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Sunday 24 Mar
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Sex Under 25: Homonegativity has fallen sharply

by our Editors in Lifestyle & Fashion , 10 augustus 2017

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Homonegativity has fallen sharply, and young people have their first sexual experience at a later age. At an average of 18.6 years, half of Dutch youth in the age bracket 12-25 has had sexual intercourse. In 2012 this was 17.1. These are some of the results of the third edition of a representative and large-scale study Seks onder je 25e.

Furthermore, girls seem to be more consciously choosing a contraceptive that suits them, as the use of the birth control pill has decreased in favour of the coil (IUD). However, it is worrying that over 40% of young people do not use a condom in a one-night stand. Compared to 2012, the number of young people who had been forced to do or allow something has dropped. The number of young people who have sent a nude pic or a sex video, on the other hand, has increased significantly.

Young People Start Later

Not only do young people have sexual intercourse at a later age than in 2012, this also holds true for other forms of sex, such as kissing. The group of young people who had their first sexual experience at a very young age, between 12 and 14 years old, also became smaller. This is a favourable development, as young people having sex at an early age are more often forced or persuaded, and are having more unprotected sex. A good thing as well is that boys and girls are truly enjoying sex: 94% of sexually experienced boys, and 90% of sexually experienced girls indicate that they enjoy sex.

Compared to 2012, more young people are using some form of birth control when having sex for the first time. Even though the birth control pill is still the most commonly used method, this drastically decreased from 61% to 50% in the group of experienced girls. Instead of the pill, girls are increasingly using other contraceptives, especially the coil (11%). The birth control pill needs to be taken every day and is easily forgotten. A coil can be a good alternative.

No Condom in One-night Stands

When having sex for the very first time, 70% of young people still use a condom. After their first time, the use of condoms decreases. In a one-night stand, over 40% do not use a condom. When young people with a sex partner stop using condoms, 75% of boys and 66% of girls indicate they have not been tested on STDs.

More Sexting

Over the past six months, 12% of girls and 13% of boys have sent a nude pic or a sex video to someone else. This is significantly more than in 2012, with 4% of the girls and 6% of the boys. And: 24% of the boys and 19% of the girls received a personal nude pic or sex video. Of the youngsters whose nude pics or sex clip was forwarded to others (2% of boys and 1% of girls), more than half of the boys and three quarters of the girls indicate that it made them feel uncomfortable.

2% of the boys and 11% of the girls indicate that they have been forced to do or allow something sexually. This is a slight decrease compared to 2012, with 4% of the boys and 17% of girls.

Less Homonegativity

The number of young people rejecting expressions of homosexuality has fallen sharply. In 2012, 50% of the boys and 25% of the girls were disapproving of two boys kissing each other on the street. In 2017, this percentage nearly halved, with 27% of the boys and 13% of the girls.

Seks onder je 25e 2017 gives a representative picture of the sexual health of young people aged 12-25. The first two editions took place in 2005 and 2012. The study is a collaboration between the Rutgers Stichting, Soa Aids Nederland, and local Health Authorities.



published Jul 2016        Length: 14 minutes

published Sep 2014       


In the New Issue of Gay News, 332, April 2019

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