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Thursday 04 Jun
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Reijer's World: I’m so excited...

by Reijer Breed in Columns & Opinions , 24 July 2017

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

“That guy looks like he has a nice package,” Cees said in a naughty way while he rubbed his mustache. Jaap and I had to laugh. “And...” Jaap asked when the boy came closer, “what’s your name?” “Govert,” the guy answered. “It’s my first time here. Nice to meet you.”

“Well, you came to the right place! The Web is our favorite bar. Downstairs is all above board, but upstairs is where play time starts. Something for everyone! I’ll take you upstairs later,” Cees told the boy. “I’m from Purmerend. A friend of mine told me to try this place,” Govert said. “Well, your friend was completely right. The Web is an exciting bar. You’ll find that out later,” Cees replied. Jaap ordered another round and bought a bottle of poppers at the bar. “Is that the good stuff?,” Govert asked. “It certainly is,” Jaap replied. “And if you’re good, you can have a go at it later.” Cees and Jaap then took Govert upstairs.

Govert had to get used to the dark, but Cees held his hand. They walked past some cubicles in which people were busy. The noise these people made excited them. Govert pinched Cees’ hand and stopped near a cubicle. The door was half open. “I want a quick look,” Govert whispered. In the cubicle was a stark-naked guy, pleasured by two somewhat older men. Another group was watching them near the cubicle, and someone grabbed Govert by the crotch. “Isn’t that nice?” Cees asked. There was a sling in the next cubicle, with a hairy man in it. His feet and legs were up high, and there was a naked man in front of him. His butt went up and down, and you could hear the hairy man moan. “I’d like to try that, but only when it’s less busy,” Govert said. “Let’s go upstairs. It’s not so busy there,” Jaap suggested. They went up the stairs and found some cubicles that were empty.

Cees pushed Govert into a cubicle, and Jaap entered as well, leaving the door open. Some men were watching what was happening in the cubicle. “Now,” Cees said, “get undressed.” Govert was extremely turned on by now. He was naked in front of his new friends in the blink of an eye. Cees and Jaap were feeling him up, and Govert was moaning with excitement. He felt how their hands were exploring his stomach and legs, and Jaap grabbed his hard cock. Govert was getting hornier and hornier. On the background, he heard the Pointer Sisters sing “I’m so excited”:

I want to love you, feel you
Wrap myself around you
I want to squeeze you, please you
I just can’t get enough
And if you move real slow
I’ll let it go
I’m so excited
And I just can’t hide it
I’m about to lose control
And I think I like it
I’m so excited
And I just can’t hide it
And I know, I know, I know, I know
I know I want you, want you

Jaap gave Govert some poppers. Govert was moaning and came shaking. The men in front of the cubicle had now disappeared. Govert put his clothes back on. “Fancy a drink at the bar?,” Jaap asked. Govert and Cees nodded, and they went downstairs. Govert ordered three beers. Ron the bartender gave them the three bottles and asked Govert: “Did you enjoy the Web?” “I did indeed,” Govert timidly replied. “I have to go back to Purmerend, but I’ll be back... soon!”



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