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Tuesday 21 Aug
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The HQ basement (15)

by Bent Hansen in Films & Books , 21 juli 2003

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

The commander pointed at G. “Gag him and hang him upside down.” Still dizzy from his intense orgasm, Martin looked at the commander's powerful body towering above him. He laid still and waited tensely for what was going to happen. The commander bent over and stroked Martin's chest and stomach, smearing his cum over the freshly shaven skin. Martin felt how full his bladder was with the piss Reighly had made him drink. “Please Sir, I have to piss”, he said. “You will, when I tell you to”, the commander said calmly.

He wiped his fingers in the hair on Martin's head. “Get down on your knees”, he said, walking to the wall. Martin slid down from the desk. The policemen were struggling with G as the commander started the machine to lower the chains. They had gagged the muscled man and now they were trying hard to keep his writhing body under control. The commander came back to Martin and blocked his view. “Hands behind your back.” Martin's eyes were drawn to the man's bulging crotch. He clearly saw the outline of the commander's big prick. He clasped his hands behind his back and swallowed; he wanted to have the man's cock in his mouth.

The commander snapped the electric razor on again. He pulled Martin's head up by the chin and shaved the hair from the sides of his head. Large flocks fell on Martin's shoulders and rolled down over his chest. He closed his eyes and inhaled the manly smell from the commander's crotch, that was only an inch away from his face. When the man let go of his chin, he slowly bent forward and leaned his face against the fly. The commander pressed Martin's face firmly against his crotch as he shaved the hair on the top of his head. Martin felt the man's cock swell against his lips.

“Sit back. Hands on your head”, the commander said and walked away. The cops had wrestled G down to the floor. Henderson was sitting on G's face, pushing his knees hard into G's biceps. Lowe and Reighly were trying to fasten the chains from the ceiling onto his ankles, but G was kicking wildly with his legs. Then Henderson grabbed G's balls and jerked them up. He slapped the balls hard. G screamed and pulled up his legs in a cramp. Lowe and Reighly quickly put the irons on his ankles.

The commander pushed the button on the wall and slowly the chains pulled up G's legs. Then his hips were pulled up. He shook his legs, screaming and cursing in his gag. His large cock dangled wildly, his heavy balls were dancing above them. The chains pulled him up till he was hanging completely vertical, swinging free. He put his hands on the floor, trying to support himself. He was sweating profusely, his straining muscles were gleaming in the light. “Tie his hands with a crotchloop”, the commander said.

Martin had been watching the hoisting of G with awe. The upside down-position of the muscled body made it look like an offering. G's complete hairlessness and his dangling cock and balls made him all the more vulnerable. The uniformed bodies of the policemen contrasted strongly with G's smooth skin. Martin slid his hands down to his cock. He felt his own shaven crotch. His cock started to swell again. “Take your hands away!” the commander's voice boomed. He strode over to Martin and slapped his face hard. “You only touch yourself when I tell you, understand?” “Yes Sir”, Martin said. His cheek was stinging.

The commander posted himself in front of Martin. He spread his legs and put his hands on his hips. “Open my fly and feel my prick.” Martin's breath caught, he looked up at the commander's face. “Come on, do it”, the man said, thrusting his hips forward. Martin looked at the crotch that was bulging in the blue pants. With trembling hands he opened the buttons one by one. The commander's fly burst open over his bulging crotch, revealing his massive cock and balls covered with his white briefs.

Martin sat back, breathing agitatedly. His throat was dry. To be so close to the genitals of the man that had control over his body filled him with awe and a strong will to submit. He looked at the powerful bulge and licked his lips. “Feel my cock and balls”, the commander said. Martin put his hand on the man's bulge. The briefs were moist and warm. He swallowed hard and slid his hand over the commander's fat cock. It twitched against his fingers while he followed the shaft. He pressed down on it and wedged his hands into the man's tight pants. His fingertips reached the rim of the cock-head. Martin felt the slippery precum that had soaked the briefs.

“Take my dick out”, the commander said. Panting, Martin reached into the briefs through the Y-front. The crotchhair was full and wiry. The skin of the firm prick felt hot and smoo-th. He closed his fingers around the shaft and pulled the fly open with his other hand. With difficulty he managed to free the massive prick. Fascinated, he sat back. His own cock stiffened. Right in front of him was the beautiful dick of his commander, pointing down at his face. A large vein ran along the shaft. The foreskin was partially revealing the bulbous cockhead.

