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Encyclopedia of Perversions - Pony Sex

by Gert Hekma in Films & Books , 25 juni 2009

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

During a festive gathering on Sunday, April 25, Willem Melchior, author of “De roeping van het vlees” (The Calling of the Flesh) and the s/m internet novel “24/7,” received the first copy of “ABC van perversies,” a unique collection of descriptions of the extreme aspects of human sexuality. Gert Hekma, lecturer at the University of Amsterdam since 1984 and highly valued contributor to Gay News, wrote this ABC in a playful and personal style.

Most people view perversions as something that has nothing to do with them; it’s for weirdos only. Still, in reality almost everyone has secret dreams of dominant behavior or submission, a love bite, about bondage or a whip. We all have perversions and this ABC lists a lot of our fantasies: from mud baths to necrophilia, exhibitionism to satin fetish. Very rarely one of these inclinations lead to sexual craziness and murderous behavior, much more often however, they lead to erotic pleasures. One person might find something laughable, others find it’s the ultimate erotic pleasure.

Gert Hekma discusses all kinds of perversions and along the way he pays attention to many famous intellectual authorities and writers, such as Marquis De Sade, Dutch author Gerard Reve, and sexologists Krafft–Ebing and Kinsey. It shows us that perversions are part of human nature in general.

“ABC van perversies” is an extended and revised version of the “Dictionary of Perversions” series of articles, published in Gay News from March 1998 till March 2002. This entry on “Pony Sex” was not published before.
An English edition, “Other People's Pleasures: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Perversions,” is announced for publication in September 2009 by New York’s Haiduk Press (

A special form of bestiality is pony sex in which no animal is usually present. There are two diversions known, the ponies could actually also be replaced by donkeys, horses, or even camels. The idea is that people want to be treated like that animal, or used if you like, by reining them in front of a cart or carriage, or by riding them like one would a pony or horse.

Illustration above is made by Etienne (Dom Orejudos, 1933-1991), ‘Pony Boy’ (1986)

In both these situations people can play with leather holsters, saddles, stirrups, bits, reins and bridles, and a riding whip or a stick to stir the beast up a bit. There are beautiful holsters of leather and metal, but there are also those who prefer a simple but rough piece of rope. Barebacking (to ride without a saddle) is usually not what these people are after as most of the excitement comes from being strapped, which makes the masochist feel like an animal.

There are of course also ideas about the rest of the pony outfit: with a flap to cover the genitals, a leather mini suit or just naked, with a plume on the head, wrapped in a rough blanket or carrying his master’s weapons. Barefoot or with boots that make your feet look like hooves, I don’t think they go as far as fitting horseshoes.

Sometimes the animal walks on two feet, sometimes on all fours, sometimes it just crawls. The hayrack and trough are other important elements, and what do they get to eat, grass, or a sugar cube?

Other variations focus on the cart, the connection between the pony and the carriage, the number of ponies reined in or the combination with a real animal. Rental or selling horses and carriages can be of interest. How to mark the animal’s body to signify it belongs to the master? Do the ponies spend the night outside or in a stable, a cage or perhaps in the master’s bedroom after all? How are they tied down? The master also has his own props and clothing items, riding boots and pants, jackets and caps and whips. Favorite material can be leather, latex, rubber, corduroy or course cotton.

Another important issue is dressage: walking with reins et cetera and everything that comes with it, like punishment and reward. Horse or pony races with or without carriages sound attractive. Will the winning horse be sold off and the loser punished?

If a pervert resorts to these activities the possibilities are sheer endless. Just check out some web shops on equestrian sports’ needs, and you’ll be surprised how much is available to assist you in breaking a pony. All those bits and halters, stirrups and whips are very arousing, even to people who don’t necessarily want to be a horse.
Looking at the popularity amongst teenage girls pony sex seems like the perfect perversion for straight men who are usually confronted with a shortage in their field of sex sports, or for lesbians, to whom there’s a women’s world to discover with endless possibilities concerning horses and ponies.

[illustration on the right is made by The Hun]

The Hun (Bill Schmeling), ‘Horse Day at Sandmutopia.’ Deze tekening werd in 1988 vervaardigd door één van Gay News’ favoriete scheppers van perverse kunst voor het tijdschrift DungeonMaster en vervolgens opgenomen in Fetish & Fetters: A Selection of Art Work by The Hun, Compiled & Edited by Joseph W. Bean, with an Introduction by the Artist, in 2004 verschenen bij de Nazca Plains Corporation, Las Vegas (, ISBN 9781887895354 / The Hun (Bill Schmeling), ‘Horse Day at Sandmutopia.’ This drawing was made in 1988 by one of Gay News’ favorite creators of perverse art for “DungeonMaster” magazine and subsequently included in “Fetish & Fetters: A Selection of Art Work by The Hun,” Compiled & Edited by Joseph W. Bean, with an Introduction by the Artist, published in 2004 by the Nazca Plains Corporation, Las Vegas (



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