I’ll always rather stand behind the bar than work in the office'. In the early seventies the Reguliersdwarsstraat wasn’t more than a dark backstreet. With only one bar, a gay one: the MacDonalds. Late at night, the only people out on the street here were visitors of the MacDonalds, in those days one of the best running late night bars in the gay scene.
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Hotel Orfeo refurbished

A real Berliner you won’t find on the Ku-damm. A Parisian rarely will have lunch on the Champs Elysees. And a real Amsterdammer will rarely roam the many little streets environs the Leidseplein. But rules are for changing, so on a sultry August night I direct my steps to the Leidsekruisstraat # 14. Since 1969 you can spend the night here, in Hotel Orfeo.
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Pink Point Chit Chat

On their way to the seventh annual Hartjesdag on the Zeedijk, this group of drag queens - led by the fabulous Ms Jennifer Hopelezz - stopped by Pink Point and the Homomonument.
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Fashion Report Style '03-'04

S.A.R.S., the war in Iraq and the failing trust of consumers in the economy. The fashion industry, especially mens fashion, has also suffered a bitter blow. Sales in mens fashion have dropped sharply. There's too much emphasis on basics.The male consumer finds the offer in the shops too conservative for his trendy taste.
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