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Tuesday 17 Jul
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Advice for people with hiv traveling to the US

by Editorial Staff in Travel and weekendtrips , 06 maart 2010

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From the fourth of January the travel restrictions to the US have been lifted. This means that you can travel to the country without any problems from the 7th of January.

The Aids Fonds and the HIV Vereniging advise you to bring along a phone number just in case problems occur. Contact Immigration Equality via +1.212.714.2904. Or via email They have said to offer assistance when necessary.

Customs have been informed

By now all American customs should be informed on the lift of travel restrictions for people with hiv. The Department of Homeland Security has issued instructions to ensure this.

The American pressure group ‘Immigration Equality’ has confirmed this. So from the 4th of January the new situation should be in effect. Because one has to acquire permission 72 hours prior your travel the 7th of January will be the first day of unrestricted access to the United States.

What if hiv is still mentioned on the ESTA question list on the 4th?

Updating the websites will take some time so it is possible you’ll find ‘hiv infection’ as an item on the list. If this is the case, tick ‘no’ instead of ‘yes’. The website contains outdated information while you can answer according to the new American legislation.

This legislation states that from the fourth of January hiv is no longer considered one of the infectious diseases causing grave danger to public health. The fact that hiv is still listed under infectious diseases is irrelevant.

What if you’re still detained at immigration?

It is theoretically possible you’re confronted with an over-zealous customs official who hasn’t read up on the new situation and who’ll try to block your entrance to the country. If this happens, don’t be intimidated and refuse to board a plane back to The Netherlands. Contact Immigration Equality via +1.212.714.2904. Or email They have ensured assistance whenever necessary.



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