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Wednesday 26 Sep
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Gay Krant’s Wonder Pill for a horsedick

by Jasper van Capelle in Health & Body , 25 februari 2004

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

In our last issue we published an article about erection pills and we also tested the different remedies. During the production process of this issue we discovered the Gay Krant published a real erection special edition. Editor-in-chief Henk Krol apologises in this issue for the inaccurate coverage around a naughty priest he had published in an earlier issue. He had to rectify by order of the judge.

He promises amendment: “For the first time in twenty-four years I had to put an amended notice in my paper,” bla bla bla, he has learned a lot, so we’re expecting an utterly honest issue now. Subsequently the Gay Krant publishes a sensational item around Libidfit: a fantastic Chinese herbal pill as an alternative for Viagra.

Libidfit is available, without a prescription, on the Gay Krant’s website. Curious as we are, because we’ve never heard of this remedy before, we started a search option at Google on the web. All together four results were found containing Libidfit. Three however are to the site of the Gay Krant’s shop; and one to the manufacturer in Terneuzen. Disappointed we open the link of the manufacturer (this one has a full page advertisement in the Gay Krant) and we find ten kinds of vaguely active elements.

When we’re using the elements as a search option, we end up, nine times out of ten, at links of veterinarians ( Smooth-Locomotion (consisting of three of the ten elements) for example is a remedy for horses with back problems, guaranteeing gold at the Olympics! Three other elements we find in an aid for animals called Gynaecologist Aid, which takes two days before it becomes effective.

This remedy, to be prescribed by a homeopathic veterinarian, stimulates fertility and is also good for nicer feathers and fur. At this animal shaman we find three other elements (two are meant for flatulence and one for coughing dogs or rodents). Most of the ingredients you can order by kilograms.

The only element we can’t use for our horse or rabbit is having our attention. It’s called Radix Polygonum Multiflorum. After some searches with hardly any results, we’ve discovered this has a Chinese name: Fo-Ti. Fo-Ti is known in China as an aid against insomnia and excessive sweating and it also has a soothing influence.

Humans are animals, so some effects of the Gay Krant’s combination can be expected. We’re still testing on animals; pigs and monkeys are scientifically proved closest to humans. Comparing a horse’s dick with an erection is tempting; there might be a placebo effect among the test panel of our colleague’s magazine.

We didn’t try Libidfit, so we don’t know whether it’s effective or not; we’ve decided to wait for human test results on the web.



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