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Tuesday 21 Aug
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Letter from Brussels - Treatment For Homosexuality

by De Ket in Columns & Opinions , 20 oktober 2009

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

Dear Northern Neighbors,

Some weeks ago the American Psychological Association (APA) published a report with the title “Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation,” in other words, a report on the results of a psychological/ psychiatric treatment to “cure” someone’s homosexuality. A workgroup of the APA tried to make a synthesis of no less than eighty-seven American studies about the subject from the period 1960-1987.

One of the conclusions of the study was that such treatments have little to no effect. Any clearheaded homosexual will not be overly surprised by this, to the contrary, it shows the American society across the ocean is far from ready to be tolerant of the gay community, that’s for sure.

Another conclusion - which is also not very surprising - is that these treatments are actually psychologically harmful: increased depressions, suicides, anxiety disorders, etc.

Americans scrapped homosexuality from their list of psychiatric disorders in 1975, yet it has taken till now for a workgroup of APA to ask its members in the conclusions of the aforementioned study to adopt the guideline “to stop offering gays and lesbians therapies to change their sexual orientation.”

It took over thirty-four years until the APA had the nerve to write this down. Whoever reads the report carefully notices that again, religion is the culprit in this story. “Patients who had registered for “treatment,” did this based on “religious arguments,” and psychiatrists supplying patients, did so also on such base.

And perhaps religion also had something to do with the fact it took so bloody long for this most important professional union of psychologists to include those conclusions in a guideline. For “too many American psychologists and psychiatrists are suggesting such therapy when gays and lesbians come to them with the question whether they can do something about their sexual orientation,” says the APA in the report. They don’t mention the fact that the study was initiated after the APA had recorded an “alarming increase” amongst the members, of people who thought it was possible to cure someone from their homosexuality.

To top it off - and almost simultaneous with the publication of the report - Alan Chambers presented his book “Leaving Homosexuality” to the assembled American press. The famous televangelist’s book describes how he successfully transformed back straight eighteen years ago. He married his wife twelve years ago. If you google him and click on pictures you’ll find he doesn’t look all that straight in some of them...

The APA report is long overdue. The United States may want to profile itself as the sublime free and tolerant nation, whoever’s more familiar with American society knows reality is far from that. So indeed, it’s also the nation of hypocrisy, the nation of Alan Chambers, who claims to be cured from his homosexuality but might be on his knees in a roadside diner’s toilet block sucking off a trucker through a glory-hole every Sunday afternoon. Because that’s America too.

Whoever denies the holocaust took place during the Second World War, faces a court case in Belgium, as well as several other European countries, and even risks a jail sentence of a few years. I propose a similar law for people spreading bullshit about homosexuality in this day and age. So we can actually arrest this idiot American televangelist when he sets foot on Belgian (or Dutch) soil.

Yours dedicated,

De Ket



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