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Tuesday 17 Jul
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The dictionary of perversions

by Gert Hekma in Columns & Opinions , 06 november 2001

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

After a long journey through the S" we've finally made it to the T". Kicking off with a special preference: the tafephilia, or the desire to be buried. Most people have a mortal fear of being shuffled in a coffin under the ground alive and some go to any length to make sure their coffin will not be sealed before it's absolutely certain they're dead

But a small group gets off on the idea of being buried. A coffin to them is what a cage or a cell is to a masochist, with a pinch of hypoxyphilia (love of lack of oxygen) added to it. Tafephilia in short is strangulation sex in a coffin under the ground.
A friend of mine has a tackle or sling in his room. He can spot tacklephiles right away, because they leer at his sling immediately. Hoisting can be done in many ways: by the hands, head down by the feet, by hands and feet simultaneously or lashed up like a package. It calls for carefulness, since most people are so heavy they can't be hoisted up by their ankles or wrists without damage. Even with leather cuffs and soft material to relieve pressure on the shackled body parts, it's tricky business. Much safer to hoist up the sling-freak halfway: with his toes, bum or shoulders still touching the floor.
How many people would like to be a dentist because they get off on teeth? Several sexual variations linked with teeth (or their absence), from a stinking to a gorgeous set of teeth, have been dealt with under odontophilia.

In earlier days mainly sailors and jail-birds sported tattoos. For a queen it was super-horny to have sex with a sailor who had a hetero text tattood on his arm like Jane, my one and only love".
Gay men, going for such real men", at times identified so strongly with their object of their desire, that they had themselves tattood as well. Samuel Steward, English teacher and pornographer (Phil Andros), went one step further and became a famous tattoo artist himself. What once was a privilege of a marginal minority has turned into fashion for the masses. Since the link between tattoos and macho men has been broken and every softy now sports them, glued on or real, much of their horniness has gone. What makes tattoos still exciting are obscene texts or symbols indicating sexual preferences. A slave can have an expression of his slavery with the name of his master inscribed in his skin.
In the days before internet there was something like telephonesex. It started with men dialing a number on the off-chance and, hooked up with someone of their liking who didn't break the connection, engaged in dirty talk. I remember friends being on the telephone for hours. With a good teller of horny stories, things didn't have to take long and the manual labour was soon done. Later there were sex lines, still drawing a crowd who obviously need aural stimulation. But these days we have internetsex, where it's all about the written word and stimulating pictures. How long will phonesex stay a specialism in the sex-at-a-distance genre?

Most people have something with nipples, but there's a group who likes nothing better than titsex. For whom nipples are as sensitive as foreskin or sphincter. There are gentle lads who get all excited by having their tits lovingly fondled and there are tough guys who cannot picture titsex without clothespegs, piercings, rings and weights dangling from pegs or rings. And like bondagists turning bondage into their sexual specialism, there are men who devote themselves to titwork. Who know all about kneading and stretching tits, about rings, pegs and pins. Who know how to turn titclamps plus connecting chain into a harness to train their loved one with.
When you get a dog or cat, you have to toilettrain them. Some maso-queens like nothing better than being a dog who gets trained just like that: to have to negate nature's call till their master allows them to let it out under conditions he imposes. Did you ever wonder why some friends of yours have a cat box but no cat? They secretly hope for a catboy who has to be trained to have a crap in that box.
Toucheurism stands for the excitement people experience by being touched. The best known form is rubbing up against others in an overcrowded train. More subtle is touching the different sensitive spots people have like genitals, anus, lips, tongue, earlobes, nose, neck, soles of the feet. Most people have their own special spots which are highly sensitive and stimulating. Some people get their best satisfaction from having their most sensitive parts fondled and those aren't necessarily their private parts. Touching can be done with fingers, toes, a prickly beard, hair, tongue, nose and also with a whip or feather duster.
Variations like transgender and transsexual and travesty have been discussed long ago, like trainsex, dealt with under siderodromophilia.
Triangulation is mainly for hetero-men who don't dare sleeping together, but do so with each other's girlfriend. They fuck their friend as it were by way of the vagina of his girlfriend or wife. Cuntbrothers they call them. Like the German playwrite Bertolt Brecht who slept with the girlfriends of his best friend. In her book Between Men (1985) Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick describes the triangulation of men experiencing the taboo of not being able to fuck each other, who find release by sharing their sheets with the best (girl)friend or wife of their beloved boyfriend. While they interview the intermediary woman of course about their friend's performance.
Hair gets tangled with all kinds of variations, with matching difficult expressions like trichphilia as the common term for the love of hair, while hirsutophilia relates to the armpit, pubephilia to pubic hair and tricholagnia (hairpain) to being pulled by one's hair. There are people who like beards (look also under bear love) and once there were braid cutters, men cutting the braids from girls' or women's heads and collecting them.
Triosex or troilism is sex with a threesome and quartets comes in fours. It is more of a sexual variation than a perversion. The same goes for trisexuality, under which head come almost all bisexuals. This word stands for the combination of homo-, hetero- and monosexuality. Trisexuals are people who like their own gender as well as the other and also enjoy playing with themselves. But what do we call the gay or straight who is addicted to monosexuality as well?
Nature offers cheap S&M queens a number of fun toys costing next to nothing. You can tie your slave to a tree with hemp and flog him with twigs or nettles. In several places the upkeep of pollard willows has been neglected giving you the chance to make a whip of willow twigs for free. These are so strong and yet flexible that not only street sweepers like them best, but also every true-born sadomasochist.

Next time: urinal, pigs, dirtcraze



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