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Thursday 28 May
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  Gay News : issues published : 139

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Gay News issue 139, March 2003 (6)

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The hunt for sodomites in the name of the Lord

In 1730 the Dutch Repblic witnessed a prosecution of sodomites unknown till then in the Netherlands and unequalled in its scale and its number of victims. It all began behind the Dom Tower in Utrecht and quickly spread to most of the other provinces. Absolute low was the execution by throttling of 21 men and boys near the Groningen townlet Faan on September 24, 1731. Almost one hundred sodomites were brought to trial on charges of anal sex. Historians have often pondered the possible explanations for this excessive prosecution in a small farming townlet.
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The Barderij is baby-booming

For the last 25 years babyboomers have shown to be capable of adapting to each and every passing trend, “Disco,” “Leather,” “House,” “Party Drugs,” "Gym,” “The net.” But no matter how cool, also babyboomers love to take a stroll now and then down memory lane. Since a year and a half they can do so at the Amsterdam Zeedijk nr. 14, where café the Barderij has opened its doors for those proudly over fifty, who’re as passionate about the past as about the future. Owners Paul Carels (51) and Gerard Smitskam (55) are both originally from The Hague. Gerard moved to Florida some thirty years ago, where he started his own catering business and Paul began his catering career with Guus & Gerard of the Boko and then worked at Lola’s Place, both in The Hague, and later in Amsterdam at the Monopole, the Amstel Taveerne and with Manfred Langer in Chez Manfred and the IT.
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The body beautiful

For the Amsterdam photographer Thijs van Gils, the beauty of the human form is the essence of his work. A modest man, till recently Van Gils didn’t have the nerve to expose his work to the scrutiny of a larger audience. But now the Australian glossy Blue has changed that once and for ever. In a ten-page photospread you can now admire Van Gils’ photography in all its glory; a succesful combination of the body beautiful with emotional content.
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Massacre in South African brothel

In recent years South Africa has become a popular destination on the gay holiday map. As in many countries, where dictatorship has (recently) been abolished, crime and violence are thriving also here. Which was made only all too clear by a gruesome bloodbath on January 20 in gay brothel annex massage salon Sizzlers in Sea Point, a quarter in Cape Town infested with drugs related crime. The pos-sible reasons for this mas-sacre are still unclear.
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“I’ve always been kind of rebellious”

Though official statistics may have it Amsterdam isn’t the hot gay paradise it once was before, for many the city still works its powerful charm, not in the least because of its small-scale. Also Canadian Mike Conway thinks so, whose weak spot for this city since some time itches to go live there. Gay News had an intimate talk with this born raconteur.
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the HQ basement (12)

Reighly and Henderson took Martin's arms and marched him through the corridor. The commander followed them. Martin hobbled clumsily between the policemen, hampered by the pants around his an-kles. His shirt was scraping his burning back. He moaned in his gag and pushed his body forward. His dangling cock and balls protruded from under his shirt. Reighly opened a door and they went into a large, echo-ing room. It was the tiled room with the chains where Martin had been interrogated before.
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