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Monday 06 Jul
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QBoy - Out, Proud and Very Loud

by Rick van der Heijden in Music & CD's , 08 September 2004

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length: 4 minuten

The twenty-five-year-old Marcos Brito Mesa alias Qboy, descended from Basildon, Exeter, explored his preference for boys at a rather young age; according to himself he had his first sexual experience when he was eleven-years-old. The exploration of his predilection for rap and hip-hop, for gays a rather unusual style of music was kept waiting for another few years.

Until 1990 there were only and exclusively posters of the British pop group Five Star hanging above his bed and if this was because of the pretty boys was and remains left undecided. Just later on his he had his first experience with rap and hip-hop. Since two years he himself stands rapping on stage. However he doesn’t hide his homosexuality - a faggot he calls himself, "because that's what I am and I'm happy to be a fag."

His musical preference is often not understood in the gay secene. "I like Hip Hop. I like the agressive nature of some raps. I'm a very vocal person, got a big mouth and a lot so say about nothing. I can't sing to save my life - lungs of Whitney Houston, but not the voice. So rap was for me the best way to be vocally expressive: It's a fact that boys think twice / before they let me fuck 'em / They see my size, change their minds, chicken out and so I suck 'em / Coz I will rule every man and his groin / in the whole world / Better than any bitch, female, woman, lady or girl."

This size fetishism might look like macho bragging, but whoever is posing next to a Mini Cooper, easily stands out in a positive way.
"I'm a very shy person, but I have a shell around me when I'm in front of a crowd. Gay boys tend to be scared of me. I'm loud, up-front, honest. Gay boys tend to be rap-phobic. Some are intrigued, but still must be intimidated. Just because I like a penis in my mouth, I should like a certain type of music. Listen, just because I'm attracted to men doesn't mean I want Kylie to control my life. What bothers me is not the homophobia in the hip hop world but rap-phobia in the gay community, because that's the community I live in."

Asked whether during a encounter with Eminem in a dark alley he would rather fuck or fight him, he answers with a self-confident grin he should probably offer him a blow-job.
Qboy doesn’t consider Eminem to be the school model of a right-minded heterosexual: "He looks very camp. He has bright blond hair, he wears very loud, funky, outrageous clothing. He's even playing with the terminology that he's actually in the closet. In one song he's being given a blow job by his gay alter-ego and his character is saying 'Eminem, I love you Eminem and he's replying 'don't use my real name'."

"I rap about sex a lot, because I talk about sex a lot. I am quite in your face and i like to shock. An example would be: I wet it / taste me now & later we'll be sweatin' / I reackon you feel threatened by white fag hard spittin' so listen / here's a little secret so keep it / they call me the fly coz I eat a lot of sweet shit my meat - it taste like candy when i'm randy / diabetic boys coma-sleeping like Mister Sandy / all the boys try their luck at groping me totally & when i'm pilled up I let them cum all over me / I'm cummin & going like the sex this rap is over / just remember I'm white like the cliffs of Dover, Spanish as the hot sun / Essex like Basildon / homo like Mardi Gras / Hip-hop like 'la di da' or 'Bruck up!' / I butt fuck uncut young bucks / Suck up rock cock / Bottom or top - I lap up the cum shot / Rass jock, hot spot / What what? / Now you shocked coz I dirty drop? / Tick tock - my time is clocked."

In day-to-day life sex is a bit disappointing, however: "I have a problem with boys at the moment. They always find me very attractive, I'm not going to pretend that they don't. I don't have a problem talking to people, flirting. I am fantastic at that, flirting's my favourite hobby. They like that but they also find it a bit scary. I am looking for someone with the same confidence, but nobody has managed to do that in my age group. The only guys that have the confidence to go after what they want are older and that's not the age group I'm after. So I am at a difficult age where the boys I fance haven't got the guts to fancy me. Maybe when I'm 35 I'll find someone I like."


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