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Thursday 04 Jun
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Short Story - An Exciting Summer Afternoon

by David M. Brinks in Films & Books , 24 January 2006

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar
length: 15 minuten

I don’t think I will ever forget the first time I had sex with another guy. It was the most beautiful experience I have ever had. It happened during the summer of 1977. I had just finished high school and I had realized I was gay. I’d often jerked-off while fantasizing about some class mates and after gym I had to take great pains not to gaze at the butts and dicks of some of the jocks, while they took a shower without any feelings of shame. I had occasionally purchased gay porn magazines and the photos and especially the stories had made me extremely horny.

But I didn’t know how to meet other guys for sex without the danger of being laughed at or even beaten-up. But at last a mere fluke intervened! Since I kept an extensive diary in those days, it isn’t really difficult to recall this first experience and I’ll try to write it down as precise as possible. The reader should consider that my sexual initiation took place in the days when AIDS didn’t exist and we didn’t have to bungle with condoms. It were carefree times indeed.

That summer, a friend of mine, John, asked if he could stay at our home for a few weeks. He explained that his folks were having a rough time of it, and that it sounded like divorce was possible. He simply didn’t want to be around when the yelling started.
My parents agreed to help him out, and a few weeks turned into the entire summer. We became very close friends that summer - closer than I ever thought possible!

John had told me that he used to work part-time with a tree company, and his body showed it. He was about five foot seven inches, blond, blue eyes, and had a thin but well-built body. I was also thin, but not in as good shape as he was, so I was envious of his good looks and healthy looking bod.
When my folks learned of his tree-cutting experience, they hinted that our oak tree could use a trimming of sorts. They were going out of town for the week, and John agreed to do the work while they were gone.

I awoke the first morning to find John already awake and out in the front yard, gathering rope and pulleys and a chain saw. He appeared to know what he was doing. Within minutes, he was ready to start. I told him that I would like to watch him do his work, and he said that was okay with him. He stood there at the base of the tree with a flannel shirt on, blue jeans and no shoes. He preferred not to wear shoes when climbing, he told me, as it gave him better control. With the ropes in one hand and the saw in the other, I watched his long, lanky legs move quickly as he scaled the tree, preparing to cut one of the several branches hanging over the house. He was right on the money when it came to knowing what he was doing. He cut a total of seven branches, directing them with his ropes so that none of them fell on the house.

When he had successfully finished the job, he climbed down, then placed his equipment on the ground and leaned against the wall of the house, next to me. I had brought out a bottle of beer for him, and he greedily accepted. As he was finishing the drink, I looked over and noticed that Jim had unbuttoned his flannel shirt. Standing there with the heat of the day upon him, he looked really sexy. His pecs were well developed, and yet, under the shirt, his body was hairless, except for a small trace of fur that went from his perfectly formed belly button down into his jeans. His bulge was well formed, and he had a cute, boyish-looking ass that wouldn’t quit.

“Thanks for the beer, David,” he said, placing the bottle next to my feet. “Boy, I’ll tell you, it’s a lot of hard work to cut trees. I'm glad I don't do that often anymore.”
“You looked like you really knew what you were doing,” I told him. "I wish my body was in as good a shape as yours is. Maybe if it was, I could do that too.”
“You have a great looking body, don't kid yourself. I could teach you everything I know about tree cutting, if you’re really interested.”
I nodded affirmatively: “I'd love to learn a skill like that.”
"Okay. I’ll show you later on, but let’s get inside for now. It’s too hot out here,” he told me.

We went inside the house, and John slumped down on the couch. It was then that I noticed that he had been staring at my crotch the entire time. I asked him what was wrong.
“Nothing,” he said.
"Come on, John, you can tell me. After all, we're good friends. I won't get mad at anything you tell me.”
“Promise?” he asked.
“Cross my heart and hope to die,” I confirmed.
"Well,” he started, "okay. But you gotta promise not to laugh.”
“Every time I do work like that, like trimming trees or working around the yard, I get really horny. The vibration of that saw while my body’s lying on the limb really gives me a hard-on."

