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Tuesday 21 Aug
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Reijers World: I Just Love Those Buttocks

by Reijer Breed in Columns & Opinions , 25 januari 2016

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

Leo and I had just finished drinking coffee and eating our eggs at beach tent “Zeezicht” near the end of the boulevard of Zandvoort. We were now walking along the sea towards North in the direction of the nude beach. It was quite busy, so I was walking behind Leo. I watched the moving butt in his red swimming trunks, and could just make out the beginning of his crack. I thought: “Let’s admit it. I just love those buttocks.”

As a reader you won’t notice, but his column is typed on my laptop with just one finger. Last week, things went terribly wrong. I started walking with difficulty and nearly collapsed. I called my eldest sister, and told her what I felt. “You don’t know the number of the GP emergency service?” “I do,” I said. “They mentioned numbers on the recorded message. I’ll listen to it again.”

I called the right number, and told them what was wrong with me. The seriousness of the response scared me. “Mister Breed, stay in your apartment. Our ambulance is on its way.”

Leo and I had arrived at the gay nude beach. We put our beach towels on the sand, and placed our cooler on top of it. Leo took off his red swimming trunks and lay down on his stomach. I was already naked and rested my face on his behind. My cheek was on top of his hard buttocks. I dozed off in the hot sun and was thinking about those movements in his red trunks.

I had to think of the rhythmically moving buttocks of a girl with a beautiful figure in an old video by Dr. Hook, “Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk.”

Night falls on the city,
Baby feels the beat
Slick and sexy angel of the street
The queen of all night birds,
Watch her when she walks
She don’t say nothing but,
Baby makes her blue jeans talk

Baby makes her blue jeans talk
Yes she makes her blue jeans talk
Baby makes her blue jeans talk
Yes she makes her blue jeans talk
You know what she’s thinking about
And it turns you inside out
She don’t say nothing but,
Baby makes her blue jeans talk

The doorbell rang after ten minutes. A blonde woman and a black man entered. They examined me and decided to bring me to the AMC hospital immediately. They delivered me to A&E on a stretcher, and doctors performed several tests and scanned me - my left arm and left leg were numb. My youngest sister Carol arrived. A doctor told us the results. “Mister Breed, you had a cerebral infarction.”

Leo was in my arms on the nude beach. “Isn’t it better to just tell your boyfriend that we are seeing each other as well?,” I asked him. “Yes,” Leo confirmed. “But Charles will find out I cheated on him.” “All the more reason to tell as soon as possible. We will stop lying and can have an honest conversation.”

The next day, I woke up at the AMC. I was lying in between men and women who also suffered CVAs. The nurses took care of me tremendously well, but I was also furious about what happened to me. I was doing my exercises in the meantime. By now, I could move my fingers and left hand. After a couple of days, they filed a request for a transfer to rehabilitation centre Reade on the Overtoom in Amsterdam. “Mister Breed, you will go to Reade Wednesday morning. You worked hard. There’s nothing left for us to do here,” my doctor said.

I called Leo. “And...? Have you discussed it with Charles yet?” “Yes,” Leo replied. He thinks we are scoundrels, but sweet scoundrels. Can you come over tonight? He will cook for us. He asks if you want to spend the night? We never had a threesome.” “Great,” I said. “And will you please walk back and forth in your red swimming trunks?”



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