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Monday 16 Jul
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Gays in Macho Occupations

by Jasper van Capelle in Lifestyle & Fashion , 08 april 2004

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

Aloys, Miele Salesman: “Braces of a bra are causing the most faults!”

Not all gays are occupied as hair dresser, nurse, flight attendant or model. Also in the typical men’s world you’ll meet gays, who will tell their story in this new column.

Aloys Spijkerman is a young, big, strong Frisian of 6 feet 3 inches; he’s the only one in this world who’s exclusively merchandising in Miele’s second-hand washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers. Miele stands for quality but also for weight.

A Miele washing machine will easily weigh around sixteen stone; so selling and delivering one of these products requires a lot of muscle power.

His boy friend, who he has been with for already eighteen years, works day and night for the Road Service; the ideal couple for this column.

How did you start your business?

“In 1999 I was working for three years already as a mechanic for a big company which was planning an enormous shake-up. Proud as I am I decided not to maintain and risking to get the sack; therefore I made plans to start my own business."
As a young boy he was already in love with the brand Miele: "At home with my mom and nine kids, one and the same washing machine was spinning during my childhood.
In my job as a mechanic I became even more convinced of this brand’s quality.

On 1 May 2000 I quitted my job and decided to start a second-hand shop in of Miele machines. A washing machine by Miele maybe weighs sixteen stone; but it has a lifetime of twenty-five years.

So I only need to come by ones in every twenty-five years,” Aloys tells us with a sexy MacLean’s smile.

If there is a problem with one of his machines, he guarantees somebody to come over within forty-eight hours, a unique service especially for second-hand goods.

It seems you’ve discovered a gap in the market

“I don’t have any competition; I’m the only one who’s selling second-hand goods of Miele, besides that I offer a one year warranty and the possibility to buy two years extra. I can offer this because I check every machine over and over. The tumble dryers are completely dismantled and cleaned totally inside. Standard procedure is to replace all the rubbers and the thermostat. The washing machines are delivered with new carbon brushes and new shock absorbers. All machines have been tested seven times before they go for sale. This warranty I can easily offer, because most of my clients never have any faults.”

You’re selling your machines for a price starting at two hundred and sixty euro, although a brand new machine of an obscure make will cost around four hundred euro.

“Our machines do not compare with those of an obscure make. A second-hand Porsche will also be more expensive than a brand new Suzuki. Miele stands for quality and reliability. For a new Miele you will pay over a thousand euro, most of the Dutch people know this. There is no other make, which spins and washes as clean like Miele does, and all this for twenty five years! I always have to laugh when I look at commercials for washing powder. One brand is supposed to wash cleaner than the other brand does. It makes me think: Just buy yourself a Miele, it’s like using expensive oil for a rotten engine!”

Are you a good salesman?

“The shop is located in the area called Amsterdam-Oost, where there are more coloured people living; however most of my customers are indigenous people. Originally I’m a mechanic and not a smart salesman. My products are good and reasonably priced, and I guarantee this for a hundred percent. Most coloured people like to beat down the price. My Frisian origin doesn’t support this; I seem to come across as rather surly towards strangers.”

Who exactly are your customers?

“Most customers I get by publicity which is spread from one to another. Among my satisfied costumers there are some well-known Dutch people, most of them are actors in soap operas.

In a luxurious apartment and with the stars one expects a machine of Miele in the kitchen.

Because of the long expectations of life, one doesn’t know the machine has been bought second-hand.” (Aloys wont mention any names, but he let us know: having a Miele means status).

Even brokers, who are renting out apartments for expensive rates to business people and tourists, are his customers.

That’s why a speedy service is so important: a business man, for instance, who pays his broker a couple of thousands rates for his apartment, wants to be helped right away.

Do your clients know you’re gay?

“Nobody ever asks me! I think I don’t come across as ‘gay’ because of my length of 6 feet and 3 inches and my kind of muscular body. My boyfriend is working for the Road Service, so I’m not exactly living the glamorous gay way of life. Most evenings, when I need to come by at customers’ places because of a fault, mostly women are trying to make advances towards me. Sometimes I’ve the feeling: women are deliberately trying to sabotage their machine, so a man will come by.”

What are the most common faults?

“Braces of a bra are causing the most faults! A funny anecdote: One of my straight colleagues reported a machine with a rattling noise, during the spin process. As a professional mechanic, you’ll know right away, you’re dealing with a brace of a bra.
My oversexed colleague also assured me: by the sound of the noise this had to be a big brace so he was sure we were dealing with a big momma for a customer. He asked me to let him know if he was right. However, I arrive at the place, the lady of the house opens the door with a flat front, not even an A cup would have fitted her bosoms.

It made me doubting the conclusion, but after spinning the barrel, I clearly could hear the sound of a brace. After reporting this to the woman, she said ‘No way, I don’t wear them.’ As if she was talking to a blind man! So I open the back of the machine and with my pair of tongs I’m releasing a brace of a bra. She looks at me in a very puzzled way. So as a joke I’m asking her: ‘Maybe your husbands?’ ‘Shit! Karel has been washing his bra’, is her answer. Karel is her husband, who likes to go out in drag during the weekends.”

Have you ever been in exciting situations with male customers?

“One Monday morning around 8.00 a.m., I’m, calling at the door of my first customer at one of the canals. After ringing the bell three more times and waiting for five teen minutes, finally the door is opened. ‘Shit I overslept,’ says this big hunk of around 32 years old, with a handsome face and only dressed in a short bathrobe. ‘I overslept, the washing machine is in the bathroom, and I will have a shower anyway, because you’re not my wife’s hairdresser. Just men among each other, no problem I presume.’ While I’m thinking: ‘Don’t drop your soap,’ but I wasn’t showing anything at all. Fortunately the cause of the fault was easily to be found, because I couldn’t really concentrate at the job, what a body! I had a cup of coffee with him; he told me he was a rugby player and a construction worker. Later on I thought: if only he would know.”

Aloys Witgoed is located at Steve Bikoplein 10 in Amsterdam; you can come by every day except for Wednesdays. Telephone: 020-4000016. Have a look at the sight:

For this column we are looking for more gays in so called macho occupations like; kick boxers, doormen, bodyguards or construction workers. You can contact us by email at or by calling us. Telephone: 020-6791556.



In the New Issue of Gay News, 323, July 2018

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