“That’s nothing’ to be embarrassed about,” I said, sitting down next to him. “I get horny, too, only it’s not from working on trees.”
John looked straight at me now, and his baby-blues told me what he wanted. He spread his shirt further open with his left hand, then licked his fingers and put his hand to his chest to play with his nipples.
“I've seen how you looked at me when we’d change into our bathing suits at the lake,” he said with a sly grin.
It was true. We had gone down at night to a small lake close by, and taken midnight swims. We would usually change there, and although it was dark, I did manage to steal a few glances towards his well-formed dick.
“Are you gay?” I asked.
“Well, I don't know. I guess so,” he stated. And with that, his other hand went over to my jeans and started to feel my hard cock through the denim.

"Oh, John, that feels good,” I said, rolling my head back onto the headrest of the couch. And it did! I couldn't believe the magic touch he had. Within minutes, he had unsnapped my pants and was playing with my rockhard dick through my underwear.
“I've really wanted to suck you off ever since we met, but I didn't have the change to tell you,” John confessed.
My head was spinning. All this time, I had looked at this male hunk, only dreaming of what might be. And now he was hot to go!
“Go ahead, John,” I said. “Suck that dick.”

He reached under the elastic band of my underwear and started to fist my penis. It was as hard as it ever had been, and was squirting pre-cum, lubricating his hand nicely.

I lifted up my ass so that he could pull down my jeans for better access. After my pants were down around my ankles, he continued to fondle my cock through my underwear, all the while kissing me on the chest and stomach.

Suddenly, my dick poked over the waistband, and he started licking the head. Boy, what a hot mouth he had! Then he started to pull my underwear down slowly, while alternately licking my entire shaft.

Once free of the white cotton briefs, my boner shot straight up, pointing right at his waiting mouth. John started to suck me for all he was worth, all the while fondling my balls and asshole.

The sensation I felt was one I had only dreamed about. From other friends, I had heard of such things as blow-jobs, but had never had enough guts to try it with anyone, much less have someone do it to me. Of course, I had fantasized about what it might be like with a few of my friends, but John was the one I had dreamed about most often. I had never thought it would feel this good!

I could only stand a few minutes of his fantastic mouth action before I felt myself churning on the inside. My balls started to tighten up, and I told him I was going to come. I thought he might want to finish me off with his hand, but instead he sucked me even harder, causing me to release a load that felt as if it came from my toes. My cock was jerking inside his waiting orifice, rope after rope of creamy cum shooting down his throat. John took it all.
After I had come, John slowly released me from his lips, slurping me as he went. His eyes came up to meet mine.

“Boy, you really are a horny devil,” he said with a grin on his face.
I looked down at John’s crotch and realized that he had also become as hard as cement. His mound had grown to the point that his jeans appeared to be bursting at the seams. I decided that it was now or never. I started to reach over to him, and my hands went to his chest. As they slipped past the opening flannel, I could feel the heat from his body radiating from his smooth belly. I started to play with his tits, then bent over and sucked them, and they stood up in my mouth in an instant.

“I guess I should have told you earlier,” John said. “I’ve been hot for your body ever since I first met you.”
“Relax. Enjoy.”
I continued down his front, licking his navel, watching it move with each nuzzle of my mouth, then moved down the fuzz trail to the top of his jeans. The material formed a perfect fit around his huge dick and his perfectly round balls.
“Go ahead. Love me,” he said.

While still licking his peach fuzz trail, I reached down and felt his pouch. It was hot - red-hot - and pounding with a pulse all its own. I unzipped his pants and peeled them back to find a pair of white briefs. His eight-inch cock had already grown to a size that had it poking over the top of the waistband. Well, a guy in white underwear had always turned me on in my fantasies, but this was too good to be true!

I looked up from my vantage point and saw that John had leaned his head back on the couch, his eyes closed and his face looking very content. As I started to lick the top of his penis, my one hand went down to the pouch, encircling his balls. His whole body was quivering with my touch. I started a slow strip tease of his jeans, all the while licking the head of his magnificent, cloth-covered dick, which grew a little more with each playful flick of my tongue and pump of my hand. He laid his head down on the armrest and stretched out on the couch so I could get better access to his beautiful tool. By now his jeans had become soaked with my saliva and his lubejuice, and he raised his ass so I could push them down over his hairless, boyish legs.

