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Wednesday 26 Sep
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The HQ-Basement (21)

by Bent Hansen in Films & Books , 20 januari 2004

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

"Okay boy, come here." The commander was standing near the desk. Martin walked to the big, hairy man. The commander's muscles, covered with dark blond hair, were glistening in the light. Martin lowered his eyes and glanced at his huge balls and half hard cock. The man radiated power. Martin put his hands on his back and inhaled deep the commander's manly smell. He bowed his knees to kneel. "No, stand", the man said. He lifted his arm, exposing his sweaty armpit. "Lick."

Martin pressed his face into the man's pit. He wanted to drown in the commander's strong smell. He licked eagerly and sucked at the wiry hair. His breathing deepened and his cock was growing rapidly. "That's a good boy", the commander grunted. He took Martin's head and moved it to the other side.

Martin attacked the other armpit vigourously. He ground his face in the hairy pit, moaning low as he licked in large strokes. Then the commander pushed his head down over his chest, rubbing his nose through the bristly chest hair. "Suck my tit", he said. Martin closed his lips around the nipple. He felt the knob harden in his mouth. The commander groaned. From the corner of his eye, Martin saw the man grab his huge cock and stroke it. His own cock was straining up hard, but he kept his hands clasped at his back.

Then the commander lifted his head by the chin. He brought their faces together and looked him straight in the eye. With little laps, he started licking Martin's lips. Martin panted through his open mouth. His cock bobbed against the commander's hairy balls. The man covered Martin's mouth with his. A wave of excitement went through Martin when he felt the commander's tongue invade his mouth. He sucked hard at it. The man pressed his hairy body against him and grabbed his buttocks. He ground his hard cock over Martin's stomach. Martin moaned and moved his prick between the man's hairy thighs.

Still probing Martin's mouth with his tongue, the commander made him sit on the desk. Then he withdrew his tongue. "Lay down lengthwise", he said. Martin stretched out on the desk. He panted hard; he wanted the big man to take possession of him totally. The commander tied his ankles to the desk. He walked around and, standing by Martin's head, started tying his left elbow to the desk. The man's fat cock hovered above Martin's head. Martin strained his neck and stuck out his tongue as far as he could in an effort to lick the commander's dick. He moaned and his own cock bobbed wildly above his stomach.

The commander roughly tied down Martin's arm to the desk. He grabbed his cock and pointed it at Martin's mouth. "Yearning for your commander's cock, aren't you?" he growled. "Please Sir", Martin panted. The commander pulled back his foreskin. "Just the head", he said, "Take it in your mouth and lick." Martin bent backwards as far as he could, his mouth was wide open. He was howling low in a his need to have the man's cock in his mouth. His own rockhard cock leaked pre-cum on his stomach. Slowly, the commander leaned forward, careful to feed Martin only the tip of his cock.

Martin closed his lips around the commander's bulbous cockhead that was slippery with pre-cum. Feverishly, he ran his tongue around it. He probed the commander's piss slit with his tongue and sucked hard. The commander grunted low. The cockhead swelled even more and spewed out a large gob of pre-cum. Martin swallowed hungrily. He savoured the strong taste of the man. He sucked at the cock as if his life depended on it. His own dick was swollen to it's maximum. Suddenly the commander stepped back, pulling his cock from Martin's mouth with a loud plop. "That's a good boy", the man said.

The door opened and Reighly and Lowe entered. "The finale, men. Take off your pants", the commander said as he stepped back. Martin looked in the mirror over his head. There he lay, stretched out on the desk. His ankles and elbows were tied to the corners. His muscles were straining under his smooth skin. His nipples stood out hard. His cock was swollen enormously and was straining over his tight stomach. Lowe and Reighly came close to the desk and looked down on him. Their strong, hairy bodies contrasted with his smoothness. Only their shaven crotches showed that they were subordinate to the commander.

The commander turned out all the lights except one. He came to the desk with a burning candle in his hand. "Lowe, sit on his face", he said. The cop climbed on the desk and put his knees on either side of Martin. He lowered his hairy asscheeks on Martin's face. Martin felt the hair prickle his nose. He smelled Lowe's manly odour. The commander took Martin's cock and stroked it. "Lick." Martin grunted and stuck out his tongue. He licked the flesh between Lowe's legs. It had a strong salty taste. The commander squeezed his dick. "Lick his asshole." The pressure of the commander's fist on his cock made Martin wild. He flicked his tongue into Lowe's asshole. The man snorted and pressed his ass down on Martin's face.

Suddenly, a drop of hot wax fell on Martin's stomach. The burning pain made him scream. He jerked wildly at the ropes that cut into his arms and ankles.

"Go on licking", the commander said, rubbing his thumb over Martin's cockhead. Martin moaned and put his tongue out again.

Another drop of hot wax burned into his skin. Groaning loud, he pushed his tongue into Lowe's asshole. The commander started dripping wax all over his body. With every drop, Martin jerked and groaned.

