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Gay News : Publications : Issue 240 : Drag Queen Olympics Return to Amsterdam

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Drag Queen Olympics Return to Amsterdam

by Editorial Staff in Events & Agenda , 03 augustus 2011

The Olympic Flame returns once again to Amsterdam during Gay pride with the holding of the 7th International Drag Queen Olympics at the Homomonument on Friday 5th August.

The Drag Olympics are the world’s premier sporting event for drag queens, with competitors from around the globe battling it out for Olympic Gold. This year’s events include the 100m Stiletto sprint, the Handbag Toss as well as for the first time ever, an equestrian dressage competition.

Organizer Jennifer Hopelezz: “After last year’s Drag Olympic debacle, with Madrid at the last minute stealing the Games from us, I’m thrilled to announce that they have once again returned to our beautiful city. I’m off with my daughters Gina and Tina to personally fetch the Olympic Flame from Greece later this week.”

The Games are more than just a show of sporting prowess - hair, nails and make-up are just as important. Qualified beauticians will be available at the Games for any emergency.

Hopelezz: “It’s true that the Games are a serious sporting event and many of the girls have been undergoing a rigorous training program to get ready on time – as well as pumping themselves full with colossal amounts of steroids. But beauty and poise are equally important, as are accessories such as jewelry, shoes and handbags. That’s something the judges will definitely be keeping an eye on.”

The Games are open to all drag queens & kings, and anyone with heels wanting to take part can join. Make-up starts at 17hr and the Games begin at 19hr.
More information at

Homomonument Friday 5th August 2011
19-21h - Drag Queen Olympics, hosted by Jennifer Hopelezz and Sexy Galexy
21-23hr - Drag Dance with Muchachas Marimachas a.k.a. dj Alex & Fatima Supreme.

Volledig programma op het Homomonument/
Full Program at the Homomonument During Pride

Donderdag 4 augustus / Thursday 4 August
20:00- 23:00 - Officiële Opening van de gay pride straatfeesten met Borderline Crew Jasmine Perez, Marga Margaret, MC Mathilda & Quinton Jenkins / Official Opening of gay pride street parties with Borderline Crew Jasmine Perez, Marga Margaret, MC Mathilda & Quinton Jenkins.

Vrijdag 5 augustus / Friday 5 August
19:00 -21:00 - Jennifer Hopelezz presenteert de Zevende Internationael Drag Queen Olympics / Jennifer Hopelezz presents the 7th International Drag Queen Olympics.
21:00-23:00 - Travo-dansfeest met Muchachas Marimachas a.k.a. dj Alex & Fatima Supreme / Drag Dance with Muchachas Marimachas a.k.a. Dj Alex & Fatima Supreme.

Zaterdag 6 augustus / Saturday 6 August
17:00- 23:00 - Live @ Rozewester Presenteert / Presents: Tête-à-Tête avec Zu Browka Ruud van der Peijl & Bas Andrea (Sphincter Radio), Dik & Ruud, Hot Gino, Sanyi Dirty Down & Ugly Puck & Natasha Rosa G. The G-Team, Kaya, Monsieur Plastique & Buttslammer!!

Queen’s day eve spectacle - Drag Queen Olympics ’07

Drag Olympians Prepare for Eleventh Games

Drag Olympians Arrive En Masse in Amsterdam

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Drag Queen Olympics Return to Amsterdam


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