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Tuesday 21 Aug
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Let?s go East to Enschede

by Gerard Norg in Travel and weekendtrips , 29 januari 2004

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

For some time now our attentive readers must have noticed the weekend special offers, advertised by ?t Bölke. So what do we get for fifty-five euros? It seems to be a very attractive offer! In our November issue one of our columnists said it attention beautifully: ?In Enschede, they have a different way of dealing and a more positive view. Cooperation is the opinion over there...?

Especially for our readers we decided to check it out.
In two hours time the train took us from Amsterdam to the heart of the centre of Enschede. Within a five-minute walk from the station you?ll find the Rodenbach hotel. This historical building locates an authentic a la carte restaurant at the ground floor. The hotel consists of seven single rooms, sixteen double rooms and three penthouse apartments. Lately all rooms have been renovated, and they are spacious in every way. The size of our room could easily locate two small apartments in Amsterdam.

Back to down town Enschede: here renovation caused inevitability unattractive new construction. The Oude Markt is the heart of the centre. It seems like time stood still. Weather-beaten houses and bars with atmosphere shape an elegant scenery. It takes a few minutes? walk to sauna ?t Bölke. The place is royal and spacious and has a friendly atmosphere. Like everywhere, the audience is divers.
The menu offers a tempting variety of soups, salads, meat and fish dishes for reasonable prices. So why should you dress up for dinner? ?t Bölke is a nice place to stay.

The weekend special offers a continuo entrance for the sauna, so our goodbye was only temporarily. It took us fifty steps towards the discotheque and bar. Here you?ll find the same pleasant atmosphere. The audience is younger, the music is loud, like it?s supposed to be. The temperature is comfortable. In the bar they play nostalgic music. The beats in the disco are more up to date. Here as well they?ll solve your appetite: my granny might have been a meatball specialist, tough here at ?t Bölke they are the best. The spicy peanut butter sauce flushes the beer away... or was it the other way around?

You can?t compare the audience with a zoo, it?s more a well-formed fruit bowl consisting of a variety of tasty juicy fruits. Tastefully and healthy. It has been a long time for me to see this amount of trustful young happiness.
Tired but satisfied we walked back to our hotel at the completely quiet Parkweg. A wonderful bed and a pleasant companion, made me feel like being away for days already.

Church bells in the distance and an excellent breakfast are the starts of my Sunday morning. The tv in the breakfast room shows the news of CNN, I feel like I?m in the Big Apple, but it is just a two-hour train-fair away from Amsterdam.
Once this hotel accommodated international chess tournaments... it also used to be the most popular club in Enschede. The glass dance-floor in the breakfast room is the silence whiteness.
Hotel Rodenbach is a living monument.

During the early Sunday afternoon we wander the streets of Enschede, regional comfort and globally sociable seem to walk here hand in hand.
The neat sauna is busier on a Sunday afternoon. The eastern and northern part of Holland are strongly represented. The German accent sounds like exciting music to our ears. I have an encounter with a mix of James Bond and James Dean which is the cream on my hormonal cake. Most visitors are couples, and singles are a minority.

I have one more of those fantastic meatballs, the perfect end of our wonderful weekend.
Treat your friend or neighbour! Ask your colleague! Take the lead and coddle yourself! Prices in Enschede are much lower.
My aching muscles were sweet reminders of a wonderful weekend.

At the end of December ?t Bölke is organising some spectacular Christmas parties. New years eve will be celebrated with a smashing Sylvester party.

Last but not least will be the traditional Happy New Year party, January 1.

Bookings for the special weekend offers can only be done by Hotel Rodenbach, Parkweg 37, 7513 AR Enschede. Telephone: (053) 4800200, fax: (053) 4800299



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