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Gay News issue 116, April 2001 (8)

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A Question Of Style

Plié, jeté, passé, pirouette, French has long since been the international language of dance and Marc Forno is fluent in them both. Fabulous, flamboyant and French to the core, Marc (or Frenchy as his friends and colleagues call him) has enjoyed a long and varied career as a dancer and is now a much sought after choreographer based in Amsterdam where he lives with his long term partner Mark.
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Sous le Sable completely convincing

The young and talented French director François Ozon has been doing a lot of filming lately. Sitcom showed him as a lover of the surreal, Les Amants Criminels brought a bizarre, cruel, Freudian fairy tale to the screen, and Gouttes d'Eau sur Pierres Brûlantes brought Rainer Werner Fassbinder back to life.
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Rosenstolz flirts with Dutch gay scene

So finally for Holland too the time has come to get to know Rosenstolz. AnNa R. and Peter Plate, a duo, having reached the pinnacle of German fame after ten years of hard work, are now too big and too good to stay within German borders only. And where do they want to go to first? Like all of us. To Holland and Amsterdam, of course, silly. Not just a high-handed caprice though. Besides their "regular" fame, Rosenstolz has made it to cult status in the German gay scene. And since Holland is known for its cheese, tulips, drugs and, above all, gays, AnNa and Peter would like nothing better than pay a visit to their western neighbours. Reason enough for Gay News to start scratching Rosenstolz' surface.
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Together - an all out treat

The longing, joy and sorrow of love was the central theme of the film Fucking Åmål by director Lukas Moodysson. Dare to be different, seemed to be his message in this story of a fourteen year old girl, falling in love with another girl in her class. Also in Moodysson's latest movie, Together, homosexuality plays a leading role, even if that role is only a supporting one.Together is an all out treat.
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Iglo-gays in German tv ads

Lately Holger and Max are the stars in German tv ads. Iglo, manufacturer of instant food, had the guts to develop a campaign in which two gay men got leading roles. Now there are four different tv spots, and the coming months new ones will be added to them.
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Pink Point returns

Pink Point, which claims the title of the world's first gay and lesbian information kiosk, has returned for a six-month season to its spot next to the Homomonument on the Westermarkt.
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Ricky Martin on an Amsterdam quicky

Radio 538 proudly pronounced it: Ricky Martin will come to Amsterdam for an autograph session. Which in common parlance means the guy will hand out his signature to his fans. On a dreary, empty square between the Pathé cinema and the Media Market near the Amsterdam Arena, a (small) platform has been constructed. Over dozens of meters barriers have been put up, to control the expected hordes of fans. Everywhere cops in groups and tough security men in smart grey suits are walking around.
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Satin and satinism

Satin isn't a special material but the result of a weaving method creating its smooth and shiny surface. Satin can be made from cotton, silk, wool, viscose. It must be an old weaving method, since paintings by Vermeer for instance show women wearing the most beautiful satin dresses. De Sade describes how exciting boys dressed in satin clothes look. For a long time satin was worn mainly by women who wanted to make themselves beautiful. When boys wore satin it would bring out their feminine side, which so delighted De Sade.
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