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Tuesday 21 Aug
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Saints, spikes, stripping

by Gert Hekma in Columns & Opinions , 17 juli 2001

The dictionairy of perversions continues with the 'S', don't try this at home :)

Siderodromophilia is an extremely complicated word for train sex. Especially in the old days, when each compartment had its own door to the outside and the conductor could only get from one coupé to the other by way of the footboard, a half full train was an ideal spot for having sex. The roar of the wheels on the track offers a pleasant background rhythm, the feeling of movement adds to the erotic pleasure and the idea people outside might see heightens exhibitionistic fun. In contemporary trains toilets are a fun place for having sex, especially the superlarge ones in the German IC trains. There you can organize an orgy for ten. I once was told by an exhitionist he wanted to flash his dick at every station in Holland. Like those queens who want to have sex everywhere, not just in trains, but also in planes, buses, trams, the opera, townhall, elevators, park, barracks, prison, convent, churches, schools, factories and so on and so on. These can't be called siderodromophiles any longer, but pluri-loci-libido-philes.

A similisexual is another word for homosexual. Other vari ations of this nature are intrasexual and unisexual. Linguistically these are all better words than the weird concoction of Greek and Latin making up the word homosexual.

Saint love is the preference for saints like Saint Sebastian. But there are other saints, depicted like hot stuff, in the first place Jesus himself. Then there is John the Baptist, the apostle Jesus loved. Sebastian isn&
Sitiphilia stands for a sexual preference for food, also called botulinonia. Some people get turned on by copious meals, while others use foods like cucumbers and bananas for sex. An other variation is the use of the naked body as tray or plate. The number of fun variations is limitless, for instance rubbing the skin with sweets like chocolate and honey with the genitals deserving extra attention.

The sling is a square leather mat suspended by its four corners. You can lie down in it, tied up or not. It comes in handy as aid for fucking, especially handballing. The benefit of a sling suspended over a chair or bed is that a sling moves with the sex motions.

A preference for snot or spit doesn't do me a thing. Often when I look at a boy thinking I might fancy him, he ruins my fun by spitting on the floor. Not because he's seeing me, but because that's what a real man is supposed to do. Perverts they are! Eating my own snot is stupid, though at times I can't help it. But to eat someone else's? I've never been asked and never sought out the pleasure.

Somnophilia is a preference for sleeping partners. It's been under debate for a long time, whether a sexual act with a sleeping person must be seen as an illegal act. These days courts judge it as a form of rape. But if that sleeping person happens to be your regular partner? The repose of a sleeping beauty and his regular breathing can turn him into a most exciting person, so I can imagine somnophiliacs going for it. But I also understand sleeping beauties don't want to have their rest sexually infringed upon by others.

Under how many soutanes would unnamable and sinful acts have taken place? How often have priests been fondling themselves, while admiring their pretty dress in the mirror? How often did they invite their confessors into their box and lifted up their cassock a bit, so the sinner could sin once again before receiving absolution? How many men and women will have purposely confessed obscene acts to get those private jewels under the soutane moving? They must have been innumerable.

Sprematophages are seed eaters or spunk madmen (q.v.)

Spearing is a most cruel and horrible way of punishment. The victim is placed with his arse on a pole, so that he is penetrated slowly from behind and dies of internal bleedings. The thickness, sharpness and smoothness of the spear determine the duration of the suffering. The punishment is a disgrace since that's what the arse is to most people. It is a perversion which masochists only dare to contemplate in their wildest fantasies. The practice is life threatening. The same goes for nail beds. A fakir might lie down on it comfortably, but for masochists it demands a certain practice to enjoy the pain inflicted by the nails.

Spiritual sex deals with the relations between men and spirits, angels or gods. It concerns the trancendental forms of love about which, especially in the Middle Ages, brilliant testimonies were written. Hildegard von Bingen, Teresa from Avila and Johannes Ruusbroec have sung their spiritual love in the most passionate ways. It demands a certain deprivation and self sacrifice to rise to such heights, of which the contemporary queen isn't capable any more.

Rods will address the imagination of most bondage freaks. They come in all kinds of fascinating shapes. The most well known one is the spreading rod, in which the feet can be locked a meter apart. Tie his hands on his back, hoist his hands up in the air and the masochist's body can be worked on from every angle. The spreading bar opens up the anus nicely and also the mouth is on workable cock level. Some spreading bars come with extra locks for the wrists. A neck bar is worn horizontally around the neck and over the shoulders and has metal or leather cuffs. Use the bar and restrained posture of your victim to put him into all kinds of uncomfortable positions. Other bars are possible, linking the necks of a number of slaves, which either go behind the back or in front of the stomach and come with locks for the neck and ankles, maybe also for the wrists. The nice thing about a rod is it can fix certain postures. Look out for stiff muscles though.

Of stalking I've never heard in gay circles, but I'm sure it happens. I can remember how in the old days I stole around the houses of beloveds, of stalking the places where they used to come to catch a glimpse of them. But I did so most discreetly, so my victims didn't notice. I didn't plant myself in a camper in front of their door, didn't spy on their every move with binoculars and didn't bother them with chats or groping when they'd leave their house. I was a decent young queen and can hardly imagine that other queens, discreet as they are, stoop to stalking.

Stercoraires is a French word, coming from Latin, for people who have a preference for scat or shit. Scat sex has been dealt with under coprophilia. Stercoraires is also a name for those men who sit near a bathroom and get excited by the simple fact of ladies going in or coming out.

People with a stigmatophile preference have stigmata like tattoos and piercings put on and into their skin. Only saints receive the original stigmata, the nail wounds of Christ crucified on the cross, by meditating. Most stigmatophiles will have to aply them with physical means. In the Philipines they're experts at it. It's not advisable to start with, because of the implied dangers due to failing hygiene.

You can strip in many ways. Some people become strippers in a disco, others perform at a party in their living room at home and take off their clothes there. A well known way is strip poker. Who loses the game (and better make sure it's a short game, otherwise it might take hours), has to take off a piece of clothing. Watch that everybody wears an equal amount of clothing, or that you are wearing most (or the least if you wanna be out of them fast). Do think up a nice new game to do at the end, when the clothes have been taken off, because otherwise you just end up sitting there in the shoddy company of undressed or half naked people and all you can do is share each other's boredom by getting drunk.

Next time: slavery



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