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Wednesday 18 Jul
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Pirate’s Booty

by Rob Blauwhuis in Films & Books , 20 november 2009

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

The introduction of the video recorder and later of the DVD player, as well as the scrapping of many censorship regulations over the last three to four decades, has made porn into an easily and cheaply available product. Many of us never today experienced the thrill gays must have felt once the opportunities one had to watch an explicit movie were rare. Nowadays most gays watch porn for a little while and then toss it aside as boring.

The quality of the material deteriorated as fast as the quantity of production went up. Quality products are really as rare as they’ve always been and that goes for moving images as much as still photographed ones. Even frontmen of fundamentalist organizations are photographed half-naked so nude photography has lost its exquisite treat quality.

This doesn’t mean men don’t lust after erotic stuff anymore though. It seems they get their fix elsewhere. My contacts in the specialized shops tell me that the sales of photo books have dropped, but that those of collections with drawings have gone up. Drawings have the alluring quality of being totally free from reality. If you want the large hairy Arabic brute first to whip the blonde white boy-slave silly before plowing his virgin ass with his over the top huge dick, then just buy a comic by The Hun. Where in real life, would you find actors looking like that and willing to do such stuff?

It was a matter of time and technological progress that this development would also touch moving porn images. Recently I received the animation movie “Pirate’s Booty,” which is described as “the first full-length, fantasy based gay adult CGI movie.”

Promotion texts should always be taken with a grain of salt, as is necessary here as well. Some while ago already Joe Phillips created two full-length animation movies: “The House of Morecock: The Animated Misadventures of Jonas Morecock” (1996) - the name of the main character says it all - and “Stonewall & Riot” (2006).

Those films are real animation movies; Phillips doesn’t try to come close to reality. “Pirate’s Booty” is different. This one’s created with ultra realistic computer graphics. There’s reality, and then there’s reality, though. The characters in “Pirate’s Booty” look real, but are slightly larger than life, without getting completely out of proportion (I’m talking about their abs of course;-). As a real movie “Pirate’s Booty” would have cost a fortune with full-blown decor, costumes and special effects, but for the computer it doesn’t matter whether you’re in a cheap hotel room or aboard a pirate’s ship. And ghosts appear and disappear with a click of the mouse just as easily as humans.

“Pirate’s Booty” is about the fuck adventures of the crew of Captain Jack Swallow, who’s as dark-haired as Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow. Sparrow might often move around like a faggot, he eventually goes for the ladies and not for his buddy Will Turner (Orlando Bloom).

Swallow however, goes all the way with his crew. Although the (economical) historian Peter Earle claimed in his study “Sailors” (1998) that gay practices “though not unknown, were rare at sea,” the homosexual’s fantasy doesn’t stop at nothing. Al those brawny spending months together in isolation can’t have been all celibate. Especially pirates, used to just take whatever they wanted, can’t have had a lot of problems with an attractive lad every now and then, with a little violence if necessary. It’s exactly these fantasies that come to life in “Pirate’s Booty.”

At the start of the movie we see how the captain negotiates with a native chief over securing a phallic looking edifice, while two pirates dig a hole somewhere on a luscious tropical island. One of them wonders why it’s always them that have to do the hard work, while he claims to be an “edumacated” man who has read a book. His mate answers: “The only thing you need to know on this boat is how to suck cock and kick ass.” When they ask themselves a little later where the hell that damned Juke went, it’s no surprise we find him fucking a dreadlocked black native, only to turn around and take a ride on black dick himself.

These animated porn actors blurt out the same horny talk like real actors, like: “You like that, you like that nice and deep,” and “Brown little ass is so tight!” or “Fuck me with that jungle dick!” Which is exactly what the dark stud does, but the moment he comes, he changes into a ghost taking the shape of Juke, while Juke himself bites the dust. This scenario repeats itself when Juke is sentenced to the block for indecent behavior and bottoms for the boatman, who’s then overtaken by the ghost. This boatman doesn’t like the fact that the captain nowadays only has eyes for the young, blond, blue-eyed cabin boy he thinks is “a straight arrow” anyway.

Possessed by the ghost he can let disappear the captain’s clothes with one simple gesture, so the good old fucking times return. Porn’s porn, so you’ve guessed it: also the young blond falls prey to the lust of the ghost. The captain, however, had kept a second edifice statue in hiding, so he quickly wakes up from his unconsciousness. This enables him to witness how he fucks the boys with his legs in the air on a canon; the sight turns him on so much he sucks himself off.

The cabin boy is reluctant at first, claiming he’s “never done this before,” but soon he’s calling out: “harder, harder.” Because the captain has escaped his fate, the spell is broken. He carries the boy to his quarters, where he fucks him roughly again, this time much to his enjoyment.
All’s well that ends well!

It’s clear that this fantasy was so much easier to produce in animation. “Pirate’s Booty” is a well-made porn production of high quality. My only point of personal criticism however: if it’s animated fantasy and the sky’s the limit, why not elaborate with some sexual escapades that go beyond the usual sucking and fucking, as in the comics created by The Hun? A study by Hans Turley about the homoerotic aspects of piracy is titled “Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash” (1999).

We get lots of explicit sodomy in Pirate’s Booty (unfortunately the available press stills are somewhat chaste in this respect), but I wouldn’t have minded it if the captain had whipped the boys back and buttocks into blushing submission first. It was probably smart though, to start off with a vanilla production to test the market for a new product. I’m looking forward to new productions.

“Pirate’s Booty”
Running time: 60 minutes
Adult Source Media



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