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Friday 22 Feb
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Fashion: Chequered Shirts and Pullovers

by Hans Sopjes in Lifestyle & Fashion , 31 januari 2017

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With temperatures in between 14 and -2 degrees Celsius, it is easy to adjust to the temperature with comfortable shirts and pullovers. Unsurprisingly, pullovers are making a comeback. However, the somewhat warmer leisure shirts should not be missing in your wardrobe, and you really don’t have to be a lumberjack or polar region dweller to wear them.

Nowadays, every designer can have shirts made. Logistically, things have become a lot simpler. Among other things it means that you see a lot of new, young brands, you can get wonderful quality for a friendly price, but the downside is that a lot of inferior shirts are made. At times, quality is difficult to find, only paying for the brand name.
I think that Pepe Jeans is an example of good quality at normal prices. Pepe Jeans has the classic chequered leisure shirt in a trendy cut. These shirts are not only beautiful and comfortable to wear, but also pleasantly priced at around eighty euros. One or two seasons later, you still own a fine and even fashionable shirt, and thus these are an addition to your wardrobe (you can finally go “shopping in your wardrobe”).

Pepe Jeans:

  Is eighty euros too much, there is ample choice in trendy chequered shirts under forty euros from WE fashion. They have nice designs, but whether those shirts will survive the year remains to be seen.

We Fashion:

If temperatures are dropping, but it is not very cold yet, the pullover is a solution. Unlike the sometimes “bulky” jumpers, these are light, machine-knit sweaters. The young brand 10Days particularly drew my attention.


Pullovers come in many varieties and in different quality. A beautiful pullover compliments your appearance, just as much as a lousy one does the opposite.

For pullovers in general the following applies: a really cheap pullover does not keep its shape and starts hanging loosely. The worst thing is when they go fluffy (sleeves). They should be thrown out immediately (or cut the sleeves). The nicest pullovers are made of wool, a wool mix or even contain silk. Are your generally not wearing wool because it itches, you can buy Merino wool. This wool has a finer structure and does not itch (if you buy one for a friend who thinks that wool itches, he will keep itching if you say there is wool in it, if you do not tell, the itching will stop). In the upper market segment, beautiful pullovers are also found in cotton, but those would set you back at least a hundred euros.




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