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Monday 16 Jul
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Hair-growth-remedy conquers Europe

by Jasper van Capelle in Health & Body , 22 september 2004

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

A full tuft of hair thanks to Propecia your whole life

Ever lasting youth you get from the pharmacy! The modern man can look back with laughter on the frustrating infirmity of old age from the last century: decreasing potency and a bald(ing) head! Both infirmities belong to the past thanks to new drugs. The blue pill (Viagra) will help if required almost every aging man to produce a rock hard erection. For the unlucky twenty percent who seem to be resistant to Viagra there is a chance of ninety-five percent that the new erection pill Levitra is effective, so no potency worries for the maturing man. And for a full tuft of hair you swallow Propecia.

One of the biggest frustrations which affect more than half of the male population is baldness. With twenty-two percent of the males, hair loss starts around the age of twenty.

Alopecia Androgenitica is the fancy scientific term for the mostly genetically given hair loss of which there was no remedy until recently. Since 2003 there’s Propecia on the Dutch market, a remedy that doesn’t only stops hair loss but also takes care for new hair growth! In 1997 already this device had been scientifically acknowledged as a remedy for hair growth on the American market (by the FDA) and the Dutch Board of Judgment for Medicine have finally been convinced six years later. But better late than never!

Another remedy that you can get without prescription and which also turns out to be successful is Minoxidil-lotion. The most rigorous is hair transplantation (nowadays mostly by laser) which means you’ll have an “operation”.

For some years now Propecia exists and it’s a prescription only medicine. There has been detailed scientific research among 1600 men in the age of eighteen to forty-five. The effective ingredient is one milligram Finasteride. Propecia stops hair loss with eighty-three percent of men. And even more pleasant: sixty-six percent gets new hair. There are hardly any side effects. One disadvantage is that it’s a prescription only medicine, so you need to visit your general practitioner, who might not know the drug.

Visit (only in Dutch, so ask a native speaker for help) and print the information, in case your GP doesn’t know about it yet. Another disadvantage is that it takes three months before you can expect any results; after half a year you’ll hear: ”You’re looking good”; and after a year your neighbour might ask: “What have you done with your hair?” The earlier you start (even used as prevention) the more hair will remain.

Regaine is a lotion containing two percent Minoxidil which is available in the Netherlands without prescription under the name Regaine. Two times a day you rub in the lotion on your tonsure, also the only spot where you can expect effects. This remedy is effective with thirty-three of males. A stronger variation with five percent increases the effect with forty-five percent, but this is only available without prescription (as far as I know) in the USA, under the name Regaine Extra Strength.

Hair transplantation: with this option they transplant hair from the back and the side of your head, because this hair is insensible to hair loss of the male type. There are many clinics and which one is best, I don’t dare to say. The treatment is expensive. Famous Dutch men like Dick Advocaat, Gerard Joling and Raymond van Barneveld all appear in advertisements for a certain clinic, which offers them free treatment in exchange.

The site (also only in Dutch) is probably more objective and for sure a recommendation!



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