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Gay News issue 114, February 2001 (8)

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Amsterdam Fetish Fantasy Weekend

The reputation of Amsterdam as a city with a colourful, rich, free and stimulating gay life has proven to be inviolable since decades. In its entirety Amsterdam holds great attraction for gay tourists, while it`s of lesser renown for large events which specifically address the gay scene. Contrary to other European cities, Amsterdam offers fewer large, glamorous parties. Sure, there is the Gay Pride weekend in August, boasting the world`s one and only Canal Parade, and the by now famous White Party. Also, in November, there is Leather Pride, an event spanning a weekend, with an established international appeal. But next to these two weekends, fixed on the annual calendar, and besides a larger party now and then, Amsterdam can pride itself on no other events of international distinction.
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Drôle de Félix, a perfect balance of substance and entertainment

Everywhere where Drôle de Félix, by directors-couple Olivier Ducastel en Jacques Martineau (also in private a couple), is shown, audiences as well as press respond with sheer enthusiasm to the scintillating and entertaining movie. Yet the film isn`t mere amusement. Ducastel and Martineau really have something to say, but have woven this almost imperceptibly into the movie as a whole.
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Billy Elliot, to never, but really never forget anymore

Poignant, humorous, heartwarming and hope ful. Four words to which numerous superlatives could be added, in an attempt to describe the compelling movie Billy Elliot. The film has everything to become a major classic in film history, certainly in the gay scene. Though the movie has a `pink` touch, as a whole it certainly couldn`t be labelled `gay`.
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The vulnerability of the human body

Francis Bacon (1909-1992), one of the giants of modern art,will be honoured in Holland for the first time with a retrospective. In the Haags Gemeentemuseum in, you guessed right, The Hague, you can see all the important works by the painter, whose main source of inspiration was the vulnerability of the (human) body, especially since 1945 (how come, one wonders!?). Up till then Bacon got little to no recognition - critics unanimously wrote down his work, while Bacon himself did little to help matters by destroying most of it. But in 1944 he caught some eyes with a triptych and from then on his career spread giant wings. Bacon became one of the most successful postwar artists.
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For a long time sadism amongst men wasn`t really considered a perversion, since men were expected to belittle their partners and mistreat them. Sadism was, as it were, the natural expression of masculinity. Masochism in men and sadism in women was what needed explanation, according to the shrinks. Only when such behaviour was the main aim of sex and not copulation, would there be a question of perversion.
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Like each and every Spaniard prides himself on his own home town most, also Los Valencianos" claim Valencia has it all. Sea, beaches, mountains and lots of sunshine. And with over 300 sunny days a year they might have something there. Valencia, after Madrid and Barcelona the third major city in Spain, stands mainly for Mediterranean oranges, saffran yellow rice and and easy way of living. Over 800.000 citizens inhabit a city which combines historical splendour with modernity, and where people manage to find reasons time and again for extravagant parties. Valencia is authentic, warm and characteristic.
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Our work? We literally take it to bed with us

Twice already Drôle de Félix played as gay preview in an Amsterdam cinema and the movie was also part of a French film festival taking place in for instance Amsterdam and Groningen. On the occasion of this Gallophile film treat, Gay News had a talk with Olivier Ducastel, one of the movies` directors. His co-director and life partner Jacques Martineau, with whom he usually gives inteviews together, has been cruelly snatched from his side for a promotional visit to South America. From an abundant waterfall of French sentences on high-speed rail link velocity, we were able to catch the following.
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An Aussie in Amsterdam

Richard Keldoulis may come from Sydney, Australia, but it`s Amsterdam that he has called home for over a decade. Through his company Bazaar Productions, Keldoulis is an active force in Amsterdam`s gay scene and is responsible for, among other things, the new gay information kiosk Pink Point at the homo monument. Good natured and laid back, he possesses a charming Aussie accent, a quick laugh and a boyish smile. I caught up with him for a chat last December just before he left to spend the holidays in Australia
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