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Gay News issue 138, Februari 2003 (7)

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Film Review

Spielberg Caught (with his pants down)

Catch Me If You Can tells the story of co-pilot-doctor-lawyer Frank Abagnale (Leonardo DiCaprio), who, forging cheques since the late sixties and making himself, at merely 21, a 4 million dollar fortune, gets caught by FBI agent Carl Hanratty (Tom Hanks). His preppy looks, smooth talk and sharp mind help Abagnale to pull the wool over other people’s eyes. As a runaway child from a broken home, -tax fraud dad (Christopher Walken) bankrupt and mom running off with the president of the Roraty Club-, nobody seems to think twice about this young fraudulent brat posing as a co-pilot. But back then pilots were still heroes and a uniform as cover up helps a lot.

Tom Hanks does a good job as the lonely, driven FBI agent, chasing after but unable to catch the young criminal, but a top performance it ain’t. All in all the movie is far below par. An adolescent co-pilot making it also as a doctor and lawyer...? The direction of Steven Spielberg himself doesn’t add to the soporific lack of drama, fantasy and surprise. Nice, but with Mr. Fantasy himself gracing the credits one might expect more.
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Red & Blue... the near impossible made possible

Since five years hundreds of young gays each and every week are traveling from all over Holland to Antwerp to throw themselves into the disco mania called Red&Blue. Together with the Brussels’ La Demence, both discos have fixed Belgium for ever on the European gay map. The brains behind the Antwerp success formula is the 49 year old Ludo Smits.
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David Vance outdoors

In 1970 photographer David Vance opened the doors of his Miami studio and soon found magazines like Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Harper’s Bazaar and Rolling Stone on his doorstep, followed in their wake by Revlon, Rolex, Sony, Coca-Cola, all of them regular customers by now. Like William Baldwin, Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, Greg Louganis, Chris Evert, some of the celebrities wanting to be portrayed by him. But in his spare time Vance likes to have his camera capture male beauty at play, sporting or relaxing in the great outdoors.
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Ibiza, la Isla Blanca

On Ibiza life flows effortlessly from summer into winter and the island turns out to be the ideal getaway to escape from the winter around the cold North Sea. In the off-season you can fly for a mere ¤ 223,70 to Eivissa, as it’s is called in native tongue. The price includes airport tax, the Barcelona connection is smooth and departure times are scheduled in the afternoons. Where else will you find so many plus-points all rolled in one?
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In memoriam Herb Ritts

Photographer Herb Ritts died on December 26 of the consequen-ces of pneumonia. Ritts didn’t come to this earth camera in hand, but was born in 1952 as the son of a highly succesful furniture designer and manufacturer.
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the HQ basement (11)

The red-haired policeman led Martin into a small room. Henderson was sitting behind a desk covered with papers, smoking a cigarette. The room was brightly lit. Opposite the desk was an armchair against the wall. Near the desk stood a monitor on a table on wheels. “Sit down”, Reighly said pointing to the chair facing the desk. Feeling small, Martin sat down. Henderson stared at him hard, slowly exhaling a thick cloud of smoke.
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'I’ve always been an outsider’
Hans Becker and his many careers

Last year saw the publication of Buon Natale in Antona, written by Hans Becker. On the backcover the author is described as “a colourful Amsterdam enterpreneur” and how true that is. For some twenty years Becker was running the indoors antique market De Looier and later was at the helm of the bridge club of the same name.
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