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Friday 22 Feb
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Reijer's World - ‘He du geile Sau, du machts mir Affengeil’

by Reijer Breed in Columns & Opinions , 01 maart 2012

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

I had met Kurt in Amsterdam. A blushing hot 28-year old guy. We had a lot of sex in the Hans Brinker Hotel where he stayed. Now I was visiting him in Berlin for a couple of days. We walked through the snow on Kufürstendamm. It was bitterly cold. I had an appointment with an active Berlin gay group, the AHA: the “Algemeine Homosexuelle Arbeidsgemeinschaft” [General Gay Working Community]. They had a discussion evening and I was going to tell them about my work at the COC.

Their gathering was in a side street, in Bleibtreustrasse. They were discussing Heterosexual Dictatorship and Gay Behavior without any humor whatsoever, it was rather dull. After the intermission it was my turn. I tried to include a few jokes in my story but nobody laughed.

“So richtig Deutsch” [How very German], said Kurt when we were walking through the snow again. “Come,” he said, “let’s go to the sauna on Friedrichstrasse and look for hot horny guys.”

Soon we were walking around with just a towel around our hips. Kurt took off with someone immediately, I chose a cabin and waited.
A broad hairy Turk with a moustache joined me while yelling “He du geile Sau. Du machts mir Affengeil” [Hey you horny bitch, you make me so horny]. He fucked me and came.

A little later Kurt and I were sitting next to each other at the side of the pool and talked about what we’d done. While men fondled us under water, Kurt told me that he’d just fucked an East German guy.

In 1980 I visited West Berlin by train with my friend Lefert (at the time we didn’t call each other husband yet). After a ten hour trip and an intimidating border check by East Germans we arrived at Berlin Hauptbahnhof. We checked into a hotel. I had a meeting with Egmund Fassbinder of the gay movement. A nephew of Rainer Werner, the film maker. I told Egmund we were going to go to East Berlin the next day.

He made a phone call and arranged a meeting for us with Peter Löwe, a gay activist in East Germany. The next day we crossed the border at Checkpoint Charlie, it was a ridiculous affair. We walked through all kinds of garden fences, bought for thirty Mark East German money and were given a few bags with super lightweight money. I had to hand in a Dutch democrat socialist party button. We only saw sour angry faces.

From Alexanderplatz we walked for hours and visited a few museums. That night we met Peter Löwe, in a space for gays and lesbians behind some sort of Chinese restaurant. Peter was a handsome guy with a little dark moustache. He organized evenings. He told us he was constantly followed by members of the secret police, he’d been taken to the police station twice already.

We had a pleasant and interesting evening together. We exchanged addresses. Peter escorted us to the border because it was late: we had to return to West Berlin before midnight, otherwise we’d get in big trouble. I was by myself in our home “De Roerdomp” in Wormerveer when Egmund Fassbinder called me.

He told me he was in the organization of the very first benefit night for AIDS. He had called Katja Ebstein, who’d immediately offered her support.

At the time it wasn’t such a safe popular thing to do for an artist, so this was a big thing. Later she admitted that she had gotten a lot of positive responses, but also a lot of negative slur. A lot of gigs were suddenly cancelled. But gigs at gay places replaced them quickly.

I’ve always liked her. I once saw her program “Das Brecht-Solo “Lasst euch nicht verführen.’” That was great. I also thought it was great she got second in the Eurovision Song Festival in 1981, just after Johnny Logan, with

“An das Theater haben sie ihr Herz verkauft
Sie stehen oben und die unter schauen sie an
Sie sind König / Bettler/ Clown Im Rampenlicht
Doch wie's tief in ihnen aussieht / Sieht man nicht
Theater / Theater / Der Vorhang geht auf
Dann wird die Buhne zur Welt”

That same week Kurt called me. “You’ll never guess what I did last Saturday-night. An acquaintance called me and asked if I wanted to join a gangbang. It was this 21-year old blond boy’s big sex fantasy. I arrived at the scene and the boy was already sitting on the bed. Another five men arrived. We stripped the kid, put him on the bed with a pillow under his belly and fucked him, all seven of us. He loved it. And another thing you’ll never guess: one of the other guys was your grunting Turk from the sauna, he sends his regards.”




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