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Urinals, pigs, dirt freaks

by Gert Hekma in Columns & Opinions , 05 februari 2002

Undinism means sex in water. This can be in a bath tub, a swimming pool or in the sea. The website of Score FC shows a picture of a guy tied up, obviously immersed in water, a form of undinistic masochism with a hint of hypoxphilia (lust for lack of oxygen).

Some men cum while swimming and most men have tried at one time or another what it feels like to jerk off under water. I think it merely takes more time, but then I'm not undinistically inclined. At Gay Swim, I believe, they have sex less in than out of the water, so this is not the ideal club for homosexual undinists.
Unisexual is another word for uranian or homosexual. The poet Marc-André Raffalovich went public with this idea in 1895 with his study Uranisme et unisexualité (Uranism and unisexuality). The words uranian and uranism go back to 1864 and come from Karl-Heinrich Ulrichs, recently called "the first faggot in history." This jurist and Latinist thought up other terms, like uranodionaism for bisexuality and urinast for a temporary homosexual. Ulrichs got the idea and its derivatives from the Venus Urania, the "heavenly" protectress of boy love. Dionian and dionism come from the "earthly" Venus, protectress of "normal" eroticism and refers to heterosexuality. A temporary homosexual is a hetero doing it for want of "better" (women) with men.
Urophilia is one of many words for piss sex. We dealt with this theme under golden rain or golden shower. Other expressions are urolagnia and rénifler, which is French for sniffing, in this case piss. For some men urinal sex is a form of piss sex, because the stench of urinals turns them on. For most visitors of public urinals this was a quick way for getting relief, a bit like men visiting dark rooms nowadays. The same goes for many sexual variations: what to some is an extra, is for others the main course. Unfortunately for men turned on by public urinals, not only have most of them been taken away, but in the few remaining ones homosexual practices have vanished too.
Urtication is a complicated word for nettle sex. Beating with nettles causes pain and so belongs under sadism.

Vampires & pigs

Vaginal-masturbator is a weird expression for a man who fucks women, but doesn't get turned on by them or by this type of sex. He gets excited by sexual dreams which have nothing to do with the woman he's having intercourse with. This can be the same for a gay men who marries a woman, but most of the time these blokes are straight guys who feel obliged to fuck, but would prefer another woman or would like other action. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that most heterosexual actions are actually vaginal-masturbation.
Vampirism is sucking blood and often stands as a symbol for sex. Some people surrender to somebody else, others rob love and sex. The bloodsucking of vampires is a symbol of forced sex. Most vampires in literary history, like Count Dracula, have a homosexual connotation. Two birds with one stone for gay bashers: vampirism stood for gay behaviour and at the same time lent it a negative meaning. To make matters worse, male vampires were often after boys. Adding cruelty to lust, ascribed in earlier days to vampires, has been transferred to pedophiles these days. The bloodsuckers from the Middle Ages are transformed into modern day pedophiles. The cellars of Dutroux are a contemporary variation on the castles of Count Dracula, Bluebeard and Gilles de Rais.
Things could have been worse if the prison would have been a pig sty. In accordance with the law of perversion, "the dirtier the better", a pig sty, for most people the ultimate of dirt, offers perverts the summit of lust. We're waiting for that kinky disco, decorated like a stable with pigs. So several forms of SM can be experienced right next to bestiality. A pig sty/disco is an ideal place for dirt licking, cleaning sex and slave trade. Men addicted to dirty smells and sounds can sex their heart out here.
From pig sty to auction and sale is a small step. If you like to be humiliated and sold as a slave, then it's an extra kick there's no distinction between slaves and animals on the market, when the sale takes place in a stable. Where the bleating of sheep and the grunting of pigs, the sight of farm lads, the dense smother of bulls, straw and shit mixes with the sounds of bidding and smell of seed.


Rape is a crime. Rightly so. But what is forbidden excites all the more. Rape isn't allowed, but playing as if is. Those who like such pseudo rape can be called bastiophiles. "Blind dates" often have the structure of a pseudo rape: an unknown gentleman breaks into a house where the occupant is waiting to be maltreated in a way he fancies. In the book Male Rape (1982), edited by Anthony M. Scacco, there's a story of pacifist Donald Tucker who, after a peace demonstration, was arrested by the police and was (un)fortunate enough to become the victim of group rape. Though he filed a serious complaint, he later committed minor crimes in order to land in jail again and experience once again the forced abuse. He also tried his luck in the San Francisco leather scene, but thought the sadism there too much play acting. He preferred the real thing over the acted out version. In Holland it's better not to try to land in jail hoping to be raped. Rape is normal practice in old-fashioned jails like those in the US, Russia or Latin America, where it's a means for the guards to keep the criminals in check. There rape is a means for blowing off steam under a criminal regime and in Holland that isn't the case.
Fingering is the twiddling with one finger in one of the orifices of the human body. You can do it to yourself ot to someone else. Though some morons think this technique is for lesbians only, it's also a stimulating variation in gay and straight relations.
Voyeurism is the reverse of exhibitionism. Hidden in every faggot you'll find a voyeur. Who doesn't enjoy watching cute boys or a male sex jumble in a dark room? The voyeur of old was a dirty man, peeping in the dark, but nowadays city life offers so many erotic images you must be blind not to become a voyeur. With terrace peeking and disco watching, voyeurism has gained some exciting modern variations, like the old-fashioned flashing developed into the ultra modern exhibitionism of leather queens and fools for fashion, enlivening our urban landscape. Politicians, harping on the theme of corruption, unfortunately are not only talking about gum, piss or dirt in the streets, but also mean transvestites, leather guys with naked buns or cruising queens. Some can only see evil and no fun in the game of watching and being watched.

Dirty fists

Under cleaning sex we dealt with variations on the desire to clean that which is dirty. Likewise a cleaning freak could also be labeled with the reverse expression, as a dirt freak, since the excitement is brought on by the dirt the servant has to clean up. Saliromania is the complicated expression for dirt freak. Cleaning up dirt can be done in many ways, with vacuum cleaners, mops or rag, but most horny bastards like sticking to their tongue as their tool for cleaning. They are dirt freaks, who get their kicks from the scabs between toes, mud on boots or shit on stone stable floors.
Fistfucking is a sexual variation, which over the last three decades developed with lightning speed. Before 1970 fingering the anus wasn't unusual, but even in the oeuvre of De Sade, describing so many sexual variations in minute detail, fucking with the fist is rarely dealt with. It's mainly the homosexual leather world, which gave fistfucking its huge popularity and used the sling as its ideal instrument. Fistfucking demands a great amount of care. Best is to learn it from somebody with experience. Wounds or sharp nails were already undesirable before AIDS, but these days handballers use latex gloves with a (water base) lubricant to prevent HIV infection. From a sexual perspective, fistfucking is interesting, since fist and anus both aren't intercourse specific. It doesn't matter much with whom you do it, since asses and fists of both sexes aren't so different. Handballing is a gender neutral practice, in which a homo- or heterosexual preference doesn't matter that much. The difference between a male or a female hand in an ass, or between a male or a female ass for a fist, isn't major. In the leather scene of San Francisco fistfucking was a sexual technique in which dikes and faggots discovered the relativity of differences in sexual preference.

Next time: purgatory



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