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Monday 16 Jul
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'Oh, You Pretty San Diego Boys'

by Julien Beyle in Films & Books , 07 januari 2004

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

Recently the mail contained the first issue of XYfoto, an off-spring of the famous, exciting gay guys glossy XY. What a pleasure! This first issue is dedicated to the pictures of Sean Bentz, a photographer who was an intern in the White House during the administration of the elder Bush. He had the sense however to leave the gray suits of the American capital behind, and exchange them for the much more colorful boys of San Diego, the home base of XY Magazine and one of the largest naval ports in the world.

But don't think you can admire this delicious sea food in Bentz's photographs. No, if his models are to be found near the sea, it will be as surfers or beach bums. But when there are plenty of this kind of guys in San Diego, I would book a trip to that city immediately.
I can't comprehend that XY's editor in chief, Peter Ian Cummings, writes that not that long ago he was sick of them all. On a pride weekend he suddenly realized that San Diego is a city of pleasant people and that the future belongs to them. Hear! Hear!

I'm ready to ask the editor and publishers of Gay News to dispatch me immediately as a reporter to San Diego... And that wouldn’t be an easy task, because, as photo editor Damien Lux mentions in his introduction, rumor has it San Diego attracts the highest percentage of gay people of any American city.

When he grew up in Los Angeles Lux had all kinds of preconceived notions of San Diego boys. They weren't fast-paced enough, or cool enough, or plain just not enough. But he has changed his mind since he's going out with one.

However, I suppose I can forget being posted in San Diego, so I'll have to do with looking at these pictures. As you know, XY is a magazine for younger gayboys, but that doesn't mean it's rather innocent. Au contraire! I recently saw on Dutch television an episode of Oprah on occasion of the release of Thirteen, a film dealing with the sex life of thirteen-year-old girls. These girls indulge in all kinds of sexual activities where their parents don't even dare to dream about.

The same goes for the boys of XY. Over the years I've seen these kids, hardly out of school, participate in all kinds of kinky stuff.

Bondage, spanking, you name it... I loved it! Glancing through XYfoto it struck me that the photographer pays a lot of attention for feet.

From reading his biography I learned he runs, the world's premier site for boys and their sexy feet! So young, and so fetishistic... (The Holy Father will get a heart attack.)

Although photography has always figured prominently in XY, it's certainly a magazine with an opinion, "a very political magazine" even, according to its editor in chief. That's why he poses the question why they're now publishing a magazine with no words.

He believes that these pictures also have political content, because they represent both the beauty and the angst of our times. In his view XYfoto is an anti-porn magazine and that's the reason why it's printed on matt paper. Oops! I'll have to start this review all over again.

"You can still use it pornographically, of course. Just keep it dry." Thank goodness! I can postpone that political essay about the existential Angst to a future time.



In the New Issue of Gay News, 323, July 2018

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