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Tuesday 24 Apr
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Holiday Traveltip - Voice-mail more expensive than your air journey!

by Jasper van Capelle in Travel and weekendtrips , 18 juni 2004

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

KPN (the Dutch phone company) has wrecked many shareholders financially. The so-called customer friendly company KPN unfortunately has found out more ways to earn dirty cash: by the ignorant holidaymaker. We're not sure how foreign companies work, but the following might also apply to them and therefore we've translated this look at the world of telephone capitalism.

The holidaymaker with voice-mail is not spared or warned for the sky-high costs you might have for using your voice-mail abroad by this phone company. Receiving phone calls or checking your voice mail abroad is expensive, we all know that.

What most people don’t know is: when after arriving home again, you forget to put on your phone, all voice-mail messages are still being send towards your holiday destination. All this at the high international rates.

For example: you’ve just returned from the Maldives and don’t want to be disturbed by phone calls immediately; so you decide to leave your phone (using KPN Hi PrePaid) off for a week. All your incoming phone calls this week are still being send to you at the Maldives, for a rate of 7.24 euros a minute; even while you are here! So listening to a voice-mail message from a friend who’s long-winded and who’s talking for ten minutes, will cost you more than seventy euros!

Hopefully you don’t have long-winded call-friends, an angry ex, a phone addicted mum or a passionate admirer who likes to leave messages on your voice-mail a couple of times a day!

In no time you’re better of by throwing away your Hi PrePaid instead of listening to your messages.

If you would have a contract, than you’re for it: the phone bill might be more expensive than your air journey!

So here you have two tips:

- Turn off your voice-mail when you’re leaving the country
- If you do want to use your voice-male abroad, make sure your long-winded friends don’t have your cellphone number.



In the New Issue of Gay News, 321, May 2018

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