The commander lifted his cock and waved it slightly before Martin's eyes. “You want it, don't you?”, he said. Martin nodded silently. “Take my balls out”, the man said. Martin swallowed. He slid his hand into the briefs again. Carefully, he cupped the large balls and pulled them out. They dangled softly in front of the man's thighs, over which the uniform-pants were tightly stretched. Martin smelled the sweat and the manly odor that came from the man's genitals. He was intoxicated by the beauty and the power of the commander's cock and balls.

“Pull at your tits”, the commander said and put his hands on his hips again. His gaze fixed on the man's geni-tals, Martin took his aching nipples between his thumb and finger and hissed. The pain stung in his chest. “Pull hard!” the commander said. Martin moaned hoarsely. The commander's prick started to swell with little jerks. “That's my boy”, he said. Martin felt proud! He pressed his chest out and pulled harder at his nipples, hypnotized by the man's growing cock. “Yes, work for my cock”, the commander said, pushing his hips forward. His cock had swollen to its full length. It jutted straight up from the fly.

Martin groaned from pain and from desire to take that cock in his mouth. He swallowed hard, his own cock throbbing wildly between his legs. The commander closed his fist around his cock and balls and pulled them forward, pointing the large cockhead at Martin's mouth. Martin pulled at his tits frantically and stuck out his tongue to lick the gleaming cockhead. The comman-der stopped him by putting a hand on his forehead. “You are not ready yet”, he said. “Keep pulling at your tits.” He took a can out of his pocket and sprayed foam on Martin's cheeks. Then he quickly moved behind him and pressed Martin's head into his crotch.

A shock went through Martin as he felt the hot cock and balls against the back of his head. He ground his stubbly head against the commander's genitals. Grunting, he pulled at his tits, while the man shaved his cheeks and throat. “Turn around”, the com-mander said. Martin turned on his knees. His hands were on his nipples, his thumbs stroking the knobs. The commander's hard cock stood up straight, reaching above the buckle of his belt. Pre-cum was running down the shaft. Martin inhaled deep and shuddered. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.
“Get up.” The commander kicked him hard in the balls. Martin cried and snapped double. Then he stood up slowly, holding his crotch. The commander slapped his face again. “I told you not to touch yourself”, he said threatening. “Hands on your back.”

He grabbed Martin's balls and twisted them hard. Martin cried in agony, but kept his hands at his back. The commander kept kneading his balls and pulled him by his crotch through the room. He positioned Martin right in front of G. The man's genitals were at the height of Martin's face. A rope was looped around them that went between G's legs down to his hands that had been tied at his back.
“Piss on G”, the commander said. Appalled, Martin looked first at the commander then at G, who was protesting loudly in his gag. The commander put his hand in the small of Martin's back. With his other hand he pressed down on Martin's underbelly “Go on, piss.” The urge to piss was almost painful now. Martin closed his eyes and with a moan he released his piss.

A hard stream splattered on G's broad chest. G grunted and arched his body backwards. “Good boy” the commander said. Martin could not stop anymore, his piss flew over G's chest and throat. Blushing fiercely, Martin looked down at G, who was shaking wildly, trying to avoid Martin's pissstream. Behind G, the cops were watching them. Henderson was groping his crotch. Lowe stood with his legs spread-wide and his arms folded. Reighly was crouching near him. “Good boy”, the commander said again. With one hand he was squeezing Martin's asscheek, his other slid slowly up and down over his hard cock that was poking out of his fly. “Give your partner a shower.”

Encouraged by the commander's hand on his body, Martin took his spurting dick and aimed at G's nipples. The piss streamed into the han-ging man's face. G snorted wild and jerked with all his force at his chains. “Very good”, the commander said and walked around the two shaven prisoners. Martin felt proud of the commander's approval. Without hesitation, he pissed directly into G's face. G shook his head vehemently, spluttering and coughing. His writhing body was swinging widely. G's big dick and balls were bouncing from the violent pulls he gave with his tied hands. The commander nodded and stepped back, lazily stroking his big dick. “Lowe, you go first”, he said.

To be continued



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