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Tuesday 21 Aug
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by Rene Zuiderveld in Media & entertainment , 19 juli 2003

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Spiritual life in a glass house

For Ricky Martin, sexuality is to be kept strictly behind closed doors. And indeed, why should it be anybody’s business, besides yours and your sex partner’s, what you’re doing in your bedroom (living room, dungeon, outdoors à la George Michael, etc). But as long as nobody has caught Ricky without his undies engaged in some hot sexplay in a public place of some sort, we’ll probably never know where his fancy reaches out to: gay, straight, a mix of both, or, who knows, the dog nextdoor.

The American market is riddled with stories about Ricky Martin and in which arms he feels most loved and protected. For a nation as anal retentive in matters sexual as the US, a matter of course. In Holland these things are viewed from a more liberal standpoint, so over here we couldn’t care less what Ricky does between his sheets. And was the American gay scene doing its best to claim Martin as one of their own, since he’s vibrated his vocal cords for Bush gays have massively sent our latin superstar packing.

Martin recently graced these lowlands with his presence to promote the single of his latest Spanish album Almas del Silencio (something like ‘the soul of silence’), to be released in late May. But unfortunately, only hormone driven screaming 13 year old females had shown up in droves to drool over their idol in his latest make over: a bit more butch plus complicated hairdo. Homegrown Idol’s winner Jamai was screamed at just a shade louder.

So, since Martin has never yet given a full evening concert here, it seems in Holland at least Martin has seen his best days. Well, come to think of it, worldfamous and stinking rich or not, it can’t be all fun when you have to live your life in constant fear of exposure. Martin claims he fights this deluge of stress continuously trying to engulf him with meditation and a Buddhist outlook on life. But if your so ‘detached’, why are press cameras always kept at such distance and has the lighting for a simple interview be as eloborate as for a Broadway production? If this Gloria Swanson stuff (‘I’m ready for my close up now, Mr. DeMille’) is your true self, I wonder what’ll happen when enlightenment strikes!?

Life in a glass house ain’t no barrel of laughs for sure. To choose such a lifestyle you have to be driven by a deep need for adulation and attention. Whether being screamed at by 13 year olds will bring you the satisfaction you’re longing for, well honey, it certainly isn’t my idea of fun. Meanwhile, his Almas del Silencio (released by Sony) is simply fantastic. And in the end, that’s what it’s all about. So bring in the music and dance.....



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