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Gay News issue 109, 09 2000 (4)

In the New Issue of Gay News 332 April 2019

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The end of a long period of government discrimination

How gloriously did the Amsterdam Pride boats sail Amsterdam`s winding canals. Nothing could harm them, not from without, nor from within. But looks may fool. There were more boats then ever, but to whom they belonged often remained shrouded in mystery. More people on those boats as well, often having more eye for themselves than for their audience. More people came to gawk but there was less nudity to gawk at.
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German performers and artists on the run from Nazi regime

"Despite all the poverty and misery in the wake of WWI, the Twenties were a flowering period for the German arts in general. Berlin in those days became the unequaled Mecca of the avant-garde. Artists could profit freely from the opportunities offered to them, being freed from the restrictive shackles of the conventions of the prudish, uptight Empire. This inspired renovations in literature, the visual arts and drama." Thus reads the introduction to Film and art in captivity (1933-1945)" by visual artist Adrian Stahlecker.
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Police sex

Weird maybe, but cops leave me cold. Soldiers and slaves, football-players and fighters, yes, they tickle my fantasy. But cops, no tickling there. And yet it`s a small step from soldier to cop. Even tentatively putting out my feelers to a cross-breed like the military police I don`t turn a hair. American cops, English bobbies, Dutch ME`s, French mounted police, Belgian Government Police, Spanish Guarda Civil, they all do nothing for me. Latin America death squads I find repugnant.
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Style ‘00-`01

According to Mivccia Prada only the classy, sophisticated look could take over the sceptre after minimalism`s extended reign. So forget `basic, casual or sportswear`. A man now is dolled-up and struts rich, well-groomed allurement. Nothing wrong with luxury no more. Passé a couple of seasons ago to flash logos or sport designer`s wear, it`s cool once again to show the world you can afford them.
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