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Satin isn't a special material but the result of a weaving method creating its smooth and shiny surface. Satin can be made from cotton, silk, wool, viscose. It must be an old weaving method, since paintings by Vermeer for instance show women wearing the most beautiful satin dresses. De Sade describes how exciting boys dressed in satin clothes look. For a long time satin was worn mainly by women who wanted to make themselves beautiful. When boys wore satin it would bring out their feminine side, which so delighted De Sade.

by Gert Hekma - 01 May 2001

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Satin and satinism

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When I was a young boy only common lads would wear satin football trunks. A club as chic as Ajax looked down its nose at them. In the Protestant milieu I grew up in anything shiny, including satin, was considered obscene. To me it made the boys in their satin trunks all the more attractive. Feminine, unmanly, obscene, vulgar, smooth and shiny, they sent shivers of desire down my back. How I longed to fondle those soft shiny trunks.
But that couldn't be, no way. Their private parts was forbidden territory for me, together with their football field. So I had to opt for my second choice and buy myself one of these attractive objects. With the greatest secrecy (there are more secrets than only homosexual ones) I bought myself white satin football trunks. It was a complete revelation. They didn't just feel good, soft like a peach' skin, it was also great for rubbing. To rub and slide my genitals in this satin covering excited me tremendously. I sooner came out to satinism than to homosexuality. I often would buy such satin trousers and in all the colours of the rainbow. There are times I dream of a football field, with on a heap all the satin trousers ever worn there. I roll around in them, breathing in their smells.

Satin boys
With a bit of effort you can find homosexuals in every corner of the land. But satinists are a lot harder to find, as I found out to my regret. So I decided to go down the gay trail first and start a boy hunt. Silently hoping that in the gay world I might come across satin boys. But in those days satin wasn't fashionable for men and so I had to hide my preference for satinism. Only in the late Seventies, when for some time satin trousers were in fashion, did I find a young man who shared my desire and was wearing satin clothes. In the basement of the ITC and on the toilets of the DOK in mutual delight we rubbed and slithered over and around each other like a couple of slippery snakes. The two times we had sex were like minor strokes of lightning, horniness sans lendemain", as the French say.

Wearing satin clothes in those days made you a queen instantly, or at least a feminine creature. Straight blokes had to spout their negative comments, but also in the gay scene the unmanliness of satin wasn't held in high regard. Real men were all the rage, lead by the clone from the pre-Aids era: boys sporting a crew cut, tight jeans, a t-shirt or maybe a lumberjack shirt. They were cotton boys who had the hots for rough and tough, not soft and shiny. Leather and a bit later army was setting the fashion and satin boys could only wish those other men would mistake their black satin for leather. With the sad result of disappointment on both sides: for the leather freak since it was no leather, for the satinist since the other couldn't answer his call. Satin boys could start wearing leather themselves, but unfortunately one illusion is nothing like another. Leather is smooth and shiny, but isn't supple, feminine and obscene.

Sometime around 1995 satin came back in fashion again. First for ladies, next also for men. At first the satinist had to make do with the larger female sizes, but soon labels like Mac& Maggie, Replay, Diesel, Paul Smith and other hip ones began manufacturing satin men's clothes. In those early years I bought myself silly because there always was a chance next season satin would be out of fashion again. The opposite happened and differently than in the Seventies straight boys soon gave up their objections against unmanly shiny fabrics. At last they understood that women are turned on by young men in satin, like I found out repeatedly when straight girls commended my satin trousers or even tried feeling them up.

Sluttish and chic

When in the paper one day I came upon a sex ad of another satin freak, I thought the time was ripe for a club of satin boys. I had a rude awakening. On my own ads I received some one and a half dozen replies, but they came from a hetero guy who fancied ladies' underwear, several gays looking for a steady boyfriend or already having one and who for satin sex could only stop by after working hours, or from young men who were horny for satin, but didn't dare to come out with it and not even had the courage to go to a shop and buy a pair of satin pants. You could forget about turning the rest into a club, so my satinism unfortunately remained a highly private affair.

Maybe at this very moment a young man somewhere is forming a club of satin lovers and has success doing so. It will be difficult, since so many different kinds of clothes and sex drives can be linked with satin. Someone likes suits, another underwear, football shorts, trousers or shirts. I like it because it is sluttish, another might think it's chic. For me it is linked with all kinds of perversions, for others it is an expression of their own frailty and tender feelings of love. Unfortunately the horniness of people drives them into as often as out of each other's arms!

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