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Tuesday 17 Jul
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Speed-like diet drugs at the Gym

by Jasper van Capelle in Health & Body , 26 december 2003

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

Dangerous trendy diet pills for sale at the fitness centres

The firm ‘M Double You’ seems to be the Royal Warrant holder of supplements for the renowned fitness centres. Especially ‘Stack 2’ seems to be very popular; according to the brochure, it’s supposed to be the ‘Most popular Dutch Diet pill’ considering the stimulants it contains, the name ‘Most popular Dutch pill to get a heart attack’ is more appropriate. The Stacker will give you a power boost and helps you loosing weight. The most important ingredient is five hundred milligrams of Ephedra a capsule. An extreme high dose, swallowing this amount will surely help you (if you don’t die of heart attack) to loose weight…

Safe dose

The supplements industry requires ninety milligrams Ephedra a day. This requirement is based on a research, in order of the American producers of Ephedra, done by a research company called ‘Cantox’ in 2000. ‘Cantox’ establishes a dose of ninety milligrams a day to be safe and effective; they reported their results to the FDA to avoid negative publicity. According to the ‘Candox’s’ researchers negative side effects will develop above an approximate dose of a hundred-and-fifty milligrams a day.

The magazine ‘Neurology’ published an independent research in January 2003, the only effects checked were the chances of a stroke or a heart attack, for users of this supplement; they established the safe dose to be thirty-two milligrams a day. Those who take more have twenty-eight percent more chance of having a heart attack then those who take less. For example the Canadian requirement was thirty-two milligram, but the supplement is forbidden in Canada now.

The Ministry of Health realises now, under pressure of the European regulations, they’ll have to change the law; in 2004 they will adjust the law, a capsule may contain a hundred-and-thirty-three milligrams of maximal Ephedra then.

‘M Double You’ is explaining on their website ( they’ll have to lower the dose of the herbs in Stack 2 very soon.

Next to that you can read, written bold: “Remember: Top products are sold very fast, so be smart and order your bottles of Stack II, original formula today!” This company doesn’t seem to care about their customers’ health; although there slogan is: ‘For a perfect body’.

The Effect

It is not for nothing Ephedra is so popular, it works. Especially among sportsmen and –women, yuppies and students it’s very popular. It’s a stimulator which improves your performances and makes you loose weight faster. It supplies you energy, you’re more alert, and the feelings of tiredness and hunger disappears. Those effects last quit a long time, so not to be taken at night (unless you want to go on the whole night). The Dutch multiple ping-pong champion Bettine Vriesekoop admits, in the novel that just came out, she used it during the European championship in1998; after her tournament doctor told her there would be no doping test.

Personally I like a dose of ten milligrams of Ephedra before my work out (this is the recommended dose prescribed by the vitamin-shops) five-hundred milligrams seems to me, over the top. Without working out Ephedra’s making you feeling speedy, especially in combination with coffee, it can make you go shaky a little. On the site you can find more physical risks like: high blood pressure, head ages, dizziness, lose of appetite, heart attacks and a psychotic disorder.

Mental risks are: aggressiveness, touchiness, nervousness and fatigue. Aggression is possible according to a German judge: on 20 August this year, he prohibited the 34 year old high educated bodybuilder Enno S. from Dresden, who was working as a top man in the computer business, the use of Ephedrine. Further on he sentenced Enno for a year and a half imprisonment, because Enno had for about ten times attacked and molested people who were annoying him.


For 5000 years Ephedra is known in China as the most renowned amphetamine called: ‘Ma Huang’. In old China it was mainly used for colds. The western pharmacology added Ephedrine to it. Ephedra is an herb considered, by the Dutch Food and Drug Act, as (still) legal. The chemical variant Ephedrine is on List number 1 of Narcotics, and is only been given by a doctor’s prescription. Holland is the only country in Europe where you can get Ephedra without a prescription.

The drug gives you an enormous energy boost and stimulates the burning of fat, while your muscle tissue remains and it provides losing of an appetite.

Ephedra was for sale at drugstores and gyms as a diet drug. In smart shops Ephedra was sold as herbal XTC or legal amphetamine (Speed). Ephedra is on the doping list of the IOC and is prohibit is many countries.

The most renowned drugstores stopped selling drugs containing Ephedra. The use of Ephedra is one percent or less of the total use of herbal extracts and covers sixty-four percent of the lamentations.

Rise of the Supplements

In 1994 in the USA a law was taken in which allowed supplements-sellers to add anything not known as a medicine in a preparative, and they had complete freedom of speech about this preparative. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) the watchdog of the American pharmacy could only interfere when they could prove there was a threat for public health. The supplements industry became a hit and Ephedra was taken by millions of Americans. The American Ephedra companies made a profit of a small three billion Euro in 2002.


In 2002 ‘The New England Journal of medicine’ reported Ephedra caused fifty-four lives and one-thousand cases of diseases in the middle of the nineties. In the American army Ephedra had become very popular. Many soldiers used it to stay alert during irregular shifts, next to it they used sleeping drugs to relax at the right time. This is nothing new, considering air force pilots were given speed to stay alert for a long time at the night during the Second World War. Speed was legal and for sale at the drugstores during the sixties.

After thirty soldiers died because of the drug, the American army prohibited the sale of Ephedra at their bases in 2001. In 2000 army doctors perceived a remarkable number of sudden dead under young soldiers; Ephedra appeared to be the cause.

The National Football League banned the drug in September 2000; while the International Olympic Comity added the drug on their doping list years ago.

Out of favour

In June 2002 the FDA reported eighty dead Ephedra users and fifteen-hundred cases of diseases like: hallucinating, epileptic strokes etc. Bush’s government ordered the Rand Corporation to find out the real danger of Ephedra. In case of a negative report, the drug will be prohibited. In some states of the US, like New-York, Ephedra is a forbidden drug already.

American suppliers are removing more and more the different Ephedra preparative off the market. There are millions of claims because of the loose of dead beloved, by lawsuits. If you type down the word Ephedra in a search machine, you’ll find many links to law firms, who are dealing with these kinds of cases.

So to mention it in a view words: “A minimum dose of Ephedra might give some extra energy, but too much can be fatal.”



In the New Issue of Gay News, 323, July 2018

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