The pain was excruciating, but the commander's hand on his prick made the suffering pleasurable. His body was there for the commander to toy with. He licked eagerly and felt the flesh between Lowe's legs grow hard against his lips.

Then the wax hit his nipples. "Ah! Yes Sir!" Martin shouted. His cock throbbed vehemently in the commander's hand. He pressed his face deep into Lowe's asscrack. The commander let go of Martin's cock. "Reighly, take Lowe's place", he said. Lowe climbed off the desk. The policeman's prick was hard, it swayed in front of his body. Martin breathed wildly. He looked up at his reflection. His stomach and chest were covered with wax. His rock hard cock was bobbing wildly over the crusts on his underbelly.

Reighly covered his face, resting his enourmous balls against Martin's chin. Martin licked the cop's hairy asscrack. Then the wax fell on his balls. "Oh! Please!!" he screamed. His balls felt as if they were on fire. He licked frantically, darting his tongue in and out of Reighly's asshole. The bitter taste, the pain in his balls, his helplessness, it all excited him so much. His cock jerked violently, while the drops of wax kept burning into his balls. Slowly the commander moved the stream of wax upwards over his hard prick. "Yes! Yes! Oh, Yes!" Martin gasped, driving his tongue deep into the cop's asshole. The cutting pain in his cock drove him wild. Reighly was riding his face hard.

Then the stream of wax stopped just below Martin's cockhead. Martin moaned and bucked his hips wildly. "Reighly, get down", the commander said. The cop climbed down. His fat prick was standing out and leaking pre-cum. Martin looked at the commander through a mist of tears. "Sir, please...' he said hoarsely.
"Expose his ass", the commander said. The two cops untied Martin's legs and bent them backwards, spreading them. Martin's head hung over the side of the desk.

He panted and rocked his head, blubbering "Please Sir. Oh, please Sir!" The first drop of wax fell on the underside of his sac. He yelled loud and danced in the hands of the policemen. He pushed his ass forwards to receive more of the burning wax. The commander let a stream come down between his legs. It burned deep into his asscrack and over his asshole. Martin wailed in ecstasy.

"Put his legs down and hold them", the commander said, panting. The man was stroking his dick forcefully. The policemen put Martin flat on the desk again. They were both masturbating. "Now shoot your load over him", the commander grunted while he walked around the desk. The cops started jacking off hard, leaning down on Martin's thighs with their free hand. Reighly's fist was punching his balls with every stroke. The commander stood with his dick right in front of Martin's face. He poured another stream of wax over the shaft of Martin's dick. Again Martin screamed. His red hot cock jumped up with every drop until it was stuck to his underbelly. The commander put his cockhead into Martin's screaming mouth. "Suck it."

All the men were panting hard now. The smell of sweat was overwhelming. Martin was in ecstasy. He sucked wildly at the big cock in his mouth. "Sir, I'm coming. I'm coming!" Lowe shouted. "Shoot!" the commander said. Lowe groaned loud and shot his load over Martin's chest. "Come on, Reighly, shoot!" the commander barked. Reighly grunted hard and shot his thick cream over Martin's straining neck and onto the commander's hairy groin.

Then the commander poured the wax on Martin's cockhead. Martin screamed like an animal, lifting his entire body up from the desk. The pain seared through his cock into his balls. His whole sex was on fire. "Come!!" the commander shouted. Martin erupted violently. His cum spurted in large gobs over his chest out of his wax-coated dick. The commander roared loud. His cockhead swelled to a maximum and started ejaculating. Martin's mouth was flooded with the commander's cum. Martin swallowed wildly, coughing and spluttering.

Martin felt he was drowned by the commander's strong tasting cum. It filled his nose and ran out of his nostrils. His own orgasm made him dance wildly under the policemen's hands. The cum gushed out of his cock that was glued to his body by the wax. He writhed and tugged violently at his ropes. Lowe and Reighly leaned down hard on him. The commander had thrown the candle away. He grabbed Martin's head and almost crushed it between his hands. His enourmous dick pumped gob after gob of cum into Martin's mouth.

Slowly, the groans and cries receded. Martin fell back on the desk. The commander pulled his dripping dick out of Martin's mouth. Martin was sobbing. "Look at yourself", the commander said. Martin opened his eyes and turned his gaze to the mirror above him. There he lay, tied to the desk. His body, that shook with his sobs, was covered with wax and come. Policemen surrounded him, their muscled bodies glistening with sweat. They were still stroking their cocks. Then the commander leaned over him, his dripping cock in his hand. Martin looked up at the man's powerful frame. This was the most intense orgasm he had ever had. He wanted to say something but could not speak. Roughly, the commander grabbed the wax around Martin's dick and broke it in his fist. Martin jerked. "Back to his cell", the man grunted.

To be continued



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