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Sunday 24 May
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Student Life: A.S.V.Gay’s Tenth Anniversary is Approaching...

by ASV Gay in Columns & Opinions , 06 February 2020

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Last few months, there were plenty of opportunities to celebrate the holidays at A.S.V.Gay. Christmas parties, dinners, drinks, you name it. We are now completely ready for and are working on the preparations for our anniversary, which is slowly approaching...

Julia, Floris and Matthias January has flown by, and we are well into the new “naughty twenties.” I can’t believe how quickly time passes by. We started the year with one of the best activities, our first trip of the year! With around forty people we visited Brussels to look for Belgian speciality beers and the best gay bars.
It wasn’t just a trip. No, this year’s theme was Studio 100. In all the colors of the rainbow we were searching the streets looking for Samson and Gert of the popular children’s TV series. The search continued until the wee hours of the morning, ending up in the nicest bars. However, we did not have much recovery time from this trip, as there were plenty of things planned.
Last month, we organized activities for all kinds of members. We started the month with a reunion drink, with former members meeting again and getting reacquainted. Later in the month we saw the first activity organized by the Fresher’s Committee, where new members got to know each other.
We intensified our work on something that every member of A.S.V.Gay knows: our anthem. Our song is “Y.M.C.A.” by The Village People, sung with lyrics that were rewritten by us. This song was created six years ago, and we are still singing it out loud at every drink and occasion. At some point in time, however, some terms and wording incorporated in this song have become obsolete. Two months ago, we made some small changes to the song in collaboration with our board in order to make it a bit more modern.

For example, we are no longer singing about hockey, but about our introduction period, and no longer about Brenda but about Janey (a party aimed at women). After changing the song a little we thought it was time to re-record it. We brought together our most musically gifted members to try to record the song from scratch. We had members playing the bass guitar, horns, piano, and various other instruments. The result of the recording session is not available yet, but it was a great experience to be able to record the song together!

The members were kept busy at the beginning of this year, but we as the board, as well as the committees, have certainly not been idle. Our anniversary is rapidly approaching, and on February 12 we will kick off these ten days of festivities with a drink. At 00:00 it is exactly ten days before we turn ten. We have planned activities to celebrate the existence of A.S.V.Gay. There will be something for everyone: for example, we will go fishing for plastic with Plastic Whale, drink one hundred sips of beer in one hundred minutes at a Centurion, receive same-sex dance lessons and end this festive period with a spectacular Gala. The drink to kick off this party is an open activity, so come and join us at the Amstel 54!

We can’t wait. You can now join A.S.V.Gay to celebrate our tenth anniversary with us. Ten years of A.S.V.Gay, ten party days. Hope to see you there! From Feb. 12 at Amstel 54.

  Julia Zegeling is controller of the 10th board of the student association A.S.V.Gay. See voor meer informatie.




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