When they had reached his ankles, I left them there and returned to his briefs, which were now looking like they were ready to be ripped apart by what was underneath. I slowly lifted the briefs up and over his already engorged cock, then pulled them down just to the base, leaving his balls covered. His dick was perfectly shaped and nestled in a small patch of brownish red pubic hair. I tongued the tip of his cock while starting a full-length jackoff with my hand. John started to moan in ecstasy. While reaching under the elastic to cup his already tense sac, I sucked him all the way down my throat. I felt him arch his back, and heard him whisper.
“Oh, David, that's so good!” he exclaimed. “I never knew it could feel so... so... wonderful.”

John started to pump his hips towards my wanting face, humping for more. He grabbed my hair and told me how good it was and that he never wanted it to end.
“Suck it, David. Make me come,” he moaned, as he continued his quivering movements on the couch. Finally, I felt him tense up, and his dick grew a bit larger in my mouth. John started to scream in delight and shake even more.
“That’s so good... That's so good! I'm coooommming, I'm coooommming... !!”
And while he talked, came huge squirts of semen shooting out of his dick and down my throat. It was hot, sweet cum, and there was lots of it.

It seemed like his climax lasted for days, but John finally came back down to earth, petting my head and telling me how good it was. As he softened in my mouth, I slowly slurped up towards the head, then finally released his dick from my grip and allowed it to fall onto his smooth, hairless belly. Now soaked with sweat, his white underwear was still around his thighs, hiding his now empty balls.
“Don't think I’ve ever felt anything as good as you,” John said, smiling down his body at me.
“Me neither, John,” I replied. “You've got one hot body there.”

I stretched out next to him, lying sideways on the couch. As we rested, I felt his hand reach over and feel my dick, which had once again come to attention.
“Have you ever fucked anybody before?” John asked.
"No, never,” I replied.
“I want you to fuck me,” he said. “But you've got to be gentle. I've never been fucked before.”
I told him that I would go get some Vaseline and then be right back. When I returned from the bathroom, John was on all fours with his flannel shirt still on and his barely visible ass sticking up. Underneath, I could see his right hand jacking himself off.
“Please hurry. I've got to have you in me,” he said.

I lifted the tail of his shirt and noticed that he still had his white briefs pulled down around the bottom of his butt.

I lubed his ass up nice and slick, then placed my already Vaselined cock at his hole. As I started to push in, John was moaning and pushing back to meet my thrusts.

“That's it, David,” he said. “Give me all of it. Put all of your cock in my ass.”

When I had gotten all the way inside John, my pubic hair resting against his crack, he started pushing back and squeezing his sphincter on my cock. It felt great.

“Fuck me good!” he yelled. "Pump me full of your jizz!”

I fucked John lovingly, looking down at him and realizing that it didn’t get any better than this. Our bodies were moving as one, and I realized that John was getting off on it as much as I was. I was soon ready to explode into him, and felt his ass clamp down one last time. It was too much. Grabbing onto him to keep my balance, I pumped a huge load into his hot butt.
After I was spent, I pulled out of him and lay down. John quickly got up and stood over me, his dick at full attention again, waiting to be relieved. I felt John’s finger start to probe my ass. It felt good, real good, and I started to wriggle my butt as he pumped one, then two and finally three fingers into me.
“Do it, John,” I moaned. "Give me that big cock of yours.”

"Your ass is so cute,” he said. "I can't wait to get it on with you.”
I felt the tip of his cock enter my ass, and stars went off. I mean, I felt a little pain, but the pleasure was so great, I didn’t care what he did. Finally, I felt him “bump” into me to the hilt, and it was glorious.
He started fucking me like there was no tomorrow, calling my name and rubbing my back as he screwed my brains out. By this time, my own dick had again grown to stiff proportions. John noticed that and, while continuing his heated fucking of my ass, reached under and grabbed my cock with his lubed hand, doing a jackoff that was intensified by his buttfucking. I have never felt so fulfilled in my entire life.

"David, your ass is so sweet,” he said. “I could fuck you forever.”
With that, John suddenly stiffened up, moaned loudly that he was coming, and started to fist my dick fast. We both came at the same time - me in his hand and him in my ass.

After he pulled out of me, we lay next to each other, soaked in our own sweat and love juice. John and I continued our fucking for several years. And although we have lost contact since, and despite all the pleasurable experiences I have had with many other men, I still think about him and I will always remember the fun we had together.



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